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Happy New Year!
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From all our staff and crews at Mountain High Tree, we wish you a very happy and prosperous New Year!

Thank you for your continued patronage – cheers to a great year!

Ralph Bronk
Ralph Bronk, owner
MHT Team

Needle Desiccation

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Pine Needle Desiccation

Our Arborists and technicians have been finding significant needle desiccation all over the Denver Metro area.

This type of dry needle and leaf tissue is typically a result of our dry winter conditions in Colorado. This early winter has been more damaging than most years; needle desiccation normally becomes evident in the latter parts of January and February. The record setting temperature drops on October 15th and throughout the week of November 10th produced the coldest early temps in Colorado's history. This extreme weather resulted in tissue damage to many plants including Pear, Cherry, Viburnum, Oak, and nearly every Pine that grows in Colorado.

In our deciduous trees the damaged portions are evident in the retention of leaves that did not go through their normal dormancy processes. In our evergreen trees we have found extensive amounts of dry needle tissue that has lost most of its color.

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Lee's Lawn Tips:
Winter Lawn Maintenance

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Make sure to rake and remove
leaves from your lawn!
While during the winter months most of us don’t normally think about lawn care, there are a few things everyone can and should do to keep lawns in the best condition possible for greening up when spring arrives.

• Keep Lawn Areas Clean
• Avoid Heavy Lawn Traffic
• Ice-melt and Salt Damage
• Winter Watering & Mites

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Care Salt damage to grass and shrubs Care
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Shrub and lawn damage from salt products

De-icing & Salt Landscape Damage

With the recent snow and cold weather most of us have to use some type of product to help keep the resulting ice under control.

There are many products on the market that can be used and each has different properties, end results and impact on your landscape. These products can be very effective if used correctly. But if they are overused or misapplied, they can damage the concrete as well as nearby plant material, including the lawn.

There are four main materials that are
used as chemical de-icers:

• Calcium Chloride
• Sodium Chloride (Salt)
• Potassium Chloride
• Magnesium Chloride

All of these products are acceptable for use. Limited use of any of these products should cause little damage.

Problems occur when they are used excessively and there is not adequate rainfall/moisture to wash or leach the material from the area. It is still best to remove the snow and ice by hand when possible and spot treat with the ice melts, thereby using lesser amounts. Putting these products on newly poured cement is also not recommended for the first year.

If damage from de-icers is going to occur, it will not be noticeable right away. Problems are uncovered in the spring when the plants and grass along the walks are dead.

Read more about using these products »

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from Craig Little
Craig LittlePrepare for Spring!

Start your preparations for your spring landscape projects now. Getting a head start on choosing plant species and finding available plant stock will ensure you get the best specimens available when it is time to begin planting in the spring.

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Reviews of Mountain High Tree

Colorado Springs Tree and Lawn Company

Colorado Springs Tree PlantingWe now offer Lawn Care in Colorado Springs!

We are excited to offer lawn care services to our Colorado Springs customers this coming spring 2015.

Contact us today at 719.444.8800 or online below
to get a free lawn care estimate:
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From left to right, back row: Sean Imfeld, Gareth Desmond, Shane Ronan and Kevin Benton
From left to right front row: Katie Deshler, Elisha Harwood, Mario Ruybal and Theron Thoms

Get to know us!
Meet the Mountain High Tree Irrigation and Landscape Department:

Sean Imfeld – Department Manager

Born and raised in Michigan; happily in Colorado for the last 20 years. Snowmobiling, wakeboarding and camping with my daughter take up any free time I may get. This is my second tour of duty with Mountain High.

Gareth Desmond – Project Manager
I am African and have been here in Colorado for the last 13 years. I am a career landscaper with my focus on high end construction. I am married with 2 kids, like fishing and have spent the last 10 years chasing the elusive Tiger Muskie in Gross Reservoir. I enjoy travelling, and try to go somewhere different every year.

Kevin Benton –  Project Manager
I was born and raised in a small town in Southern Indiana. I graduated in 1994 from Ball State University with a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture Degree and immediately moved to Denver. I have spent the last 20 years honing my skills in the landscape industry and enjoying all of the outdoor recreational opportunities that Colorado has to offer. This has strengthened my awe and love for nature and being outdoors. I have the unique opportunity to combine my passion for nature and my education to create beautiful, relaxing spaces for our clients. I love what I do!

Katie Deshler - Landscape Designer/Sales
I graduated from Colorado State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Landscape Horticulture with a concentration in Design and Contracting, and a minor in Business. That’s a mouth full! I have over 6 years of field experience with designing and estimating, as well as seasonal flower designs. I started with Mountain High Tree in August and have been thrilled to work with such great people around me. I love designing all types of landscapes from contemporary to naturalistic. The best part about designing is to help clients realize the potential of their landscape and the opportunities to make it beautiful. In my free time I like to spend every moment with my two kids and husband. We like to ride bikes, ski, snowboard, hike; anything and everything that is outdoors.

Elisha Hardwood - Office Manager
I have 2 children ages 15 and 7; we are Colorado Natives and will always call Colorado our home. I have been in the Landscape industry since 2005 and decided I wanted to further my education in Horticulture and Landscape technologies in 2010. I graduated from Front Range Community College in 2012 with my Associates of Applied Science degree in Horticulture and Landscape technologies with an emphasis Landscape Management and Irrigation. I completed my internship with the City and County of Broomfield Park Department in 2012. I joined Mountain High Tree, Lawn and Landscape in March 2014 and have found my calling here working with a Fabulous Team.

Theron R. Thoms II - Lead Estimator/Landscape Designer
I have been working in the Landscape industry for over 22 years. I graduated in 1992 from North Dakota State University with a degree in Landscape Architecture. After graduation, I moved to Colorado to pursue my landscaping career. When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my family: my wife Mary Kay and my son Theron (T3). I enjoy coaching my son’s sports teams (basketball, baseball). I am involved at my church. I am currently serving my second term as HOA president for Saddlebrook Farm in Parker, CO. My hobbies include golfing, fishing and working in my garden.
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