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Proposals have been mailed!Happy New Year!

Yes, we are surviving another cold Colorado winter, and what keeps us going is knowing that spring is right around the corner. With that said, many of you have already received or will be receiving your 2014 Plant Health Care Proposal. It is very important that you take a little time to look over our recommendations for the upcoming growing season – it will be here before you know it! We want to be fully prepared to care for your landscape this year and every year.

Our office staff is available to answer your questions about payments, discounts, and recommended programs or treatments. Please be sure to verify that we have all your current contact information (including current email) so that we can get in touch with you before we begin scheduling work at your property this spring.

Don’t forget that we are offering a 3% Prepay Discount on your services if you authorize by March 1st.

Ralph Bronk
Ralph Bronk, owner
MHT Team

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Care Emerald Ash Borer Care
Tree Care Tree
Emerald Ash Borer
Plant Health Care for 2014

Take a look at your 2014 Plant Health Care Proposal and you’ll notice that once again we will be dealing with common pests such as IPS Engraver beetle, Mountain Pine beetle, and Japanese beetle. Emerald Ash borer made its presence known in the Boulder area in the fall of 2013, and we will be closely monitoring for evidence of this pest in the Denver Metro Area.

We all look forward to our turf greening up and being able to go barefoot once again. Every summer in Colorado is different than the last, and it’s vital to have a program in place to care for your landscape. Our Plant Health Care Proposal will include a program to care for your lawn and keep broadleaf weeds away.

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Care Snow Mold in Lawn Care
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Snow Mold & Mites

Snow mold is normally not a frequent problem in the Denver Metro area because the snow melts off and allows the ground to dry out before another round of snow hits. However, with the frequent snows over the last few weeks, this disease may appear in the heavily shaded areas of your lawn where the snow has not melted off.

At the same time that heavily shaded areas are at risk for snow mold, the exposed areas (especially south and west facing) are at risk for heavy mite activity. Part of the reason for this is that the moisture content from our snowfalls has been low. This means the snow melts rapidly when the sun hits it, but it doesn’t provide enough moisture to the lawn to make up for what the mites are stealing. These warm areas of the lawn are a perfect breeding ground for mites which are getting the best of both worlds. They have a clear place to feed in an area that is also warm. This is why our technicians spray exposed areas of lawns for mites even when snow is covering another part of the lawn.

With the highly unusual weather we’ve had so far this winter, watering part of the lawn a couple of times a month on warm days (even though parts of your lawn are still snow covered) is a very good idea. Remember, sun exposed areas of your lawn are drying out and may have any moisture reserves drained by feeding mites.


Snow Mold
Because snow mold activity is greatest beneath covers that maintain moist conditions, all leaves or other materials should be removed from the lawn when the lawn is free of snow. Fluffing up matted-down grass with a quick, light raking is also beneficial. In addition, it is best to avoid piling snow deeply along sidewalks and driveways, especially in constantly shady areas where it will form a long-lasting snow bank.

In the spring, rake away dead and matted foliage from damaged areas and use the rake to ‘fluff up’ the grass. This allows for better air flow and helps the damaged grass recover while also allowing new growth to begin. In the spring, follow this up with good fertilization and aeration of the turf for a better and healthier lawn recovery.

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Care Mite Care
Tree Care Tree
A combination of winter watering and timed mite sprays to exposed and hotter parts of the lawn (especially west and south facing areas) is the key to damage prevention.

Let Mountain High and its experienced Lawn Care Department be part of your winter mite (and spring recovery) solution with winter mite sprays, and lawn care programs during the growing season.
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from Craig Little
Craig LittleDon’t over use salt and other de-icing products.

Excess salt from sidewalks and driveways will make its way into the edges of your turf and your planting beds. It is difficult to get this salt to leach from the soil, and its presence will adversely affect all the plant tissue in those areas. If you have to use de-icing products on your walkways, be sure not to over apply, and clean off any excess salt before it ends up in your soil. Protect your plants from unnecessary damage.

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Planning for 2014 Landscape Projects

Winter is a great time to start thinking about what changes you dream about for your outdoor spaces. Our Design/Build Team has the time to meet with you, talk about your projects and come up with a plan. Let’s work together! See some of our projects here »

Landscaping Water Features

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Care Denver Tree Care Employee Care
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Kara Jahn
Get to know us!
Meet Kara Jahn

We are pleased to welcome Kara Jahn to our team of Customer Service professionals. Kara has 24 years of industry experience, with an emphasis in plant and lawn health care.

Kara has lived most her life in Colorado. She and her husband Kip have 2 daughters and 5 grandchildren (from 9 years to 4 months) and she enjoys spending her “spare” time with her family. Their shared activities include playing pool, bowling and watching football.

Kara says “I enjoy the challenges that each year brings and I’m happy to be part of the Mountain High team.” We are very fortunate that she agreed to join our family. Welcome aboard Kara!

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