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It's been a very busy spring and all of us here want to thank you for your patience as we keep up with your needs. We do apologize if we have caused you any concern, but know, giving you the best service is still our priority. If you have any concerns, please give us a call and ask for me.

The Park People Partnership.
We are pleased to continue our support for The Park People and invite you to learn more about their upcoming workshops. You can download the PDF form here or visit their webpage.

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  Ralph & Diesel, our shop dog  
Ralph Bronk
Ralph Bronk
and MHT Team

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    Storm Damaged Trees  
Storms Batter
Our Trees

This week rain, hail and wind damaged homes and stripped our trees. Here are some things to think about when looking at your storm damaged trees:
  • Trees are amazingly resilient. Don't cut them down, thinking they are dead. Give them time to recover!
  • If they are healthy they will put out a new set of leaves over the next month.
  • Branches many be broken or have wounds on the upper part of the branch. This may cause dieback of smaller branches or twigs.
  • Proper pruning and repair is important following a storm.

Let Mountain High evaluate your trees and recommend pruning and plant health care needs.

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    Stressed Tree  
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    Stressed Tree  
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Our Trees are stressed out!

The extremely dry winters these past two years in combination with the unseasonably warm temperatures this spring have us concerned about the health of our trees around town. Even with the recent rainfall, many of our trees are not going to make it. Take a drive around town and you will notice many dead trees in difficult areas like parking lots and street medians as well as in your own residential area.

Stressed trees will show the following conditions:

  • Significantly heavy flowering for consecutive years
  • Extremely large crops of seed/fruit production
  • Thin leaf canopies
  • Small or underdeveloped leaf tissue
  • Branch dieback from the tips down to larger branches
  • Increased susceptibility to disease pathogens
  • Increased susceptibility to insect attack

For many trees, it is difficult to reverse the decline if you see dieback of its large limbs. It is crucial to know your tree and look for any changes and give us a call to help diagnose the problem. We recommend monitoring your trees for insect and disease epidemics and of course, winter watering during dry winters.

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    Ascochyta Symptoms  
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    Ascochyta Symptoms
Photo from Colorado State University Extension

The most common lawn problem of late spring and summer.

Ascochyta leaf spot symptoms may develop throughout the growing season but are more common during hot, droughty periods that were preceded by cool, rainy conditions. Large irregular patches of turf rapidly turn a straw-color and appear dead. The overall appearance of the disease may resemble drought stress, except that the symptoms of Ascochyta blight appear quickly (sometimes overnight). Although the blighting within an area appears complete from a distance, healthy leaves are interspersed within the patch. Blighting is usually restricted to the leaves; bluegrass crowns and roots typically are not killed.

Leaves infected with the Ascochyta fungus often exhibit a bleached tip dieback that extends approximately a third to halfway down the leaf blade. The margin between healthy and diseased tissue is abrupt and slightly pinched.

The Ascochyta fungus survives as spores on dead leaves or clippings remaining in the thatch. Active spores may ooze from infected material during wet weather and be dispersed by splashing rain, irrigation, mowing or other activities.

The disease occurs in late spring and summer and appears to be enhanced by soil moisture fluctuations, especially drought stress caused by watering restrictions and poor irrigation system coverage. However, the disease may also develop during periods of hot weather preceded by unusually wet soil conditions caused by excessive rain or over-irrigation. Frequent mowing and dull mower blades may contribute to disease severity by creating more infection sites (wounds).

Ascochyta leaf blight can be managed by following good cultural practices that minimize stress in the lawn.

Maintain grass height between 2 ½ and 3 inches. Minimize wounding of the leaf blades by maintaining sharp mower blades. Avoid mowing during wet weather, especially when Ascochyta blight is active.

Ascochyta tends to follow mower tracks; washing the under carriage of the mower after mowing and cutting infected areas last can help. Bagging the clippings and removing them also takes infected material away from the lawn.

Try to maintain uniform soil moisture. Check the irrigation system to make sure all irrigation heads are working properly and that water is being distributed uniformly to avoid drought stress. Extra watering of Ascochyta infected areas is the best way to help grass outgrow the disease.

Turf usually recovers completely after a couple of weeks with extra water being applied to damaged areas. Although several fungicides will inhibit Ascochyta growth, they can be expensive and difficult to apply. Furthermore Ascochyta leaf blight development is sporadic and rapid, making timing of preventive fungicide applications all but impossible.

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Would you like to create Special Spaces in your landscape?

Our Design/Build Team is ready to help you take your wish list to a stunning reality! Kitchens, BBQ, Patios, water features, deck, walks, walls and more.

Our team will:

  • Meet with you to understand your wish list.
  • Offer our expert advice & provide a complete scaled drawing of your dream project.
  • Create the outdoor environment you've only dreamed of until now.
  • Exceed your expectations every time!

Call our Design team for an appointment. 303.457.5857

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    Janette Learned  
Get to know us!

Meet Janette Learned,
HR/Service Team Manager

Janette brings over 15 years of progressively responsible experience with proven results. She has been recognized as an effective decision maker with impeccable moral integrity, and demonstrates particular strength in team building and coaching. Janette has developed a reputation for driving positive cultural shifts that enhance associate engagement/satisfaction, accountability, performance and fosters continuous improvement. Janette is passionate about helping teams come together, communicate effectively and have fun working together to be successful. "We are all in this together and everyone brings something special to the table. This is a terrific company that is growing in leaps and bounds. Sharing information, open communication, cooperation, trust and respect for each other become more critical to our overall success as the team expands. And this is a great team and I have much to learn from them!"

Janette is a single mother, and chose a photo that included her "favorite person". Lance Cpl. L. C. Learned is a Cryptologic Linguist for the USMC, currently stationed in Hawaii. We are glad to have her join our team!!

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Check your system

Watering: It's not as simple as turning on the sprinklers. The effectiveness of your watering depends on many things. Your sprinkler system should be checked throughout the season to make sure the sprinkler heads and smaller emitters are working properly. If these devices aren't working right, turf and trees can quickly die in the extreme summer Colorado conditions. Call our Irrigation Department with any questions.


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