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  Sod Webworm adults fly up when the grass is walked on.  

Sod Webworm in Denver Lawns

Did you know that most sod webworm damage is mistaken for heat and drought stress? The damage caused by sod webworms is not at the root level, it is just above the roots in the thatch. Sod webworms prefer sunny areas and the larvae are often found on south facing, steep slopes and banks, where it is hot and dry. Heavily shaded turf is seldom attacked by the larvae.

The most severe damage usually shows up in July and August when the temperature is hot and the grass is not growing vigorously.

Learn more about Sodworms in our blog, click here, or call us at 303.232.0666 or send us an online estimate request for a free evaluation.

Tree Care Tree
Tree Care Tree
  The adult beetle has an attractive appearance.  

Japanese Beetle in Denver

They're here! The Japanese beetle causes damage in both the larval and adult stages of its life. Adult beetles can cause serious injury to the leaves and flowers on over 300 landscape trees, shrubs, fruits and vegetables. Read more about Japanese Beetles in our blog, click here.

Contact Mountain High Tree for our Insect Control services so we can help you control this pest, send us an estimate request or call us at 303.232.0666 for a free evaluation.

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from Craig Little
Craig LittleIt’s time to prune your trees and shrubs. Because of the difficult weather conditions in March and April, many of our trees have a significant amount of dead limbs and branches.

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Mushroom On Grass by Petr Kratochvil.
Mushrooms in Denver Lawns

Mushrooms, while unsightly in a yard, do have their place in the natural world. They help to break down decaying matter and in turn help the soil. Because they help the soil they are actually good for the lawn. Unfortunately, their appearance does not sit well with most people who like a well-tended lawn.

Read more about how you can control mushrooms in your lawn, click here.



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