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From our Mountain High Family in Denver and Colorado Springs, we want to extend our thoughts and prayers for the families who have been affected by the wildfires.

Take care of your trees
All of us love the protection and beauty our trees provide us. Unfortunately, some trees have succumbed to the harsh spring and need to be removed. Check out these photos of a home in Park Hill where we removed two old trees and replaced them with two new trees. They are thrilled with the new, healthy trees:

Tree Care Tree
Tree Care Tree
  Removing the old trees, here we are using the stump grinder.  
Tree Care Tree
Tree Care Tree
  The new trees today, healthy and happy.  

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Care Denver Lawn Fertilization Care
Tree Care Tree
Ash Tree
Water and fertilize your trees.

As we drive around town, we continue to see the lasting effects of the difficult spring weather conditions. Many trees like our Ash and Locust are struggling to produce a leaf canopy capable of providing a shadow, let alone actual shade. A variety of shrubs including Altheas, Roses, Grape Holly and Daphne have produced less than ideal foliage.

For the trees and shrubs that are showing the signs of recovery, it is important to foster their recovery in the form of supplemental watering and treating with slow release fertilizer. These treatments will provide the essential nutrients and moisture for optimum photosynthesis, and the resulting sugar production will resupply energy reserves depleted in recent months.

Unfortunately, many trees and shrubs will not recover. The best advice we can give for the trees that lack any signs of recovery is to give them a little more time. Do not abandon your trees and shrubs just yet. The next few weeks will tell the tale now that our days are longer and temperatures are consistent. Keep watering your trees, no matter how pathetic they look. Let us know if you need help aiding in the recovery.

For the trees that have succumbed to the harsh spring let us help you remove the dead trees and get you started with a new tree to reclaim its place in your landscape. Our Arborists are available to meet with you to evaluate the condition of your trees.

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Care Denver Lawn Fertilization Care
Tree Care Tree
Mow grass at least 2.5-3" high
What you need to know and do for your lawn.

The transition from cooler spring weather to hot weather has led to extra stress on our lawns. Here are some tips to assure your lawn is healthy during these hot days.

Mowing height adjustment is probably the most important practice to prepare lawns for hot weather. Mow at heights at least two and a half to three inches. If in doubt, set the mower as high as it will go. Lawns maintained at higher heights usually develop deeper roots and dry out more slowly than closely mowed turf. Lawn growth will slow as the weather gets drier and hotter.

Keeping blades sharp will allow the tips of the grass to heal more rapidly and prevent moisture loss and stress. A lawn cut with a dull blade will lose almost double the water of a yard cut with a very sharp blade.

Care Tree Care Tree
Care Denver Lawn Fertilization Care
Tree Care Tree
Most lawns in our area consist of cool-season lawn grasses such as Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass, and fine fescue. These grasses naturally slow down their growing patterns as the temperatures head into the 90’s. A yard that is not properly watered may go dormant in the heat of summer. If something happens (such as a watering issue while on vacation) and the lawn goes dormant, let it stay dormant until cooler weather returns. Do not allow lawns to turn brown and then water them back to a green condition over and over, as this depletes energy reserves and stresses the plant.

Water lawns deeply, applying about 1 to 1-1/2 inches per application, depending on site variables. Water early in the day or during the evening, but while the sun is still up if at all possible.

Please note, a dormant yard during the summer is a prime target for insects and fungi. The more stress a yard is under - the easier it is for pests to get established and do damage before anyone notices, since a dormant yard is already brown.

Mountain High’s Lawn Department is always available to help with lawn care needs and we are strongly recommending Revive treatments as the drought situation continues.

Mulch Delivery!

Our talented Design/Build team has been busy working on several projects that we will be sharing with you in the next few months. In the meantime, we wanted to show you some photos of our recent mulch delivery to a Denver neighborhood. These neighbors came together and ordered over 17 cubic yards collectively of our Supreme Organic Mulch This is a great way for you to share in the delivery cost, and spreading the mulch in your gardens will decrease evaporations rates by 35%. See more photos on our Facebook page.

Tree Care Tree
Tree Care Tree

“Mountain High Tree's mulch is simply the best mulch you can get. The Dark Brown Fines they delivered was nice and fine, easy to shovel, looks beautiful, and stays put. Thanks for the delivery!” ~ Idelle in Park Hill

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Care Denver Tree Care Employee Care
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Samantha Etter
Get to know us!
Meet Samantha Etter

Sam started with us as a temporary office assistant in our Landscape and Irrigation Department. As our needs for her skills grew, we offered her a position in May of 2011. Since then, Sam has been kept very busy with scheduling, billing, inventory control and a host of other activities within our organization.

Sam is a native Texan and loves to spend her personal time bowling and playing video games. She is also very “animal friendly”! We are happy to have her working for us.

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