Cherry Hills Village Holiday Lighting Services

Cherry Hills Village is known as one of the popular places for viewing holiday lights in the Denver area. But do you think all the people there put up their own lights every year? Actually, more and more people are turning to Mountain High Tree to take care of their outdoor holiday lighting. After all, our landscaping duties are pretty light that time of year. Why not join your Cherry Hills neighbors in leaving the planning and design, replacing bulbs, de-tangling cords, climbing on ladders or icy roofs in cold weather, and connecting power supplies…to us? We will even take it all down and store it for you! You can save your energy for the fun things like shopping and parties. Just give us a call sometime in the fall and get on the schedule for letting us help you create your holiday wonderland.

Why choose Mountain High Tree for your holiday lighting services in Cherry Hills Village?

  1. All our crews are experienced, and led by someone with least 5 years’ experience putting up lights.
  2. Every crewmember is trained in safe installation.
  3. We have over 4 decades of experience behind us.
  4. We will be extra careful working around your trees and landscaping.
  5. We start scheduling early in the year, so we can get your job done on time.

Cherry Hills Village holiday and Christmas lighting design and decor

You can give us your design or let us plan it for you. And the sky is the limit when it comes to colors. If you have no idea what you want, we can help with design and planning too. If you are part of a neighborhood decorating project, we can also help you integrate your theme with the rest of the neighborhood. We’ve got plenty of great ideas for holiday lights designs, and a large selection of holiday wreaths to choose from.

Other benefits of Cherry Hills Village holiday lights services include:

  • We install lights on roofs and in trees so you don’t have to climb around on icy roofs. Plus, we handle all the electrical connections to your power, and we make sure safety is a top priority.
  • We use primarily LED lights, for energy efficiency unless otherwise requested.
  • We can do any size job, from shrubs to giant oaks.
  • We supply all the lights you need, repair what is necessary, install everything, take it down, and store it away. What could be easier than that?
  • We have experience with all sizes of commercial properties; we know how to work with Cherry Hills Village Home Owner’s Associations (HOAs) and multifamily communities as well. Last year we were the ones behind the beautiful Georgetown Holiday loop installation.

Scheduling Your Cherry Hills Village Holiday Lighting Services

Why not make a note to call in September or October and get on our schedule? Let Mountain High Tree take care of at least one of the stressful items on your holiday to-do list this year!

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