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Happy Holidays!
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Care Oak Leaf Blister from Tree in Denver Care
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From all our staff and crews at Mountain High Tree, we would like to wish you and your families a safe and joyful holiday season! We have great December tips and specials below. Please call us if you have any questions or concerns.

Remember to… water your trees, shrubs and lawn!

Thank you for your continued patronage throughout the year. We are already looking forward to the 2015 season!

Ralph Bronk
Ralph Bronk, owner
MHT Team

Plant Health Starts With Your Dirt

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Care Tree Health Roots with Mycorrhizal Fungi Care
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Root density is greatly improved with
Mycorrhizal Fungi present in the soil.
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So many things in Colorado make it difficult for plants to thrive. Extreme temperature swings, intense summer heat, prolonged drought, highly alkaline soils and heavy clay soils all contribute to slow and stunted growth of our trees and shrubs. Many newly constructed homes are routinely scraped of their topsoil, which includes the soil horizons that include a substantial portion of the organic matter and nutrients. (A soil horizon is a layer generally parallel to the soil surface, whose physical characteristics differ from the layers above and beneath.) Plants often face an uphill battle starting from their first day in the landscape. Irrigation systems tackle the challenge of supplying adequate moisture, but improving soil quality is often ignored.

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Care Tree Fertilization Care
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Over fertilization is not the solution for tree and plant health!
Many people think that throwing massive amounts of inorganic fertilizers into the soil is all that is necessary to supply plant roots with everything they need to flourish. Over-application of inorganic fertilizers can actually contribute to high levels of salts accumulating in the soil. Additionally, research has shown that over-application of inorganic fertilizers can contribute to increased feeding by rabbits and deer.

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Lee's Lawn Tips:
Once again the Front Range is dealing with extreme vole activity.

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Care Vole Damaged Juniper in Denver Care
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Vole damaged Juniper in Denver
Over the summer of 2014, vole activity was at near record high levels according to CSU. As the colder weather sets in voles are focusing on plants close to their dens. This means damage to junipers and other woody plants is increasing.

The very cold weather of early November has forced to voles to go looking for food closer to their dens earlier than normal. This means damage to plants close to their dens will be heavier this winter.

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Care Vole Damaged Lawn Care
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What are voles?

Voles are small, mouse-like rodents that exist throughout Colorado. Though commonly called meadow or field mice, their short tail, stocky build and small eyes distinguish them from true mice. Voles feed on vegetation. Because of this, voles cause problems by damaging lawns, gardens, trees, junipers and other plants. Learn more about voles »

Mountain High offers free vole control estimates!

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from Craig Little
Craig LittlePruning Trees

The dormant season is the best time of year to prune many of our fruit and ornamental trees like Apples, Crabapples, Pears, Peaches, Plums and Hawthorns.

Refer a friend and get a $30 check!

Some of our recent reviews:

Best Tree Company in Denver
"Very professional! Cleaned up all the branches and leaves, moved lights, etc. We recommend Mountain High all the time. We were very satisfied with the work on our trees and great customer service."
Bob & Judy from Lakewood

Best Tree Company in Denver
"Mountain High has provided us with excellent service. Our lawn was dead and infested with bugs. They came out and gave us a free consultation and provided us with recommended service. Our lawn looks AMAZING in only 2 treatments. They have been very reliable and flexible with scheduling."
Sara F. from Denver, on Yelp

Best Tree Company in Denver
"Mountain High has been terrific. I have used them for both my lawn and trees. I want to plant some additional trees on my property and they gave me valuable advice concerning the best trees to plant for my conditions. The tree trimming has my trees looking terrific and healthy. I heartily recommend them."
Mark W. on BBB, Oct. 09, 2014

Best Tree Company in Denver
"Our lawn looks great! It has never looked better! Thanks for Mountain High's Lawn techs and great treatment."
Diane & Bruce Westminster

Best Tree Company in Denver
"The crew was exceptionally courteous and did an excellent job in every way. Every aspect of our experience with Mountain High Tree Lawn & Landscape exceeds expectations."

Keith & Pam from Littleton

Reviews of Mountain High Tree

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Care Salt damage to grass and shrubs Care
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Shrub and lawn damage from Salt Products
De-icing & Salt Landscape Damage

Every winter, homeowners use a variety of de-icing salt products to combat ice as it builds up on sidewalks, steps, and driveways. Regardless of the type of salt product that is used the resulting damage is always the same. Salt, by its nature, is acidic. Conversely, concrete is very alkaline. When a salt product is used to breakdown ice it will eventually make its way into the small pores of the concrete and begin to lower the pH of the concrete, causing the concrete to become brittle. Once the integrity of the concrete has been compromised it will begin to flake off and deteriorate.

Preventing ice build-up without using a salt product is important to keep your landscape and lawn healthy, as well as to prevent the destruction of your concrete and other hardscapes. As salt products melt ice, the resulting salt water solution will make its way into the soil of your landscape.

Any addition of salt into your landscape will cause long lasting damage to turf, shrubs and trees. Getting the salt out of your soil is very difficult, so it's vital that steps are taken to prevent it from getting there in the first place. There are de-icing products available that do not use salt as their main ingredient. These products are more expensive than the traditional salt products, but the extended costs of repairing concrete, turf, and plants after salt damage occurs is something to avoid if at all possible.

Colorado Springs Elm Tree Freeze DamageArctic Freeze Hits Colorado

Events that occurred in the early part of November 2014 are reminiscent of the Halloween Freeze of 1991. The following is excerpted from

“The fall of 1991 had been warm and mild in Colorado and neighboring states. But on October 27, a deadly mass of arctic air began to descend from Canada onto the high plains. Record cold temperatures were felt for days. The abrupt change in temperature and the cold's severity combined to create a double-whammy. Already stressed from an extended drought and not yet hardened for winter, thousands and thousands of trees succumbed to the hard freeze. Especially hard-hit were fast-growing Siberian elms.”

On November 10, 2014 in Colorado Springs the high was 70 degrees. Just three days later on November 12 the low was 0 degrees. The following night the temperature dropped to -4 degrees at the airport. Some species of trees including Siberian Elms, Pear trees and other fruit trees were still holding foliage. Living tissues in their trunks and branches probably had not hardened off, a process that enables them to survive colder weather. Water remaining in their cells would likely have frozen. This sudden exposure to winter conditions can injure or kill a tree.

Next spring will be telling in how many trees will succumb to this freeze. Although the Siberian Elm isn’t our favorite landscape tree, it is abundant and is a significant tree in many of our yards and communities.

We would be glad to inspect any of your trees and talk about recommended care.
Call our Colorado Springs Office at 719-444-8800 or contact us online:

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Care Denver Tree Company Employee Care
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Kristina & Dixie
Get to know us!
Kristina MacLean & Dixie Maes

It is our pleasure to feature two very important people on our office staff team. Kristina MacLean, our Business Operations Manager and Dixie Maes, our Customer Service & Accounts Receivable Manager.

These two individuals are very important components that help run this big engine that is Mountain High Tree, Lawn & Landscape. Behind the scenes, they assist the sales team and our crews to make the company a success. They lead the office staff in assisting all our departments for great customer service, smooth operation of our process for the customers and continuity in our company.

Kristina made her home here in Colorado in 2006, moving her family from Michigan. She wears many hats and does it all with a smile and a positive attitude. Office managed payroll, benefits, accounts payable, vendor files, financial… and much, much more. She is always on point for the company and our staff. She is very involved with her family, including her daughter Morgan’s swimming, school and thespian activities. She enjoys gardening and scrap booking.

Dixie, a Colorado native cowgirl (and proud of it!) manages our customer service staff, as well as actively interacting with customers. She handles all facets of our accounts receivable, and also works with managers and staff of other departments within the company to maintain and improve customer service. Dixie takes great pride in her family (daughter Nicole, son Quinton and their other halves Carmen and Rhea; and grandchildren Lilliana, Lanea, Anthony, Jaelonnie and Veronica) and all their activities. She enjoys long road trips and two-stepping with her husband, Gil. And most importantly, she keeps our staff motivated!
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