Cherry Hills Village Lawn Care Services

Our lawns are exposed to just about everything, from harsh weather to destructive fungi to persistent pests.

Recently, one of our clients in Cherry Hills Village reached out to us at Mountain High Tree, Lawn & Landscape, exasperated after her lawn had gone from green and lush to dry and brown. She had always kept a wonderful lawn, but something new and unknown had emerged that she couldn’t get a handle on.

That’s where Mountain High Tree & Lawn comes in. Whether you are seeking lawn aeration, insect and mite control, lawn disease control or lawn fertilizers (or don’t know what you are seeking), we offer it all. If you live in Cherry Hills Village and you’re interested in our services, feel free to give us a call – we never charge to come out and take a look at your lawn.

Tips for a Healthy Lawn in Cherry Hills Village

  1. Mulch every third or fourth cut to ensure a proper protective layer for your lawn. Mulching too much or too little can harm your grass.
  2. Clean the bottom of your mower regularly (yes, even if it’s just going to get dirty later). It keeps fungi and lawn disease from populating your front yard like an incoming circus.
  3. Sharpen your mower blades at least twice per season to keep your grass at the proper height.
  4. Throw your grass clippings in your compost bin. Your compost bin will thank you for it.

Cherry Hills Village Lawn Aeration service

If your lawn is growing at a snail-like pace, lawn aeration may be worth considering.

Lawn aeration not only oxygenates your lawn and keeps it fertile, but it also breaks up clay to allow for better water permeation. Don’t forget that grass is a living organism, so it needs proper oxygen and water just like us humans do.

Cherry Hills Village Lawn Fertilization

When fertilizing your lawn, the first thing Mountain High Tree & Lawn will do is apply pre-emergent to keep crabgrass at bay.

Beyond that, Mountain High Tree & Lawn has a variety of fertilizers that can treat any type of lawn.

The Conventional lawn fertilizer is a high-quality blend that is made to specifically treat the soils and conditions native to Cherry Hills Village.

The “Organic-Nature’s Way” fertilizer is an environmentally sustainable product that is made locally. It comes with or without weed control – your choice – so if you don’t want to use herbicides you don’t have to, but you don’t mind digging the occasional weed.

Speaking of weed control, our Spot-Spray technique actually pinpoints each specific weed instead of spraying your entire lawn, keeping your favorite trees and plants healthy and vibrant.

Another option to consider is our Extended-release Lawn Fertilizer. This slow-release lawn fertilizer not only keeps your lawn fed and happy for the entire season, but it also keeps it growing at a steady and healthy pace. This fertilizer is best if your lawn has a history of disease or it has been damaged by the dreaded but common Necrotic Ring Spot fungus.

Revive your Lawn in Cherry Hills Village

Mountain High Tree & Lawn’s Revive product does just that – revive your lawn and its environment.

Because of Cherry Hills Village’s dry air, the area’s soil can become hard, which can prevent water from thoroughly penetrating roots. Revive treats the soil and keeps it from being so rigid so your lawn can welcome the cascading water with open arms – and roots.

Clients often use Revive during Cherry Hill’s dry summers, as well as after a rough lawn-stressing winter.

Lawn Insect and Mite Control in Cherry Hills Village

If your neighbor’s grass on the other side is always greener, no matter how much you water your lawn, don’t bug out.

Instead, look for bugs.

Lawn mites love Colorado’s winter season. It’s like a VIP party for bugs, and everyone’s invited. If you have a Southern or Western exposure, you may have seen these little guys in action. You also may have witnessed how your grass is constantly dry and crunchy. To keep insects and mites from holding a party on your front lawn, also make sure to check the areas along walls, fences and evergreens. Also, don’t forget to water your lawn during the winter.

Below are just a few kinds of insects you may find loving life during Cherry Hill Village’s summer season:

  1. Chinch Bug
  2. Bill Bug (often seeing scampering along your neighborhood sidewalk, these bugs produce a material that resembles sawdust)
  3. Sod Webworm (you may see these small, brown moths flying back and forth into your lawn when you mow)
  4. White Grubs
  5. Ataenius Beetle
  6. Japanese Beetle Grubs

For a complete breakdown of all the bugs that love Colorado, check out our list at

Lawn Disease Control in Cherry Hills Village

Different Types of Fungi:

Necrotic Ring Spot – If rings of dead grass are multiplying across your lawn, you may have a fungus called Necrotic Ring Spot. Don’t let this fungus have a party, too. Call Mountain High Tree & Lawn to shoo it away.

Aschochyta (ASK-KO-KY-TA) – Aschochyta, which can grow along your lawn mower tracks, is known to leave the tips of your grass an ugly brown color. The last thing you want to do is spread this more, so make sure you mow the damaged part of your lawn last.

Leaf Spot/Melting Out – Purple and brown, contrary to popular opinion, is not a healthy color for your lawn. In fact, if you see this, chances are you have the Leaf Spot fungus. What’s more, if left untreated, Leaf Spot can turn into Melting Out and expand across your beautiful lawn until it looks like a wasteland.

Fairy Ring Fungus – Fairy Ring Fungus is not a plant from “Peter Pan.” It is actually a damaging fungus that can produce a large circle, and sometimes mushrooms sprout from it. Tinker Bell’s wand can’t save you from this, unfortunately. Lawn aeration and fertilizer will, though, so call us if you think you may need the magic touch.

Dollar Spot – If you see a small, circular shape resembling a silver dollar on your lawn, it may be the Dollar Spot fungus. If it has a green circle around it, though, it’s just a dog urination spot.

Other Services in Cherry Hills Village

Rock, Bed and Border Weed Control – Weeds are known for being persistent. They can keep coming back even after you’ve done everything you can to fight them off. To get rid of them for good, call Mountain High Tree & Lawn. Let’s us be your warriors and fight them off.

Perimeter Pest Control and Bug Barriers – Ants, spiders and a variety of bugs can be found all over Cherry Hills Village, so you are not alone if you wake up and find them sleeping next to you. Mountain High Tree & Lawn is here to help push them out the door.

Vole Controls – Voles may be small rodents, but don’t let their size fool you. They can annihilate your yard with a network of elaborate tunnels, while also creating holes that make your lawn look like it has been overrun by snakes. Call us at Mountain High Tree & Lawn and we’ll get rid of them.