Centennial Lawn Care Services

Lawns are not just patches of grass – they are complex, living, breathing organisms.

One of our clients at Mountain High Tree, Lawn & Landscape found this out the hard way.

We received a call one day from a frustrated home owner in Centennial who felt he had done everything possible to keep her lawn healthy and green. She had watered and fertilized regularly, and she’d even done some research on different types of bugs to watch out for. Yet, her grass was crunchy and she kept on seeing dry grass spots pop up despite his best efforts.

We at Mountain High Tree & Lawn inspected his yard free of charge and found that there were some bugs and fungi he hadn’t accounted for. Before he knew it, his lawn was looking proper again, and he was having gatherings every weekend.

Below we will go over some general tips for a healthy lawn in Centennial, as well as our various services, including lawn aeration, lawn fertilizer, insect and mite control, and lawn disease control.

Tips for a Healthy Lawn in Centennial

  1. Keep those blades on your mower razor-sharp. That means sharpening them at least twice a year.
  2. Proper cleaning of the bottom of your mower is very important. Make sure you clean the bottom of your mower constantly to keep any fungus or disease from spreading over your lawn.
  3. Mulching or leaving mown grass on the lawn rather than catching it, should be standard practice, but mulching too much can be overkill. Mulch every third or fourth cut for the best environment for your grass.
  4. Grass clippings are not just dead weight. They are great to put in your compost bin.

Centennial Lawn Aeration Service

If your grass isn’t growing at a decent clip, it may not be getting enough oxygen.

In that case, lawn aeration has been proven to solve the problem. Lawn aeration ensures that the environment is ideal for your grass to grow, so you can impress your neighbors at the next barbeque.

Centennial Lawn Fertilization

Mountain High Tree & Lawn offers several different types of fertilizer to ensure your particular lawn is getting the care it deserves.

First, we will first apply a pre-emergent to keep crabgrass under control.

We also feature the Conventional lawn fertilizer product, which is specifically designed for Centennial’s soils and conditions.

Another fertilizer that has been a hit with our clients has been our extended-release or slow-release product. The advantage of this is that it consistently protects your lawn for the entire season, rather than spraying a high dosage initially and then seeing it wear off after a while. Use this option for lawns that have a history of disease.

But Mountain High Tree & Lawn doesn’t just care for your lawn; it cares for the surrounding environment. Our “Organic-Nature’s Way” lawn fertilizer is eco-friendly, and it can be administered with or without weed control. Some folks prefer to dig a weed to using weed control. We understand and that’s why we offer a totally organic option.

In terms of weed control, Mountain High Tree & Lawn also features the Spot-Spray method. Spot-Spray cares for each individual weed, rather than spraying the whole area. This means less product used and can be healthier for surrounding trees and plants.

Revive your Lawn in Centennial

Centennial has been known to have particularly dry air, which can wreak havoc on your soil. That’s why Mountain High Tree & Lawn offers the Revive product, which is designed to break up hard soils, creating a better environment for water to reach the all-important roots. Revive is used primarily during the arid summer and after a stressful winter.

Lawn Insect and Mite Control in Centennial

Here we get to our client’s (the one at the top of the page) main problem: bugs. There’s nothing more aggravating than constantly watering your grass and not seeing any results. Bugs are often the issue in this case.

Colorado’s winter season is basically winter vacation for mites. They are everywhere, especially in the warmer Southern and Western parts of Colorado. As a result of their overwhelming presence, your grass is always dry and unhealthy. To best prevent them from intruding onto your property, check the grass areas along walls. Also, many clients don’t feel it’s necessary to water in the winter season, but it’s vital if you want to ward pests away.

Just to give you an idea of the vast array of insects that spread across Centennial, here are a few types of insects you will find during Centennial’s summer season:

  1. Bill Bug (found often along the sidewalk, these bugs create a grainy material)
  2. Sod Webworm (small, brown moths that kill sections of grass by constantly fluttering across and back into your lawn)
  3. Chinch Bug
  4. Ataenius Beetle
  5. White Grubs

For an expanded look at all the bugs that bug us in Colorado, check out our list at https://www.mountainhightree.com/plant-health-care/insect-disease-pest-control/.

Lawn Disease Control in Centennial

Different Types of Fungi:

Necrotic Ring Spot – Necrotic Ring Spot may sound like something found in outer space, but it’s actually found much closer to home…for example, in your yard. If a ring of dead grass resembles an ever-growing halo, Necrotic Ring Spot may have landed smack dab in your picnic area. Call Mountain High Tree & Lawn for treatment.

Aschochyta (ASK-KO-KY-TA) – Aschochyta is not only a pain to spell, but it also can be a pain for your lawn. If the tips of your grass are brown, you may have this pesky type of fungus. Aschochyta also follows your lawn mower tracks. Make sure you mow this area of the lawn last to prevent further spreading.

Leaf Spot – Leaf Spot – which produces a purple and brown color – doesn’t sound too harmful, but it can be a major problem. One spot can turn into a giant patch that spreads out across your lawn.

Fairy Ring Fungus – Fairy Ring Fungus may sound like a magical plant from an adventure novel, but this fungus – which creates an expanding ring of dead grass sometimes with mushrooms – loses its appeal after it destroys your grass. Lawn aeration and fertilizer help treat this.

Dollar Spot – Shaped like silver dollars, these small, round spots can oftentimes be confused with dog urination spots, except they don’t have produce a light green circle along the border.

Other Services in Centennial

Rock, Bed and Border Weed Control – Mulching is very important, but even mulching has its side effects. Mulch dust can lead to more weeds, which is where we come in.

Perimeter Pest Control and Bug Barriers – Earwigs, ants, spiders – you name it – there are a wealth of insects and bugs that make Centennial home. Mountain High Tree & Lawn will make sure these pests are eradicated.

Vole Controls – If your landscape resembles a complex tunnel system, chances are you have a vole problem. Voles – or small rodents – have a great time ruining your yard and bushes, much to your chagrin. Call us at Mountain High Tree & Lawn and – vole-a! – watch these critters disappear.

If you live in Willow Creek, Southglenn or Castlewood in Centennial, give Mountain High Tree & Lawn a ring. We will comb over your lawn free of charge and come up with a strategic plan if necessary.