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Seems like spring has sprung already – buds are on our trees, spring bulbs are poking up from the ground and our lawns are starting to green up. Here at Mountain High, we have increased our office staff and crews in the field to take care of you in a timely manner. If you haven't sent in your Plant Health Care Proposal, please do so we can get you into our schedules.

On another note, we are exploring how to communicate with our customers better. We have a Facebook page where we will be posting information weekly that can help you with your landscape projects. Would you take a minute and "LIKE" us on Facebook? Click here or at the facebook logo on the right.

Looking forward to a beautiful season.

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  Ralph & Diesel, our shop dog  
Ralph Bronk
Ralph Bronk
and MHT Team

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Rising Insect Populations

As you know, these past two winters have been mild and relatively dry. These conditions favor the successful overwintering of many damaging insects. Topping this list of these damaging Front Range pests are the Ips Beetle, Mountain Pine Beetle, and Zimmerman Pine Moth. These insects cause a range of damage, from dieback in large portions of the tree canopy to complete tree death. Reports of trees infested by Ips Beetle in 2011 jumped nearly ten times from 2010. March's mild temperatures will additionally contribute to an increasing population in these and other tree pests.

The population of the more chronic insects such as aphids, mites, and scale also jumped dramatically in 2011 due to the previous mild winter. The trend of rising insect populations and their subsequent damage will no doubt continue in 2012. Newly planted material, and previously stressed plants are often more susceptible to attack. Winter watering, frequent plant inspections and properly timed insect treatments are key components in a program to maintain optimum plant health.

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    Leaf Spot on Cottonwood
Fungal and Bacterial Pathogens:
Spring is also one of our best periods of the year in terms of natural precipitation. The spring rains are critical to encouraging deep root systems that will ensure plants can survive during the hot and dry summer months. Unfortunately, these periods of moisture also promote fungal and bacterial pathogens. Some of the most common fungal pathogens include the various leaf spot diseases we often see on our Aspen, Cottonwoods, and Roses. Many pathogens overwinter on fallen leaves from the previous season. Thoroughly cleaning up the leaves will help to naturally prevent new infections this spring.

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    Snow Mold  
Snow Mold

Because of the heavy snowfall in February, snow mold can now be found on many lawns in the Denver area. It appears as gray or pink matted down circular areas of grass once the snow melts off. Fungicides are not an option for snow mold and are really not needed in the Front Range of Colorado.

Because snow mold activity is greatest beneath covers that maintain moist conditions, all leaves or other materials should be removed from the lawn. In addition, it is best to avoid piling snow deeply along sidewalks and driveways where it will form a long-lasting snow bank. In the spring, rake away dead and matted foliage from damaged areas and use the rake to 'fluff up' the grass. This allows air flow and helps damaged grass recover, while also allowing new growth to begin.

Going forward, one thing to keep in mind is this: The most important means of preventing or reducing snow mold and other winter problems in lawns is the care of the grass at the end of the summer season. As long as the grass continues to grow, it should be mowed.

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Water Features

Mountain High has grown our Landscape Department into one of the most respected landscape design companies in town. We have enjoyed helping our customers build the "yard of their dreams."

One of our specialties is water features for your yard. From a small flowing fountain to a rock waterfall, we can design a unique feature that fits your landscape. Water features bring tranquility and calmness to your yard and also help with lowering outside traffic noise. Let one of our Design team meet with you to draw up a plan for your dreams.

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    Eric Sartor  
Get to know us!

Meet Eric Sartor
Certified Landscape Technician (CLT) & Landscape Sales Representative

Eric grew up in a very small farm town (roughly 600 people) in Northern Ohio on the coast of Lake Erie. He was involved in athletics and worked on a horse rescue farm before graduating from high school. His college degree is in Landscape Contracting Construction from The Ohio State University in 2004. Immediately after graduating, he was offered a position with a large commercial landscape company in Parker, Colorado. Eric came to work for us in 2008 after he cured himself from cancer. In his free time, he likes to snow-board, fly-fish, back-pack, cook and spend time with his fiancée and dog, Indy. He is also an avid home brewer and enjoys a tasty beer on the patio that he most likely built. We are happy to have such a well rounded and talented man working for us.

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March Winner:
Becky from Arvada
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"Mountain High has done jobs for us many times and without exception - your people were courteous, very competent, and professional!"


"Professional & courteous as usual, been using MTN High for over 15 years- Great Team!"
Clark & Sue from Arvada
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"Crew arrived earlier than anticipated and, again, took away twigs we had not asked them to- THANKS!"
Helga from Lakewood

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