Arvada Lawn Care Services

Recently, a client of ours at Mountain High Tree, Lawn & Landscape called us concerned that his lawn in Arvada was turning an odd purple and brown color. When we came to this client’s home, we also saw that spots of dead grass were dotting his yard.

This client had – you guessed it – fungus, and he had lots of it.

Fortunately for those that need lawn care, our lawn care experts at Mountain High Tree & Lawn will do an initial inspection completely free, and only come up with a strategy if it’s absolutely necessary, saving your piggy bank in the process.

For some general tips on how to maintain your lawn, as well as a look at our lawn fertilizer, lawn disease control, insect and mite control, and lawn aeration products, read on. We hope this will be valuable to you.

Tips for a Healthy Lawn in Arvada

  1. Always make sure your mower blades are sharp. Sharpen them at least twice per season.
  2. Cleaning the bottom or your mower regularly is also essential to maintaining a proper lawn. This prevents fungus and disease from spreading across your yard.
  3. Use your grass clippings for your compost!
  4. There is a proper amount of times to mulch. Mulch every third or fourth cut to keep your lawn better protected.

Arvada Lawn Fertilization

No matter which fertilizer you choose, we at Mountain High Tree & Lawn will always apply a pre-emergent first to knock out crabgrass from the get-go.

In terms of which fertilizers we offer, rest assured: We have something for every need.

There’s our Conventional fertilizer, which is blended specifically to treat Arvada’s particular soils and conditions.

We have the “Organic-Nature’s Way” fertilizer, an environmentally friendly product that produces a low-carbon footprint. This organic blend comes with our without weed control, depending on your preferences.

There also our Extended-Release Lawn Fertilizer, which is a product that releases gradually over the course of the season, ensuring your lawn is cared for every step of the way.

If you are looking for weed control, you may want to look into our Spot-Spray application. With Spot-Spray, we spray each individual weed instead of the whole lawn to a) treat your lawn at a more concentrated level and b) keep your surrounding plants and trees healthier.

Lawn Disease Control in Arvada

Different Types of Fungi:

Leaf Spot/Melting Out – Leaf Spot is what was affecting the lawn of our Arvada client. It colors your grass blades purple and brown. Leaf Spot can turn into the more damaging Melting Out fungus, which can take over your whole lawn.

Aschochyta (ASK-KO-KY-TA) – Aschochyta is a type of fungus that will brown the tips of your grass blades. It also loves to follow your lawn mower tracks. Make sure to mow this area last so you don’t spread it across your lawn. Then, give us a call to get rid of it.

Necrotic Ring Spot (Also Known As NRS) –Necrotic Ring Spot, or NRS, can be very damaging to your lawn. If you see an ever-expanding ring of dead grass taking over your beautiful lawn, call us at Mountain High Tree & Lawn and we’ll take care of this destructive fungus.

Dollar Spot – Dollar Spot is appropriately named. Dollar Spot is the size of a sand dollar, and it is shaped like spots or small circles. These are oftentimes confused with dog urination spots, except that dog urination spots have a dark green ring around the edge.

Fairy Ring Fungus – Fairy Ring Fungus produces large circles that are sometimes accompanied by mushrooms. Use lawn fertilizer and lawn aeration to keep it at bay.

Revive your Lawn in Arvada

The environment can get pretty dry in Arvada, meaning those all-important soils can dry up and cause your grass to die.

To ensure your soils are loose and water is seeping into the ground properly, check out our Revive product, which makes sure the roots of each individual grass blade have the right environment to flourish.

Revive is most popular in the summer months, as well as after a long and damaging winter.

Lawn Insect and Mite Control in Arvada

Given the endless amount of bugs found in Arvada and surrounding Colorado, lawns can take a beating.

But finding out where these bugs flourish, as well as learning ways to combat them, can go a long way to keeping them far from your property.

For starters, know that bugs love to migrate to the Southern and Western sections of your lawn because these areas are generally more exposed to the sun and warmer. Bugs also love wall and fence areas, as well as evergreens and juniper bushes. Water often, even during the winter, to keep bugs at a minimum. If you are still having problems, we will resolve the issue at Mountain High Tree & Lawn.

Here are some insects that pop up in the summer in Arvada:

  1. White Grubs
  2. Ataenius Beetle
  3. Chinch Bug
  4. Sod Webworm (the small, tan moths that flutter about your grass when you’re mowing)
  5. Bill Bug (leaves a sawdust-like residue; scampers along sidewalks)

For a detailed look at the various bugs that have settled in Colorado, check out our list at

Arvada Lawn Aeration Service

Lawn aeration helps keep your lawn oxygenized, breaking up mucky clays in the soil to ensure your grass roots are getting enough water.

If your grass is growing at a stunted rate, chances are you need lawn aeration services.

Call us at Mountain High Tree & Lawn to keep your lawn happy.

Other Services in Arvada

Perimeter Pest Control and Bug Barriers – A variety of bugs can be found all over Arvada — spiders, ants, pillbugs and earwigs, just to name a few. These critters love to find cozy places like your home to nestle up in. Call us at Mountain High Tree & Lawn to keep these little guys from bugging you.

Vole Control – Voles love to make tunnels under your lawn and around your trees. Before long, your yard will look like a disaster. Call us and we’ll take care of these mouse-like rodents before they demolish your lawn.

Rock, Bed and Border Weed Control –Our Rock, Bed and Border Weed Control is perfect for those weeds that won’t go away. Weeds are always looking for ways to sprout up. Sometimes, they even sprout up from mulch dust.

Native Grass Weed Control – Keeping your native grasses on your property is great. The only problem is, they tend to produce a lot of weeds. If this is the case for you, call us at Mountain High Tree & Lawn.