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Seems like we just talked about all the rain, now we are having a heat wave! Stay cool.

We are now on the website with KDVR Fox 31's Ask the Expert. Visit our page here and view a video we produced with a few of our wonderful customers. You will enjoy seeing some of these completed landscape projects including patios, back yard decks, front yard makeovers and more. It's a good representation of the quality of work we do.
Also, here is a segment on our visit with Tom Martino on Martino TV recently. You will see a tree being deliberately crashed into a house on the Regis University campus as we helped to clear the land to build a rugby field and park.
We are growing our Landscape Division, and would be happy to help you with any ideas small or large. Give us a call and someone from our Design Team will be happy to meet with you.

Ralph Bronk Ralph Bronk

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Tree Care Tree
Tree Care

The native Hackberry enters a pseudo-dormancy when temps are extreme.

Are you feeling the effects of the heat? Lack of energy, premature exhaustion, and an overwhelming desire to seek a cool shady place? The truth is that our trees are affected by these extreme temperatures in the same manner as we are. Trees respond to the heat in very predictable ways. When temperatures rise above normal, tree roots become inactive. The flow of water and nutrients stop in order to prevent the tree from drying out completely. Portions of the leaf canopy that are less efficient are shed in order to retain the more productive portions of the tree. Trees cannot seek the shade so they must change how they do things in order to stay alive.

Though we can see these stresses, we must be careful not to over react. It is dangerous to over fertilize or over water, even though that would be a natural reaction.

Our Arborists are trained to recognize the changes in leaf color, growth patterns, canopy condition, and overall vigor. Knowing the local weather conditions and patterns and how that information relates to this area's plant species is vital to determining if changes are normal. Give us a call and talk to our Certified Arborists if you suspect there is a problem.

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Lawn Care

Hidden Pests in Open Spaces – Canada Thistle

One of the joys of living in Colorado is enjoying the vast amount of open space all around us. Many of our clients are fortunate enough to live close to or even directly next to open spaces. Unfortunately there are hidden pests that find these areas as preferred habitat as well. Canada Thistle is one of the pest species that is very unwanted and difficult to control.

The Colorado State University Extension offers valuable information about Canada Thistle as follows:
  • Canada thistle is a creeping perennial that reproduces from vegetative buds in its root system and from seed.
  • It is difficult to control because its extensive root system allows it to recover from control attempts.
  • Combining control methods is the best form of Canada thistle management.
  • Persistence is imperative so the weed is continually stressed, forcing it to exhaust root nutrient stores and eventually die.

Open space areas with infestations of Canada Thistle put pressure on adjacent properties because it spreads so readily by producing new plants from their expanding root systems. Because Thistle also produces abundant seed crops, there is a risk of spread via seed dispersal as well. Controlling Thistle is difficult and needs to include a combination of control techniques. Many Thistles are flowering and producing seeds right now so be sure to walk your property to identify potential problems. Give us a call and we can help you.



We are pleased to finish the project that we have shown you in these past few newsletters. It turned out beautifully and the best part – our customer is happy!

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Tree Care Tree

We will be adding this project to our website photo gallery soon so you can see all of the before and after pictures. The decks and the patio in the back yard work together seamlessly. The landscape flows - both visually and functionally. Increasing the deck size made a huge difference in the usable space in the back yard. All of the old hazards are gone and the yard is now much safer to enjoy. The new sprinkler system is very efficient and water wise. With all of the rains we've had, it sure put the new drainage system to the test! The new driveway is an integral part of how the drainage water is moved away from the house and the garage. Channel drains in the driveway divert the water into underground drains and the water is moved into the back yard by the stables and the tree grove.

The gardens throughout the yard are simple and easy to care for. The new front porch and the bedroom deck add curb appeal to this property.

With old houses you never know what you will run into but our talented team is able to find solutions to any problem we encounter. Guaranteed.

As fall approaches, we still have time to help you fix that sore spot in your yard. No matter what your landscape needs, Mountain High Tree, Lawn and Landscape has the team that can do the job for you, and do it right the first time! Call for a complimentary meeting with our design team and let us help you with your project.

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Tree Care Tree
Care   Kristina and Morgan the MHT Company picnic in July.  
Get to know us.

Kristina MacLean
Business Operations Manager
Accounts Payable and HR Manager

How do we keep our office organized and running efficiently? Who takes care of the company HR needs to ensure a happy and productive team? That would be our Business Operations Manager, Kristina MacLean. Working behind the scenes at Mountain High Tree for over five years, Kristina enjoys keeping the day to day operation running smoothly. Leaving her home state of Michigan, Kristina and her 10 year old daughter, Morgan have made Colorado home. In her spare time (really?) she volunteers for the PTO at Morgan's school and enjoys giving back to the community and spending play time with her daughter. Kristina certainly adds great value to the Mountain High Tree family and we are thankful to have her aboard.
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August 10, 2011
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Montclair Neighborhood Project:
In progress

What a difference so far! The crews have torn out the junipers, put in a new front walkway, extended the back yard fence, repaired the sprinkler system, brought in the rocks and will be planting next week. So excited to share more next month!

Montclair Neighborhood, Denver

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