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April is National Gardening Month!
Arbor Day is April 15th which began in 1872 as a promotion for both tree planting and recognition of trees' value.

Earth Day is April 22nd and started 41 years ago to focus on the importance of protecting the planet that sustains us.

It’s time to Get Your Green Lawn On!
We enjoy partnering with you to help you take care of your landscape. This year, we are offering a $50 discount on the three services you need to get started. Sprinkler turn on, core aeration and fertilization. Let us help you get started. (Valid on new services only.) Call our office today and schedule your Spring Package: Get Your Green Lawn On.

Ralph Bronk Thank you.

Ralph Bronk

Sustainable Opportunities Summit
2011 Sustainable Opportunities Summit
April 11-12, 2011 Marriott Denver City Center

MHT is proud to be an exhibitor at this year’s Sustainable Opportunities Summit. The Summit, to be held in Denver April 11-12, offers opportunities to hear from over 40 leading business experts who will discuss sustainability as a business driver and present solutions and suggestions to implement them in your organization. The event is hosted by CORE and University of Colorado’s Deming Center for Entrepreneurship. To register for the Summit, go to

SAVE $50 on your registration till April 8th: use code GCS01.

Care Tree Care Tree
Care Ralph looking at Tree Care
Tree Care Tree
Care   Ips Beetle  

The extremely dry winter may be a warning of a very “buggy” summer to come.

Many insects, especially boring insects like Ips and Mountain Pine Beetle, respond to the stresses of trees. When a group of trees become stressed due to drought conditions they produce pheromones that act as homing beacon for the insects. The high abundance of stressed trees also triggers an insect to increase its population size in response to the increase in food and habitat. Trees in landscapes are often more susceptible to these stresses because they have been impacted by turf, construction and soil compaction. Trees in native areas typically have been less impacted by soil disturbance and turf, and therefore can handle stresses better.

Monitoring programs help to prevent damage from chronic insects like aphids, mites, thrips, and leaf hoppers. These chronic insects cause small amounts of damage over time and are fairly easy to control with a good Plant Health Care Program. The damage from insects like Ips and Mountain Pine Beetle is more significant because they have the potential to kill a tree in a very short time, often in less than one summer. It is for this reason that Beetle programs must be preventative rather than therapeutic. Preventing drought stress to your trees and keeping them as healthy as possible is always the first step to preventing insect attacks.

This spring is already proving itself to be dry so we cannot rely on “Mother Nature” to help with water. So get out there and water your trees!

Care Tree Care Tree
Care Ralph looking at Tree Care
Tree Care Tree
Care   Lawn Aeration  


Everybody wants a lush and green lawn, but it takes more than just turning on the sprinklers to keep it green. Lawn aeration is an important step to keep Colorado lawns healthy. Our heavy clay soils are easy to compact and difficult to fix. Making aeration an annual practice helps to mitigate the effects of soil compaction and allows you to stay ahead of the curve. This is a great time to add new grass seed to the soil as well. Grass seed germinates very well in the holes left by the aerating process, and adding new varieties of grass seed can make turf areas more resistant to insect and disease outbreaks.

The benefits of aeration in turf areas are significant, and include:

  1. Reduces soil compaction from foot traffic, animals and construction
  2. Improves results from over-seeding with new grasses
  3. Improved moisture penetration and reduces water runoff
  4. Improves soil structure and allows for increased leaching of unwanted salts

The trick to getting the most out of your aerating efforts is to water the turf deeply just prior to the aerating. Hard, dry soils don’t allow machines to pull nice deep plugs. Taking the time to put the water down affords great results from aerating and helps start the season on the right foot.  

Care Tree Care Tree
Care Ralph looking at Tree Care
Tree Care Tree
Care   Schedule to have us install or turn on your Sprinkler System this year  

I can always tell when April is here. Our phones start ringing nonstop! People are scheduling to have their sprinkler systems turned on and making appointments to have their landscapes renovated. We have some of the best sprinkler technicians in this city. Whether you need to upgrade or need repairs to an old system or you are looking to have a new sprinkler system installed, we get it right!

Mountain High is doing some very interesting renovation projects this year. Look for one of these projects in the May edition of the Tree Top Times and other projects on our website in the landscape section. I think everyone will find them very interesting.

Many of you will say “I had no idea Mountain High did landscaping and sprinklers.” Designing and installing new gardens, outdoor kitchens, new patios or complete renovations. We can do the job for you and do it right the first time. Visit our website to view the photo galleries of some of the projects we have had the privilege to create.

Now is the perfect time to have a new tree planted. We just received our new trees for this year and they are great. Call to find out what trees we have this year to plant for you. After planting you can have your new tree or trees registered in the Mile High Million tree drive.

Care Tree Care Tree
Care Ralph looking at Tree Care
Tree Care Tree
Care   New Landscaping Project: Before Photo  
Here is a photo of a project we are starting this month and in May I will show you some photos of how we are progressing on this project. This house is getting a new sprinkler system, three decks replaced, a new paver patio and some wonderful trees and new gardens planted. I can’t wait until the landscape and sprinkler team is finished with this project so I can show it to everyone. Call now to schedule a meeting with a landscape designer to see what we can build for you!

Care Tree Care Tree
Care Greg Elledge Care
Tree Care Tree
Care   Desiree Imfeld  
Get to know us.

Desiree Imfeld,
Irrigation Department

Along with the recent acquisition of Swiss Enterprises into the Mountain High family, several wonderful people have also joined our team. This month we would like to introduce you to Desiree Imfeld, in our Irrigation Department. Desiree has two sons, Avery and Austin. She has been working in Irrigation with her brother Sean for several years. Her wealth of knowledge and positive attitude are welcome additions to our company. Desiree will be visiting many of our client’s properties to turn on their irrigation systems in the coming days and weeks.
B.U.D. Referral Program - Refer a friend and you both get $10!
Spring Edition
April 5, 2011
from Craig Little

Craig LittleTip of the Month:

Water your Plants

We are coming out of one of the driest winters in recorded history and it is vital to water your trees, shrubs and turf as much as possible. It is time to check your irrigation system and get it turned on. Drought stress in trees and turf can linger into the spring and even summer so any effort to maintain a decent amount of soil moisture goes a long way.

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March Winner:
Cindy of Littleton
Customer since 2009
This month’s winner – James & Sue, Lakewood customer since 1999 – The crew was quick and efficient. They cleaned up the tree limbs wonderfully. Dependable, efficient and friendly service! You always do an excellent job.

The knowledge each staff brings to the job and their willingness to coordinate projects. Dependable, knowledgeable, prompt and great attitude
Katty of Englewood
Customer since 2010

Always a first rate job.
Joseph & Marlene
of Wheat Ridge
Customers since 1999

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