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Proposals have been mailed!It's almost spring!

We are all excited for the longer days, thanks to Daylight Savings, and the warm days ahead!

It is so important that you read through your Plant Health Care Proposal and return it as soon as possible. Please know that nearly all of the services we recommended to you are time sensitive. Returning your authorized proposal to us now will ensure that you get in the schedule and we can continue to achieve the best results for your landscape.

Please let us know if you have any questions about your proposal.

Ralph Bronk
Ralph Bronk, owner
MHT Team
Emerald Ash Borer
Drought, Fire Mitigation Special

Many of our Colorado Springs customers live on hillsides, mesas, and in naturally forested areas. Our native landscapes have evolved with fire. The reality is that they are prone to burn and they are meant to burn. The native Ponderosa Pine and Gambel Oak are fire-adapted and fire is needed to keep their ecosystem healthy. Their thick bark and extensive root systems mean they can survive fire and readily come back after a fire.

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There are three things that determine a wildfire’s intensity: topography, weather and vegetation. The only one we can affect is vegetation. Fire mitigation is a way to manage vegetation so that hopefully fire will not be as intense. Creating defensible zones where ground fuels, shrubs and trees are not connected is important.

With our driest, windiest seasons upon us, the risk of fire is still high. This is an opportune time to look at your landscape and work on things that can modify wildfire behavior if it comes through your neigborhood. Our team at Mountain High Tree in Colorado Springs is happy to meet with you to discuss service.

MARCH 2014
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from Craig Little
Craig Little March is historically our snowiest month of the year. Spring snow storms can bring very heavy snow which can bend and break tree limbs. Be aware of your plants during snow storms. A little effort to knock heavy snows off branches can preserve the appearance and structure of your trees.

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The time is right to start caring for your lawn!

Early spring is the time to get a jump on having a happy and healthy lawn for the entire season. A good green-up in the spring will help with root development and will allow the yard to fill in any winter damage more quickly. By acting now, your lawn will also be much better prepared to fight off the heat of summer.

Early season lawn care is a combination of timing the crabgrass pre-emergent herbicide application and getting down fertilizer for root development and growth. It is crucial that the treatment is timed to get the best results. Pre-emergent also acts on other seeds (not just crabgrass), so if you are planning on seeding your lawn, the use of pre-emergent needs to be left out of the normal lawn care regiment.

It is important to properly fertilize – as this helps to take a yard out of dormancy without major stress and then keeps feeding it while also working toward a dense, healthy lawn. Getting well-timed spring fertilization will also contribute to deeper roots and better color, giving you a healthy base to enjoy your lawn all season long.

Aeration is another key to a good healthy lawn. The roots of the grass need to be able to breathe. In addition, with less soil compaction, water can better penetrate - which helps develops a deeper root system. Also, aeration helps break down the thatch naturally.

Preparing your lawn for spring also includes getting debris off the yard. A good spring hand raking will also help to fluff up the lawn so air can better circulate through the grass blades. This will reduce problems with diseases while also allowing easier penetration of moisture to the soil. (Power raking is not recommended for most lawns because it can expose roots and can do major damage to the lawn.)

We provide complimentary estimates and are confident that Lee and his team of trained technicians are the best in the business. With their hands on experience - we promise that you will have the most beautiful lawn in your neighborhood this year.

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Mite Damage happens in the winter!

Winter mites are still a problem.

As the lawn care season gets rolling, please keep in mind that winter mites have been bad again this winter. They will continue to do damage to Front Range lawns until regular watering begins. Do not let your lawn fall victim to them - keep an eye out for dry crunchy grass. Lawns should never be crunchy; even a dormant lawn should have a soft texture. Mites like to feed on south and west facing areas, and also watch out for areas along fence lines and under evergreens. All are prime areas for mite damage.

Getting a mite spray before it gets too bad is important in helping your lawn recover. Don’t hesitate to call the Mountain High lawn care team to answer any questions.

Mulch for your gardens.

Mulch for your Garden!
Once again, we will be selling our Supreme Organic Mulch – made from 100% recycled tree debris. Let us know what color, texture and how much you want this year. We deliver or you can drop by our yard to pick up some mulch yourself.

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Mulch for your Garden!

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Kevin Kelley
Get to know us!
Check out some new videos by Kevin Kelley! 

Kevin Kelley, our Colorado Springs branch trim supervisor, has been with Mountain High for five years. He grew up in the tree world, working with his father dragging brush, hauling logs or playing around with a rope and saddle. He is an excellent technical climber with skills for difficult jobs. Kevin has placed in the top three in the Rocky Mountain tree climbing championships for the past few years. Besides his dedication to his job, Kevin loves doing things with his wife Val, their 3 year old daughter, Shea and 3 month old son, Logan. Kevin is an avid camper, rock climber, snow boarder and mountain biker. He is also talented with the video camera - and created some excellent videos of difficult jobs our team has done.

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