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We're Celebrating 40 years!
Celebrating 40 years!
Yes... it’s hard to believe that we started this company 40 years ago with a pickup truck and a chain saw.

In the beginning, we focused on servicing your trees – and over the years have added lawn care, irrigation and landscaping services. We appreciate the relationships that we have formed with you, and welcome your comments and compliments at any time.

Thank you,
Ralph Bronk
Ralph Bronk, owner
MHT Team

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Leaf Scorch on Burning Bush
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Needle Drop
August Tips

August is historically hot, dry, and harsh on our landscapes. The harsh conditions take a toll on the natural processes of plants by reducing their ability to function normally. This disruption in activity reduces sugar production and energy storage. As daytime temperatures increase and available moisture decreases; it is common to see symptoms of leaf scorch, needle drop, leaf curling, and color loss. These symptoms will continue to impact the plants as the season continues.

The best way to keep trees, shrubs, turf and flowers healthy is to plan ahead. It is key to anticipate changes in weather conditions so your landscape isn’t trying to catch up. Adjusting the run time and frequency of your irrigation system is essential. Monitoring insect and disease activity also helps to prevent damage to leaf and stem tissue. It is vital to know your plant species in order to know what diseases and insects they are susceptible to. This information can keep your landscape thriving during difficult times throughout the ever changing Colorado weather conditions.

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Care Necrotic Ring Spot in Denver Lawn Care
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Lee's Lawn Tips:
Is there a reason my lawn is turning brown?

The simple answer is... grass turns brown when the roots can no longer absorb nutrients or water from the soil, or when the soil doesn’t contain enough food or water. There are several factors that can lead to a brown lawn or brown patches, here are the typical culprits: Drought/Heat, Sprinkler Coverage, Weeds, Chinch Bugs, Grubs, Disease and more... Learn more »

$10 Off Iron Treatment for your lawn in August.

from Craig Little
Craig LittleUsing products that condition the soil helps to keep roots moist by increasing the moisture retention of the soil.

There are many products available such as Yuccah Root Extract, Clay Mend, Hydra Hume, quality compost derived from a low salt source, and for the organic gardeners there is ThermX70 Wetting Agent (also derived from the yuccah plant). Using these products helps to break up heavy clay soils and keeps soils moist longer.

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Things are really starting to heat up and it is easy to think that your sprinkler system is on cruise control. It is a good idea to perform regular system checks; not only to find any potential problems but to also familiarize yourself with how the system operates on a normal basis. This will give you the opportunity to recognize subtle changes in performance.

We recommend checking the system at least once a month throughout the season. When checking your irrigation system; make sure that all of the heads are adjusted correctly for distance and direction and that the spray pattern is not obstructed. Walking past the heads on each zone allows you not only to observe how the head is spraying but gives you an opportunity to notice slight leaks as you walk by that you may not have normally noticed. An area that stays wet around a sprinkler head indicates a seeping valve. A seeping valve is an electric control valve that will not close completely due to a small piece of debris lodged in the valve or possibly being damaged internally.

Drip irrigation is much more challenging to evaluate. You should walk each drip zone listening for leaks, looking for obvious breaks. Checking the vacuum breaker for leaks and opening valve box lids looking for potential leaks is also very important. Running through the programming on the clock and adjusting the station runtimes and the number of days a week the system runs is also a crucial part of your system check. Checking your system regularly will also help you catch dry areas in your yard before they become a large problem. A regularly scheduled system check can potentially minimize excessive water bills due to mainline breaks or zones sticking on.

Denver Tree Care EmployeeGet to know us!
Ralph & Robin Bronk

We want to take this opportunity to send our congratulations to both Ralph and Robin Bronk for making this company such a wonderful place to work. Ralph’s Mission has been met: To provide the best and most up-to-date tree and lawn care services in the industry. To be recognized as a leader in our field. To maintain a safe and desirable work place. To use our knowledge and skills for the greater good for our society and our environment.

Join us in celebrating 40 years; there isn’t a better company to work for!
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