Wheat Ridge Holiday Lighting Services

Trees, lawns, and landscapes might be our main focus most of the year, but we also have a holiday lighting service to keep us busy in the winter months. Just think how much stress and work go into planning and designing your installation, dealing with tangled cords and defective bulbs, climbing on ladders, scrambling across slippery roofs in cold weather, hanging wires, connecting power supplies…and then taking everything down and storing it away when the holidays are over. More and more people are learning to avoid those stressful parts of the holidays so they can concentrate on the fun stuff. You know, things like shopping, going to parties, or just relaxing and doing nothing at all. Why not give Mountain High Tree a call and find out what we can do for you to prepare for the upcoming holiday season?

Why choose Mountain High Tree for your holiday lighting services in Wheat Ridge?

  1. All of our crewmembers have had safety training.
  2. As professional landscapers, we are extra careful with your trees and shrubs.
  3. Our crew leader will have at least 5 years’ experience with lights.
  4. Our company has over 40 years’ experience decorating with holiday lights.
  5. We can start scheduling as early as fall, so you know your job will get done in time.

Wheat Ridge holiday and Holiday lighting design and décor

Many of our customers already have a design idea in mind, like the elderly lady who likes to decorate ALL her outdoor trees like Christmas trees. But if you don’t have an idea and have no time to think of one, we can help with that too. We’ve got a lot of great ideas for holiday lighting designs, and a great selection of holiday wreaths to choose from.

Here are a few more benefits of Wheat Ridge holiday lights services by Mountain High Tree

  • Convenience – We supply all the lights you need and keep them in working order. You never have to repair anything or even replace bulbs. If something doesn’t work we fix it. We install all lights, timers and electrical cords. All you have to do is provide us with access to a power source. We’ll even take down the lights after the holidays and store them for next season. What could be easier than that?
  • Versatility – We can do any size job, from small trees – to mighty oaks.
  • Safety – We do all the climbing while you stay safely on the ground.
  • Low carbon footprint – with money-saving LEDs.
  • Community Experience – We have experience with commercial properties both large and small, we are familiar with Wheat Ridge Home Owner’s Associations (HOAs), and multifamily communities are also in our wheelhouse of experience. Last year we even did the lights on the Georgetown Holiday loop.

Scheduling Your Wheat Ridge Holiday and Christmas Lighting Services

Why not call for a free estimate this September or October? We’ll be happy to give you a free estimate. You can get on our schedule to let us take care of one of the big items on your holiday to-do list?

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