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We hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving holiday weekend with your family and friends.

Happy Holidays!
Ralph Bronk
Ralph Bronk
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Tree Care

People often say there are always things to do, and winter is no exception when it comes to your trees. Once all the leaves fall off your deciduous trees the branch and trunk structure is easier to see. This is an excellent time to evaluate your trees for defects or damage to the structural integrity of the tree. These examinations should be conducted each year so that any damage that has recently occurred can be addressed before spring.

Pruning in the winter is a perfect time to focus on improving structure in young trees. A little work invested when trees are young goes a long way as they grow larger. Additionally, there are often discounts for work conducted in the winter that can provide some financial incentive. The Arborists at Mountain High Tree, Lawn & Landscape are available to meet with you and conduct a visual inspection to develop a pruning plan.

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Lawn Care

We have already been witness to sizeable snow storms in October and November. It seems like this may become a record setting winter, but things can quickly change if moisture levels drop off. When the dry days arrive there is sure to be damage in turf areas. South and west facing turf areas are the first and harder hit with a combination of lawn mites and root desiccation. The damage from mites and dry winter conditions will fully show itself in spring when healthy areas turn green, and damaged areas turn an unsightly brown. If damage is allowed to continue unchecked it can take several weeks and cost hundreds of dollars to restore the affected areas. Supplemental irrigation is the easiest way to reduce damage and ensure a healthy lawn in the spring. The extra moisture will keeps roots from drying out and helps to prevent mite populations from exploding.

Supplemental irrigation and winter watering is a simple operation that most homeowners can do themselves. Mountain High is equipped to provide watering services when your schedule becomes too busy to maintain adequate winter moisture. Our supplemental irrigation services include a soil conditioner derived from the native yucca plant that helps soil retain moisture longer.

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As the days of winter drag on and the cold mornings seem to be endless, people often look forward to spring. Planning for spring should never be delayed. Many of us have ideas for what we want to do to our landscapes next year and now is the time to sit down and put those ideas into a manageable plan.

Even though December is not the ideal time to be planting trees and shrubs, there are still tasks that can accomplished now. Most new landscape designs have pieces of hardscape to accent the soft plant materials. Many of the steps to installing hardscapes can be conducted right now. Surveying, excavating, concrete pouring and irrigation layout can be completed in the winter. Finishing a portion of a new landscape installation in the winter will allow plant material to be installed sooner in the spring and affords an earlier completion date.


  Winter Edition
December 1, 2009
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from Craig Little

Craig LittleTip of the Month:

Clean up those leaves!!! Turf areas quickly die and rot when leaves are allowed to remain during the cooler fall and winter conditions. Proper cleanup helps to reduce disease activity.

Customer Testimonials:

Excellent workmanship, punctual, friendly and knowledgable.
Bill in Arvada - Irrigation Customer Since 2007

Very professional. Really appreciated the walk trhough with Ralph diagnosing what to do. His presence at the start of the work day to coordinate and clarify the requirements. The care taken to avoid damage to the Gazebo.
Bruce in Englewood – tree pruning
Customer Since 2006

Came at appointed time and finished quickly. Happy with the job performed and price.
Keith in Littleton – tree pruning Customer Since 2006

Good rates, nice crew, good job and good clean up.
Jill in Greenwood Village – tree pruning
Customer Since 2009

Dependable, relaiable, great quality, great service orientation of staff “real people”, competitive pricing. Beautiful job. Thank you Dave and crew.
Ruth in Denver
Customer Since 2004


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