Wheat Ridge Lawn Care Services

At Mountain High Tree, Lawn & Landscape, we have a variety of products for lawn care.

That’s why when one of our eco-friendly clients in Wheat Ridge recently called us about treating her lawn with more environmentally-friendly fertilizer; we knew exactly what she needed.

At Mountain High Tree & Lawn, we not only offer several options of lawn fertilizer, but we also offer lawn disease control, insect and mite control and lawn aeration.

For those of you in Wheat Ridge who are interested in revamping your lawn, we’ve included a look at our products below, as well as some general tips on how to keep up your lawn before it’s too late. We hope this serves you well.

Tips for a Healthy Lawn in Wheat Ridge

  1. Keep your lawn mower blades razor-sharp. It’s best to sharpen them at least twice a season.
  2. Keep the bottom of your mower clean. If you don’t, it will be spreading fungus and disease with each subsequent cut.
  3. Mulching – or mowing without your lawn bag on – is a standard practice in lawn care. However, many don’t realize that mulching every cut can be overkill. Ideally, you want to mulch every third or fourth cut.
  4. Those grass clippings you have? Throw them in the compost to be more eco-friendly!

Wheat Ridge Lawn Fertilization

First of all, know that right from the start we at Mountain High Tree & Lawn will always apply a pre-emergent before fertilizing to keep that crabgrass under control.

In terms of types of fertilizer, we have something for everyone.

In the case of our client we mentioned in Wheat Ridge, we offered the “Organic-Nature’s Way” fertilizer. This organic, environmentally sustainable fertilizer with a low-carbon footprint is perfect for those who are eco-conscious. It comes with or without weed control, for those sensitive about herbicides.

If you do decide for weed control, know that we also feature a spraying method that is more environmentally friendly. Choose the Spot-Spray Weed Control, and we will spray each individual weed instead of covering the whole area, making for healthier surrounding trees and plants.

We also have an Extended-Release Lawn Fertilizer. The advantage of this is that it will slowly release over the course of a season at a steady pace, ensuring that your lawn is always being cared for and doesn’t sprout up unnaturally.

Last but not least, our Conventional fertilizer is a client favorite. This fertilizer is specifically blended for Wheat Ridge’s soils and conditions, instead of a generic fertilizer that doesn’t work as well.

Lawn Disease Control in Wheat Ridge

Different Types of Fungi:

Aschochyta (ASK-KO-KY-TA) – Say it with us…ASK-KO-KY-TA. Aschochyta is not only a tongue-twister, but it also can be damaging to your lawn. This fungus can often be found in your lawn mower tracks. Its trademark is browning the tips of your grass blades. To keep it at bay until you contact our lawn care experts to get rid of it, make sure you mow this section of your lawn last so you don’t spread it across your lawn afterward.

Dollar Spot – Dollar Spot produces small circles over your lawn, about the size of a silver dollar. They look a bit like dog urination spots, but they don’t have a dark green ring on the edge.

Leaf Spot – Leaf Spot colors your grass blades purple and brown. Eventually, if not treated, it can become even worse and turn into the Melting Out fungus, which basically can take over your whole lawn. Make sure you take care of this fungus as soon as possible. We at Mountain High Tree & Lawn can help.

Necrotic Ring Spot (Also Known As NRS) – Necrotic Ring Spot – NRS for short – produces rings of dead grass. These rings can continue to expand across your beloved lawn if not treated soon.

Fairy Ring Fungus – Fairy Ring Fungus is known for creating large circles. Sometimes these circles come complete with mushrooms. These mushrooms aren’t edible, though. They just hurt your lawn. Lawn fertilizer and lawn aeration are your best bets to send this fungus to dreamland.

Revive your Lawn in Wheat Ridge

In Wheat Ridge and surrounding Colorado, the conditions can get pretty dry.

That’s why we at Mountain High Tree & Lawn came up with the Revive product.

Revive breaks up hard soils, making sure water completely saturates those all-important roots.

Revive is most popular during the arid summer months, as well as after the harsh winter period.

Lawn Insect and Mite Control in Wheat Ridge

If you keep on watering your grass but it isn’t getting any greener or is actually dying, you may have a bug problem.

Bugs are everywhere in Colorado. They particularly like to hang out in the Southern and Western sections of your lawn where it’s warmer, especially during the winter.

Monitoring bugs and watering is key. Check the areas of your yard next to walls and fences, as well as near evergreen and juniper bushes. Also, be sure to water even during the winter months to keep the bugs at bay.

Here are some insects that often tend to pop up during the summer in Wheat Ridge, for your reference:

  1. White Grubs
  2. Ataenius Beetle
  3. Chinch Bug
  4. Sod Webworm (these are the small, tan moths that flutter back and forth into your grass when you are mowing)
  5. Bill Bug (leave a sawdust-like residue, found scampering along sidewalks)

For a look at the numerous bugs that make Colorado home, check out our list at https://www.mountainhightree.com/plant-health-care/insect-disease-pest-control/.

Wheat Ridge Lawn Aeration Service

If your grass is growing at a sluggish pace, lawn aeration is always a good idea.

Lawn aeration breaks up hard soils and clay and keeps your lawn fully oxygenated and hydrated.

Call us at Mountain High Tree & Lawn if interested in this service.

Other Services in Wheat Ridge

Perimeter Pest Control and Bug Barriers – There are a variety of pests like love to found nice warm places like your home, from spiders to ants to earwigs and pillbugs. If they are bugging you in your Wheat Ridge abode, call us and we will take care of them.

Vole Control – Voles can create all sorts of channels under your lawn and around your trees, turning your front yard into what looks like an amusement park for rodents. This may be great for them, but it tends to be just a wee bit of a problem for home owners. Make sure you deal with this problem as soon as you can.

Rock, Bed and Border Weed Control – Weeds are everywhere, and they seem to sprout up just when you think you’ve gotten rid of every last one. Heck, they even can develop from mulch dust. Our Rock, Bed and Border Weed Control is the quick fix you need.

Native Grass Weed Control – If you have decided to keep your native grasses, it’s also important to know that they can come with more weeds. We have a weed control method specifically designed for native plants.

So, if you need help with your lawn in Wheat Ridge, make sure to contact our lawn experts at Mountain High Tree & Lawn. We will give you a free initial inspection, as well as come up with a strategy (only if necessary).