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All summer long we enjoy the shade and comfort that trees provide. They cool our homes and our landscapes with their leafy canopies. With all that our trees give us, it becomes imperative that we do all we can to promote their longevity. In Colorado there are two major obstacles for trees to overcome. Our dry conditions stunt tree growth and the harsh winter storms damage tree structure. Maintaining proper watering is a task that never ends. Supplementing moisture to the root system of the trees will help to promote optimal nutrient uptake and maximum growth, but as trees grow we also have to promote good branch structure. During the winter we have a unique opportunity to examine branch structure and identify problematic issues. Potential structural issues include broken/hanging branches, cracks or seams in branches, crossing and rubbing branches, and co-dominant branch growth. These issues can lead to costly and dangerous situations as trees grow larger. Pruning trees in fall and winter, while leaves are off, is the best time to improve tree structure. It is also very helpful to begin working on tree structure while trees are young. Small amounts of pruning while trees are young can create a long lived and healthy tree.

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Unlike the past several years, we have not received the early winter snows of October and November. Although it has been nice to avoid the snowy commutes to work, the lack of moisture is continuing to stress our lawns and landscapes. There are several species of mites that attack lawns during cold temperatures when moisture is lacking. The damage that these mites inflict will go unnoticed until spring when lawn areas will be unsightly and brown. Additionally, the damaged areas will be slow to recover, and will require costly care to improve. 

Preventing the damage before it occurs is the key to maintaining a healthy lawn.  These treatments range from simple lawn watering to monthly applications of insecticides. When snowfall or other precipitation is low mite populations can explode quickly. It is important to stay ahead of the situation by monitoring weather conditions. This time of year becomes very hectic with holidays and vacations so be sure to mark your calendar as a reminder to check your lawn and landscape for problems before they become too big to handle.

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It has not been difficult to notice that the past several months have been very dry in the Denver Metro area. The last significant rainfall occurred during the July 4th weekend, and there has been little to nothing to speak of since. In fact, 2010 as a year has shown a deficit of over 8” of rain in many areas, with only a trace of precipitation in the past 90 days. The lack of moisture resulted in a less than impressive showing of fall color, and can continue to impact our trees and lawns throughout the winter. Certain trees are at a higher risk for damage when conditions become dry. Newly planted trees, and various evergreen species should be watered throughout the winter. Established trees are able to handle dry winter conditions better than newly planted trees, but any tree in construction areas or previously stressed should receive supplemental watering as well. The task of winter watering is difficult for most homeowners who turn off their watering systems in fall or for anyone who just doesn’t have the time. Deep Root Watering using large volume watering trucks and soil conditioning agents such as Yuccah Plant Extract is a simple and easy way to water your trees all winter long, and Mt. High Tree is available to help with all your winter watering needs. Just give us a call to get you set up now.   

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December 4, 2010
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Craig LittleTip of the Month:

Clean up those leaves!!!

Turf areas quickly die and rot when leaves are allowed to remain during the cooler fall and winter conditions. The 2010 growing season gave rise to many foliar diseases that will overwinter on downed leaf material and re-infect new plant material in the spring. It is important to avoid perpetuating these disease agents so take the time while the weather is still decent to clean up around your landscape.

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  Greg Elledge  

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Mountain High's Landscape Division

How many of you know one of the hardest-working-men in town? In our office, we would like to introduce you to Greg Elledge - he’s one of our valued sales associates. In the eight years he has worked here, he has developed and grown our Landscape Department – which now includes irrigation, to what it is today.  Since this summer he is focusing on customer service and working with our valued clients in designing the right landscape for their yard and budget. Greg knows how to listen to your needs, then offers his creative ideas which will help you achieve the best landscape plan for your space and budget.  Give us a call this winter, and let us help bring that project in your mind to life.

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BTW, Greg just had he will be able to slow down just a bit. We all wish him a speedy recovery!


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