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Happy Spring!

This is our favorite time of year! Let us know how we can help you get your grass green and healthy, get your trees treated and trimmed, get your sprinkler system tuned up or meet with you to discuss a new landscape project. We enjoy what we do!

Ralph Bronk
Ralph Bronk, owner
MHT Team

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Do you know your landscape’s soil quality?

Isn’t Mother Nature magnificent! Our landscapes are coming back to life every day! It is crucial for you to take advantage of this springtime to ensure the best results for your yard’s health all summer long. Promoting soil quality should be part of your landscape care program. The benefits of improving soil quality include, but are not limited to, increased root density, improved drought resistance, vigorous growth, increased leaf density, flower retention, increased fruit production, and vibrant fall color.

In Colorado, our plants have to deal with extreme weather conditions, so it’s important to implement a program to improve the soil that supports our plants every day. Soil improvement programs should be tailored to each specific site.
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Let us help you get your lawn ready for FUN!

Yay! It’s finally April and a great time to start planning your family’s springtime and summertime FUN outdoor activities.

We know that it’s on your To Do List to start getting your grass green and healthy, planting your flower beds and vegetable gardens, getting your sprinkler system turned on, your lawn mowers, edger’s, aerators and blowers dusted off and working correctly.

With all of this to get done, why not let our team of Lawn Care Professionals sign you up to our Early Bird Lawn Special and take care of getting the pre-emergent on your lawn NOW to fight problems like crabgrass and dandelions. It’s also time to fertilize your lawn to get a good jump start before the heat of summer hits. We have several lawn programs depending on your needs, so let us be part of your lawn’s future to ensure that you have both a healthy and beautiful lawn throughout the year.

Call us today at 303.232.0666 to get signed up
, or fill out our estimate request form and be sure to mention "Early Bird Lawn Special".

Benefits of having a healthy lawn:
  • A well cared for lawn can increase property values.
  • A 50-foot by 50-foot lawn produces enough oxygen for a family of four. Lawns cool the atmosphere. Eight healthy front lawns have the cooling effect of 70 tons of air conditioning, which is enough for 16 average homes.
  • Grass converts carbon dioxide to oxygen, a process that helps clear the air.
  • Thick, healthy grass slows water runoff, removing contaminants and trapping soil. Fresh, filtered water returns to the underground water supply.
APRIL 2014
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from Craig Little
Craig Little Check your irrigation system. Most irrigation systems require checkups throughout the growing season to ensure that the proper amount of water is being applied to your landscape. Applying too much or too little water can impact plant health. Take the time to evaluate your irrigation system’s coverage throughout the spring, summer, and fall. Your plants will thank you for your effort.

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Drip Irrigation in your Landscape

As the weather starts getting warmer and we start turning on our sprinkler systems, remember to do a thorough inspection of all of the heads and check the entire yard for leaks. After walking through the system one zone at a time checking for misaligned heads, improper spray patterns or small leaks, be sure not to forget about any drip zones that you may have.

Drip irrigation is always the most difficult to determine whether there are any leaks or if all of the plants are getting adequate water. Typically, if you have run through your drip zones and found no problems the best course of action to be certain of there being no issues is to run the drip zones for a full cycle or two to help identify any problem areas. Read more »

Irrigation Service in Denver
Colorado Springs Tree Planting

Recommended trees for spring planting:

Bigtooth/Canyon Maple (Acer grandidentatum, on left) – The Canyon Maple is native to many parts of western Colorado and is very tolerant of our soils and climate. It has splendid fall color. The smaller, compact size of this tree also adds another small tree to your palette. It comes in a multi-stem shrub or in tree form. It isn't a common tree at the commercial nurseries either so it may take a little work on your part to find one.

Southwestern White Pine (Pinus strobiformus, on right)
– This tree is found in the southwestern part of the state in its native habitat on ridges, slopes and canyons and grows in mixed stands up to the timberline. It is also planted in urban landscapes. It grows at a moderate rate in a variety of soils, preferring sunny sites and loamy soils and disliking poorly drained soils. With its soft bluish-green foliage it is a good alternative to other pines.

Working with and maintaining your landscape is a continuing and long-term process. Mountain High can help you in caring for your trees and planning for your landscape.

Give us a call at 719.444.8800 or send us an estimate request online »

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Get to know us!
Meet Alex Karker

Last October, Alex moved to Denver from Miami, Florida where he was a firefighter - so he could be with his girlfriend, Francesca. He was referred to Mountain High by one of our long term employees (Jerry) who told him what an awesome company MHT was to work for. Now he is busy working with us as a Lawn Technician and agrees that this is a great company. When not out in nature with his dog, Colt, Alex likes to work out, lift weights and hang with his girlfriend. What a nice guy to add to our crew!'

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