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We had a great time last month at the Garden and Home Show and hope you had a chance to stop by and see all the new products for your home and garden.

We are proud of our Landscape Department's dedication to providing you with creative ideas for remodeling your outside space. Take a look at some of the landscaping projects we have done from patios to flower gardens. If you would like to have someone come by and take a look at a project for you, give us a call.

Also, we have been in the process of mailing out your Personalized Plant Health Proposal for 2012. Our Arborists have evaluated your property to determine the best programs to keep your landscape healthy and beautiful. Many of our services are time sensitive as we target specific insects in specific life cycle stages - proper timing is crucial to the success of your Plant Health Care Program. So please take a minute to review your proposal, call us with any questions and return your authorized proposal to us soon.

We all look forward to helping you with your landscape needs this year.

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  Ralph & Diesel, our shop dog  
Ralph Bronk
Ralph Bronk
and MHT Team

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Storm Damage Alert

The record snowfall and the extreme winds in February have damaged many trees throughout the Denver Metro area. It is very important to perform an inspection of all your trees for safety issues. Be sure to check the canopy for broken or hanging branches, tree trunks for cracks or splits, and the base of the tree for evidence of broken roots or soil heaving. Call us immediately if you see any of these issues.

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    Those little red bugs are Mites  

Fight the Mite – Stop Spring Damage Now

Areas of west and south facing turf are particularly susceptible to mite damage. As the winter sun beats down on these areas, it provides extra heat for the mites to actively feed. At the same time, the sun dries out the ground so there is no moisture to replenish what the mites are removing from the grass. Other areas hard hit by mites are areas where the sun reflects down from windows, off of light colored fences, rock walls and under evergreens. Let Mountain High spray your lawn for mites.

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Sprinkler Tips

March is finally upon us and warm spring days are soon to follow. As the spring snows quickly melt off and the days begin to heat up, many of us are tempted to turn on our sprinkler system to get an early start on the season. This may seem like a great idea, but it can be very detrimental to the system if we get those unexpected freezes. Most of our irrigation customers had their systems blown out in October to prevent serious damage when the weather turns. (Just turning off the water after activating the system does not protect it from freeze damage.) In exceptionally dry years, we have turned customer's systems on for a week or two and then blown them out immediately after. Typically we will start turning on sprinkler systems in early April and will continue through the end of May. Call us soon to get onto our schedule.

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    Brittany Walters  
Get to know us!

Meet Brittany Walters

Brittany is the smiling voice on the other end of the line calling to schedule your work for the trim department. Brittany started with Mountain High in June 2008 as a Customer Service Representative in the main office. Always upbeat & lively, Brit dug in to learn the ropes and has become a valuable asset to our company. Her move to the Trim Department Assistant in February of this year will be a benefit not only to Mountain High, but to you, our valued customer. Brittany and her best friend/canine companion, Maggie, love spending time in the mountains camping, hiking & fishing. Thank you, Brit, for helping to make the MHT Team a success!

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from Craig Little
Craig LittleTip of the Month:
The dry Colorado climate is the #1 obstacle to optimal plant health. This is true with all our ornamental roses. Pruning roses too early in the fall or winter allows the cut stalks to dry out. The best time to prune back your roses is late winter, just after the last expected snowfall.


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Every month, we will select a winner for a $10 B.U.D. gift card. Take a moment and tell us what you think about our service. You will find the customer survey on the back of your invoice.

February Winner:
Gary from Centennial
1st time customer
"Wonderful! Cleaned up every scrap & debris. Great job!"


"Chad Delzell was very pleasant. We were completely satisfied with the work and the employees that Mountain High sent to do the job. They were great!"
Ruth from Arvada
1st time customer

"Lee was polite, efficient, and on time. Very honest and reliable."
Bonnie from Denver

Customer since 2004

"I like best the crew chief's communication skills & sharing info - excellent service, follow-through, and saving my trees - I especially appreciate the winter discount."
Penny from Littleton
Customer since 2006

"The crew that trimmed was fantastic! They were professional & communicated very well... also very clean. I would have them do my work any time!"
Liza from Denver
Customer since 2009


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