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We are busy with many projects this summer and thank all of you for your business.

Starting this month, we will be part of Fox 31’s Ask the Expert. You can visit: and visit our Ask the Expert page and see a great video we filmed last month with interviews from a few of our customers. Also, check out Tom Martino’s show on Thursday, July 21st between 9-10am to see our segment.

Let me know if we can help you in any way.

Ralph Bronk Ralph Bronk

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Tree Care

What to do for potentially damaged trees.

In the past year we have seen some pretty extreme weather patterns. The heat of last summer and the dryness of the winter had many people concerned about the potential damage to the root systems of our trees. The damage appears to be farther reaching than we had expected. Unfortunately, we have seen mature and well established trees succumbing as much as the more vulnerable newly transplanted trees.

Stressed trees often have significant branch dieback and are very slow to produce leaves in the spring. The major difference between a tree that has the potential to survive and a tree that will soon die is how well it maintains the leaf tissue after it is produced. Ideally, we want trees to develop full canopies, but in seasons like we are having we should just be happy if the tree can bring the leaf tissue to full size and keep it in the tree and on the branches until fall.

If the tree develops some small (1/2” in diameter and smaller) deadwood we should not be concerned. With some conscientious care, a slightly stressed tree should have a very good chance for a full recovery. The biggest mistake a homeowner can make when they notice stress in their plant material is to arbitrarily apply “some extra water” or “tossing some fertilizer down”. These decisions can further damage a stressed root system and push a tree further into decline. Many factors need to be considered when evaluating stress and developing a management plan for trees. A few of these factors include the severity of stress condition, tree species, and the various site and soil conditions. Our Arborists are available to help you assess your landscape issues.

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Leaf Spot & Melting Out

Leaf spot and melting out diseases occur in lawns that are stressed from excessive water and a very short mowing height. The diseases are caused by two separate fungi, but because the diseases often occur together, they're considered a single disease complex.

Leaf spot symptoms include small, purple-to-black spots on individual leaf blades. The spots become elliptical in shape and may be surrounded by a purple border. Tissue in the center of the spot may die and turn a beige or straw color. If a spot extends across the leaf, the blades wither and die.

Melting out is the more serious of the two diseases. Initially, its symptoms are similar to those of leaf spot. But as the disease progresses, the fungus works its way to a plant's base and attacks the crown and roots. Affected turf appears yellowish, thin and shabby with irregular patches of dead grass. When these areas are raked, dead grass plants are easily removed.

Fungicide treatments are needed to control the leaf spot/melting out disease complex. Remember, chemicals are most effective when they're used in conjunction with proper lawn-care practices.


Well, we are almost done with the project we have been showing you this past season. We are waiting before we stain and seal the deck and when that is done, we will show you photos of the finished project. As with all landscapes, it all starts with an idea, your dream. Let us help you design a plan that will fit into your budget. We are confident in our design team to get the job done right, the first time. Call or email for a no obligation project estimate. Visit the landscaping page »

Landscape Before & After Photos

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Get to know us.

Dave Entwistle
Certified Arborist

Dave trains and mentors new employees and meets with our customers. Dave will celebrate 20 years in September and has been in the industry for 30 years. He is a dedicated employee and loves what he does. When he isn’t working, he enjoys golfing and spending time with his lovely wife, four daughters and son-in-law, and is a proud grandfather. Dave is a valued member of the Mountain High Tree family.
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July 16, 2011
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Craig LittleTip of the Month:

Beneficial Insects

Releasing Beneficial insects such as Lady Bugs and Predatory Mites can help to reduce population explosions of damaging insects. Beneficial insects can be purchased online or at many local garden centers. Control will never be 100%, but can be an eco-friendly option for vegetable and herb gardens.


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June winner:
Jeff & Wendy
of Greenwood Village

Eric and crew did a fantastic job!

Customer since 1999

Our trees and lawn are so much healthier since you started spraying. I think we could have saved some trees if we had started with you five years ago.
Kenn of Wheat Ridge

Desiree in irrigation is very professional - definitely an asset.
Elizabeth of Lakewod

Office staff are friendly & helpful. Crews know what they are doing!l services.
Adelle of Denver

Get your

After the treatments for my lawn, MHT has put together an affordable design plan. They will take out those nasty junipers. Plant flower gardens. Build a side patio and extend the backyard fence line. Jackson (a 4 yr old Jack Russell) will love the extra yard space! Below are some before photos, more to come.

Montclair Neighborhood, Denver

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