Denver Lawn Care Services

A client in Denver recently called Mountain High Tree, Lawn & Landscape concerned about the state of her lawn. Weeds had sprouted up, peculiar ring spots were dotting her front yard and – to top it all off – she was watering her lawn constantly yet the grass wasn’t getting any greener.Fortunately for her, the grass is greener on the other side when customers work with Mountain High Tree & Lawn.

Mountain High Tree & Lawn has built a reputation on not only its lawn care, but also its customer care. We specialize in lawn aeration, lawn fertilizer, insect and mite control and lawn disease control, all the while ensuring each customer’s needs are met with expertise and diligence.

Mountain High Tree & Lawn services Country Club, Cherry Creek, Belcaro, Washington Park, Sloan Lake, Virginia Village, Berkeley, Highlands, Cook Park, Park Hill, Montebello, Montclair, Lowry, Stapleton and Hampden Heights in Denver. Reach out to Mountain High Tree & Lawn’s Denver lawn experts, and we will inspect your lawn and come up with a plan (if necessary) free of charge.

But, first, here are some tips for a healthy lawn and a more detailed explanation of our services.

Tips for a Healthy Lawn in Denver

  1. Sharpen the blades on your mower at least twice a season.
  2. Make sure to clean the bottom of your mower. This will prevent fungus and disease from spreading across your lawn.
  3. Don’t mulch every time. Mulching is when you leave a protective layer of organic matter on the ground (usually by leaving the lawn bag off when you are mowing). This combats the evaporation of moisture, the freezing of roots and the growth of those nasty weeds. But there is a proper amount of mulching. You should ideally mulch every third or fourth cut.
  4. Don’t forget: Grass clippings are great for your compost bin.

Denver Lawn Aeration Service

If you notice stunted growth or grass, lawn aeration may be the best solution. It helps keep thatch buildup to a minimum. This will help break up sticky clay, foster a healthy environment for important micro-organisms, oxygenate the environment better and allow water to permeate through your grass easier.

Denver Lawn Fertilization

Using lawn fertilizer effectively is one of the keys to keeping your lawn healthy and green. At Mountain High Tree & Lawn, we will first apply a pre-emergent to keep crabgrass under control.

We also have an extended-release lawn fertilizer. This is a slow-release product that steadily cares for your lawn for the entire season, while controlling necrotic ring spot (more on necrotic ring spot later). This way, your grass doesn’t have the potential to deteriorate after the product wears off initially. This product is best for lawns that have a disease history.

Mountain High Tree & Lawn also cares about the surrounding environment. Opt for the “Organic-Nature’s Way” lawn fertilizer to ensure a low-carbon footprint. It’s available with or without weed control for those who don’t mind digging a weed or two.

We also have the Conventional lawn fertilizer product, which is tailored for Denver’s specific soils and conditions to ensure the best care for your lawn.

For those who opt for weed control, Mountain High Tree & Lawn has the Spot-Spray method, which is better for the environment. Instead of spraying the entire area, we spray each individual weed. This makes for a more concentrated application.

Revive your Lawn in Denver

Given the atmosphere in Denver is particularly dry, our Revive product may be the way to go. Revive loosens hard soils, which leads to better water penetration while simultaneously stimulating root growth. This is not only ideal for the summer months and drought conditions, but it also can help a lawn recover from winter stress.

Lawn Insect and Mite Control in Denver

If your grass isn’t getting any greener despite constant watering, then you may have a bug problem.

Lawn mites are particularly troublesome in the winter in Colorado. If you have a dry, crunchy lawn, you may have mites, too. This is found often in the sunny Southern and Western areas of many properties in Denver. Check the areas along junipers and walls. Making sure to water even in the winter time can help alleviate this problem.

Below are some insects that are prevalent during the summer season in Denver:

  1. Sod Webworm (small brown moths that fly into the grass)
  2. Chinch Bug
  3. Bill Bug (live close to the sidewalk and produce a sawdust-like material, watch out for the Denver bill bug variety in particular)
  4. White Grubs
  5. Ataenius Beetle
  6. Japanese Beetle Grubs (found in and around the Denver Country Club in Denver)

For a more extensive look at all the bugs that pest-er us in Colorado, check out our list at

Lawn Disease Control in Denver

Different Types of Fungi:

Necrotic Ring Spot – We have fungus among us, and it’s a major contributor to Necrotic Ring Spot! If you are watching a ring of dead grass growing larger and larger before your eyes, you may have Necrotic Ring Spot. Fortunately, Mountain High Tree & Lawn has treatments available.

Aschochyta (ASK-KO-KY-TA) – You don’t have to know how to pronounce it – just know that it’s a fungus and it’s bad for your lawn. If the tips of your grass are brown, you may have Aschochyta. If you come across this fungus, mow this area last to prevent more spreading of it. This fungus is present a lot after drought stress. It also appears to follow the tracks of your lawn mower. Just ASCH Mountain High Tree & Lawn, and this fungus will soon be treated.

Leaf Spot/Melting Out – If your grass is a peculiar purple lesions, then Leaf Spot may be the fungus that has found a home on your front yard. This fungus can spread out – or “melt out” – across a large section of your lawn.

Fairy Ring Fungus – If you see a large circle with mushrooms sprouting from it, first of all: Don’t eat the mushrooms. Second of all, you may have Fairy Ring Fungus. Lawn aeration and fertilizer help combat this annoyance.

Dollar Spot – small, circular spots that pop up on an otherwise healthy lawn. They look similar to your favorite terrier’s urination spots, but they don’t have a light green circle along the border. They are about the size of a silver dollar.

Other Services in Denver

Rock, Bed and Border Weed Control – Even if you have properly mulched and matted down pesky weeds, the dust from the mulch can still be enough to sprout weeds. Enlist our help to mow down the problem.

Perimeter Pest Control and Bug Barriers – Denver sees a variety of earwigs, ants, pill bugs and spiders that would love nothing more than to get cozy with you inside your home. The problem is, they don’t ask if they can come in – they just do. If you want to avoid confronting them, ask for Mountain High Tree & Lawn to prevent unwelcome visitors.

Vole Control – If you don’t know what a vole is, consider yourself lucky. Voles are small mouse-like rodents that love creating tunnels, destroying your lawn and juniper bushes in the process. Sometimes you’ll see them burrow near the base of trees. Give Mountain High Tree & Lawn a call and we’ll deal with them for you.