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When do roots become active?

Anticipating when roots become active can allow you to be proactive in your tree care.

March in Colorado is known for weather extremes. Sunny days with temperatures in the sixties can be immediately followed by freezing temperatures and blizzard like conditions. These extremes wreak havoc on our trees. The obvious impact of broken and damaged limbs from heavy spring snow is easy to recognize, but the impact of fluctuating temperatures can be silently problematic for the root system of plants. Many of our Colorado trees will have root activity before we see any leaf or flower development. Studies have shown that several Red Oak species will exhibit root growth when soil temperatures reach just 46°F. Such temperatures are often seen after a few sunny days in March and April.

It is very important not to wait until the above ground activity is apparent to begin our spring tree care tasks such as watering and mulching. Watering and mulching are two very simple tasks, but they are probably the most important things we can do to promote optimum plant health. The moment roots become active they will require soil moisture in order to begin acquiring nutrients for their impending explosion of growth. When moisture resources are limited, the amount of growth is limited and the subsequent amount of energy produced by the tree suffers. When energy production drops off the plant becomes susceptible to a myriad of insect and disease issues. Ensuring ample moisture is available when tree roots become active is the first step in promoting overall tree health.

Placing mulch around the root system of trees may seem like a rather unimportant task, but that couldn't be farther from the truth. Mulch beds are the closest thing we have to recreating true forest like conditions for our trees. A three inch layer of mulch will help to regulate the high and low temperatures of the soil during the day and night temperature swing. When temperatures are moderated it will allow the root system to remain active for a much longer period during the day. This means the plant can acquire more nutrients and the healthier the plant will be in the long run. Additionally, soil moisture is always higher under a properly placed mulch layer. Mulching around tree root systems will help to reduce the amount of supplemental water needed because the insulation effect of the mulch will help the soil retain the moisture longer. Reducing the amount of supplemental watering you have to do is a great conservation technique.

Check your Irrigation system:

Staying on top of your irrigation system maintenance will help your lawn's health and your wallet...

Broken sprinkler heads, leaking backflows, and malfunctioning controllers can lead to extreme amounts of water waste. In Colorado, wasting water is not only expensive, but also environmentally irresponsible. Reports have shown that an irrigation system that is serviced and inspected annually is up to 35% more efficient than a system that has not been inspected for four seasons. Annual inspections are also great for readjusting sprinkler heads to ensure an even spray pattern. People often have dead lawn patches that are the simple result of uneven sprinkler patterns. The time and cost of repairing these areas could have been prevented with simple yearly sprinkler maintenance. Sprinkler systems can become rather complicated and may require a trained technician, so give us a call today and we can set up an inspection and get your system turned on and running great.

Cold temperatures can damage your landscape:

Mother Nature is a powerful force. Something as simple as winter's freezing temperatures can silently wreak havoc on your landscape...


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Care   Frost Heaving -  

In Colorado we are accustomed to huge temperature swings. It can be a warm, sunny day in the 60's on Monday, and we could be shoveling ten inches of snow on Tuesday. With sliding cars, school closings, and traffic jams there is plenty of frustration to go around. Unfortunately, our landscapes are forced to deal with these conditions the same as the rest of us.

A phenomenon known as frost heaving is a silent destroyer in our landscapes. Frost heaving is the process by which the freezing of water-saturated soil causes the deformation and upward thrust of the ground surface. This process can damage plant roots through breaking or desiccation, cause cracks in pavement, and damage the foundation of buildings. Moist, fine-grained soil at low temperatures is most susceptible to frost heaving. Our native Colorado soils are predominantly heavy clay, which is one of the finest-grained soils you will ever find. As melting snow is allowed to sit in poorly drained areas it promotes the likelihood of frost heaving.

If you see heaving or movement in the soil next to trees or in patio areas, it should be addressed sooner rather than later to prevent serious damage. Addressing drainage problems is a great first step to preventing expensive repairs later.

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New to our monthly newsletter:

We know that our dedicated employees contribute so much to the success of our company.  We are proud to take a moment in our newsletter and introduce you to a team member each month.

This March, Dixie celebrates five years with Mountain High.  Congratulations Dixie!

She is our lead employee in our Customer Service Department. She is our Customer Service Guru! You may have talked to her about authorizing your annual proposal, requested an estimate, or discussed your billing questions. No customer concern goes without her devoted attention. Dixie’s quest for knowledge, drive and dedication has helped us to upgrade our customer service in all facets of our business, especially in our office. She was raised on a working Southern Colorado cattle ranch and is happily married with two children & three grand children. We thank Dixie for all her hard work!!

2010 Proposals should have arrived

Please give us a call if you haven't received your 2010 Plant Health Care proposal.  We are ready to answer any questions you may have so don't hesitate to call.  Please remember that many of our applications start late February or early march and are time sensitive.  It is important to return your proposals as soon as possible.

Have a good month.

Ralph Bronk
Ralph Bronk
and the MHT Team

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Craig LittleTip of the Month:

Get weeds early!

Many of our most annoying weeds such as Dandelions and Canada Thistle produce seeds and re-sprout from their roots.  So, get out there and treat or pull them early before they produce seed.  Take extra care when pulling weeds to remove the entire root system.



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Customer Testimonials:

My trees look great and the price seemed reasonable. You have a great web-site too. 
Susan, Lakewood
New Customer 2010

I like the availability price and thoroughness. Keep up the good work. 
Marlene, Wheat Ridge  
Customer since 1999

Prompt service great customer service.
Linda, Denver
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"Our historic 118-year-old American Elm thanks to the TLC given it by Mountain High Tree Care, it is still going strong.  Mountain High's informed treatments have stopped problems as they have occurred, resulting in renewed vitality and healthier appearance.
Dave Munger, Past President Old North End Neighborhood, Colorado Springs

Contest Tree Winner:

To launch our new website and encourage you to sign up to our Tree Top Times e-newsletter, we ran a tree giveaway contest. Mr. & Mrs. Myers of Lakewood were the lucky winners of our first contest to recieve a free tree.  Stay tuned for the updates and photos of the tree planting this spring.   


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