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All of us here at Mountain High are deeply saddened about the fires in our state. These fires are devastating to the population as well as the vital summer tourism industry in Colorado. For ways to help those affected by the wildfires in Colorado, visit

We are including this in our newsletter for you to help if you can. Firefighters are risking their lives everyday to save others, and there are just not enough tools and goods to meet the need. We are doing what we can here at Mountain High Tree.

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  Ralph & Diesel, our shop dog  
Thank you,

Ralph Bronk
Ralph Bronk
and MHT Team

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Take care of your trees.

The weather during June speaks for itself. As we watched fires burn all over the state, we prayed for the homes and lives of our friends and families. The images on TV have been difficult to watch. We are in the midst of a record setting summer with extremely high temperatures and practically zero natural precipitation. These conditions take their toll on our landscapes as the relentless heat continues.

These difficult weather conditions result in obvious stress to our plants. This stress is the result of dry soil conditions which quickly kills the developing roots which are responsible for water and nutrient uptake. As the supply of resources declines, the effects are seen in the canopy of the trees. Operations in the leaf tissue will soon begin to shut down. Leaf color will fade from the deep green of spring to a faded yellow. As the sun beats down on the fading leaves, they will quickly show a browning from the scorching conditions.

Some of our tree species, such as Hackberry, will slow their own growth as the weather conditions worsen. These trees have developed this defense mechanism in order to protect sensitive root and leaf tissue. Their pseudo-dormancy allows them to temporarily shut down until the extreme weather conditions subside. Unfortunately, most plant species don't have this ability, so it is imperative to adjust your watering schedule to keep plants hydrated in the same fashion that we keep ourselves hydrated.

If you have not yet increased either the frequency or duration of your watering schedule this summer then you are headed for the certainty of stressed or damaged plants. If you have questions about developing the most effective and efficient watering schedule give us a call so we can help. Enjoy your summer, but don't forget to take care of your trees!

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    Japanese Beetle  
Pest update: With the high summer temperatures coming early this season and the consistency of the extremely hot days, we have noticed steady increases in the populations of many insects including aphids, mites, plant bugs, Japanese beetles, and various scale species. Be sure to walk around your property and monitor pest populations. Properly timed treatments will help to reduce the stress level on your plants during the difficult summer conditions that lay ahead.

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    Water deeply and infrequently  

Managing Lawns during Drought

The obvious answer to drought stress on lawns is to apply water. Deep, infrequent watering to the depth of the root system is the ideal situation. This should be done when lawns show the first signs of drought stress, such as wilting, darkening color, and footprints remaining after walking across the lawn.

Once cool-season turf grasses have gone dormant (stopped active growth and/or turned off-color) it's best to leave them in that condition rather than watering heavily to cause the grass to green-up again. This does not mean to stop watering, just do not water extra unless you are willing to keep the water coming. Breaking dormancy actually drains reserves within the plant, and if conditions remain dry and the weather is hot, the plant is not likely to replace those reserves. In a 'typical' summer, lawns go somewhat dormant and resume active growth when conditions improve. The downside of dormancy is the appearance of the lawn and the risk of problems arising on the inactive lawn, such as weed invasions and insect attacks. The common question is - how much water is enough to keep the turf alive?

A range of 2.5 to 3 inches per week would be suggested for most turf stands where Kentucky bluegrass is the primary species. However, with low Colorado humidity, this may not be enough to keep a yard as green as other areas of the country. As always, mowing should be on a frequent basis so that no more than one-third of the leaf blade is removed in any one cutting. Keeping grass taller (2.5 to 3 inches in height) is strongly recommended. Taller turf allows more shading of the soil, conserving what moisture is in the soil.

Whenever possible, limit traffic of any type on the lawn. Drought stress will occur faster on turf stands with poor soil conditions such as we have here in Colorado. Soil compaction, clay fill, heavy sand, high pH, and general poor conditions for root growth become very evident under stress conditions such as drought. Although immediate corrections may not be possible, make notes of problem areas that will need to be addressed later. Work on improving rooting of the lawn grasses by watering more heavily but less often. Short periods of water (less than 15 minutes per zone) forces roots to move upwards to seek surface level moisture since there is very little water penetration. This quickly establishes a weak root system which in turn makes turf more susceptible to drought. (Watering less than half an inch per watering cycle will cause this kind of root problem.) Watering more than 15 minutes per zone is recommended, unless on a steep slope where water rolls off.

Lawns with problem thatch layers will experience drought stress sooner. Many of the same soil factors just mentioned are likely to be the cause. In addition, take a close look at management practices that may contribute to thatch, such as uneven watering, over watering, and improper mowing.

Revive is a good product to help lawns during drought periods. Mountain High's Lawn Department will be happy to add a Revive treatment to any lawn care program or even do a Revive treatment once or twice over the heat of the summer to help your lawn fight the hot, dry conditions. Feel free to contact us for Revive treatment pricing.

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One year later

If you remember, last year we showed you a project we did in historic Montclair in July 2011.

Project: We took out those old juniper bushes that smothered the house, and created flower beds with perennials, bushes and trees. We also brought in rocks and used flagstone to create a pathway to a side sitting area. Behind the sitting area, we took out more junipers and extended the backyard by adding on to the fence line. What a difference!

One year later, the gardens are coming along. It does take some time for the plants to establish themselves, but our client is enjoying their new landscape, and so is their dog, Jackson! If you want our Design / Build team to help you to get started on a project, give them a call and schedule an appointment: 303.457.5857

Call our Design team for an appointment. 303.457.5857

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Laurie started with us in January as a Customer Service Representative. She is also a training assistant for new hires and is working with our customers to help resolve their concerns. She has a wonderful way with people and has admitted that she feels personally rewarded every time her efforts and follow through leave a customer happy with our "products" and customer service. She has been married for 25 years and is the mother of two boys, ages 8 and 20. She enjoys reading, playing poker and shooting pool. Laurie was a stay at home mom for 18 years, until she came to work for us. Boy, are we happy she did!

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