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Whew...obviously winter is still here, however, spring is just around the corner and we are gearing up to take care of your 2012 landscape needs. Our team has worked hard to send out your personalized 2012 Plant Health Care Proposals. Once you receive your proposal, take a look, check off your services and send back to us by March 1st to receive a $5 credit. Every little bit helps!

Come join us at the Colorado Garden and Home Show this year. In fact, we are giving away 3 sets of 2 passes!
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Winners will be notified on Thursday, February 9th. Good luck! We look forward to helping you with your landscape needs. Please call me or our office with any questions.

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Ralph Bronk
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Choosing the right tree for your landscape.

Choosing the right tree to plant in your landscape is a very important decision. Making a good choice will reward you for years to come as the tree thrives and grows. If the right tree choice is not made, you may have regrets and find yourself going through the process of planting another tree again. So what important factors should you consider when choosing a tree for your landscape? Here are a few thoughts:

1. How much space do you have for the plant as it grows?
Some trees will grow tall and block views, become entangled with power lines, or even shade solar electric systems.

2. What is the soil condition?
Each species of tree has preferences when it comes to soil structure and drainage.

3. How much sunlight will the tree or shrub receive?
Plants also have very specific requirements for sunlight; too much or too little sun will cause a plant to suffer and quickly decline.

4. Is the soil naturally wet or dry?
Why fight the moisture conditions? If an area is constantly wet then it's important to choose a plant that enjoys the constant moisture.

5. What activities go on around the planting site?

Many trees, such as Apple and Walnut, produce fruit that will drop onto your property, cars and even people! So there is a clean up factor to consider.

6. What other features are you looking for?
Some trees have fall color, attractive flowers, and ornamental bark, grow fast or slow, produce edible fruit, or even smell nice. It is difficult to find one tree or shrub that is perfect - so choosing which features are most important to you will help to narrow down your search.

One good suggestion in choosing what plant materials you like is to take a walk around your neighborhood, take a few photos and build a landscape file. Also, visit the Denver Botanic Gardens on a nice day and see what plants are thriving. Seeing trees and shrubs in the different seasons will help you decide as well. You might also speak with a local Arborist when you have questions about how certain plants will react to the erratic and harsh Colorado environmental conditions. We have several on staff here at Mountain High.

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We would like to invite all of our friends and clients to visit us at our exhibit during the Colorado Garden & Home Show to be held at the Denver Convention Center, February 11th – 19th, 2012.

We will be there each day and evening to talk and answer questions you may have about any new projects you are dreaming about.

Enter to win
2 all day passes!

Winners notified on Thursday, Feb. 9th.

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Get to know us!

Lee Kral, Lawn Department Manager

We are pleased to introduce Lee Kral, our new Lawn Department Manager. Lee brings over 13 years lawn care experience to this department. Our Lawn Department's goal is to provide you with the best locally owned lawn care services available in the Denver area. With Lee's expertise in this area, we are confident that we will meet our goal. Join us in welcoming Lee aboard the MHT Team.

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Wow, February started off with a snowy bang. Nearly 20" fell all across the Metro area and made a mess of our roads, but luckily, our trees made it through unscathed! Keep monitoring your trees all winter long for hazardous conditions such as broken, hanging or stressed limbs and large branches.
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