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April Showers bring May flowers

We are busy helping our customers get their landscapes ready for spring. Be sure to contact us to schedule your service as our crews are busy, and we don't want to miss you. We are always appreciative of your business and also look forward to helping out your neighbors and friends. If you refer someone to us, and they hire us, we will send you a gift certificate to one of our garden partners. It's our B.U.D. (Bringing you deals) Referral Program.

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By the way, Mountain High Tree was recently featured on the Fox 31 Most Dangerous Jobs segment.

Ralph Bronk Thank you.

Ralph Bronk

Tree Care Tips
Supplemental watering remains a critical component for7447156 little girl watering a tree metro area trees with drought conditions continuing into the spring. When starting up sprinkler systems, soaker systems for establishing landscape should be checked for clogged emitters and root zone coverage. Soil moisture should be checked once a month; digging down 6-8” deep in 2-3 areas around plant. If soil “clumps up” into a moist ball the soil is fine. Too much water will run out of the ball, while soil needing moisture will crumble.
We have stopped pruning American Elms to help prevent the spread of Dutch Elm disease. Several varieties of fruit trees as well as Mountain Ash are no longer being pruned either to help prevent the spread of fireblight.
Flowering shrub pruning should occur after flowers drop from plants. These shrubs include Lilacs and several species of Viburnum.


Care Tree Care Tree
Care clover mite 2 Care
Tree Care Tree
Care   Clover mite  

Lawn Care Tips
The current dry weather pattern we are experiencing started all the way back in July of 2010. The obvious lack of moisture combined with an unseasonably warm winter and spring has created optimum conditions for several species of mites that feed on turf grasses. Banks mite, Clover mite, and Brown-Wheat mite are the primary offenders in our Colorado lawns. They prefer south and west facing exposed lawn areas, and have really enjoyed the dry conditions over the past several months.

Care Tree Care Tree
Care banks mite 2 Care
Tree Care Tree
Care   Banks mite  

This spring we are seeing especially high populations of Clover and Banks mites. These pests feed on turf areas in both their immature and adult stages, leading to rapid decline in turf areas. Damage is often found directly next to trees or buildings that many mites use as secondary habitat to lay eggs and move through their life cycle changes. Damage occurs quickly, and therefore it is important to try to stay ahead of population outbreaks by maintaining good watering practices, even in the fall and winter. Miticide applications are helpful to control mite populations, but should be used as part of a program that always includes appropriate watering. Over seeding damaged areas during spring lawn aerating can also help to improve the lawns appearance.

We have enjoyed a warm and sunny March, which usually finds Colorado residents shoveling snow. April showers have not materialized, and many people have rushed to turn on irrigation systems. These conditions have produced mite populations we haven’t seen in many years. It is important to act now to prevent these populations from ruining your lawns spring and summer for sure.

Care Tree Care Tree
Care  greg 3  Care
Tree Care Tree
Care    Greg listens to what you want for your landscape and presents an affordable and well thought out project plan.  
Landscape & Irrigation Projects

I want to begin by saying thank you to all of the many friends of Mountain High who chose us to do their landscaping projects this year and to invite those of you who do not know all of the services we offer, to look at our website and see what we can provide for you in our landscape department. I still hear it almost daily, “I had no idea Mountain High did landscaping and sprinkler service.”
 We are in the process of upgrading the landscape section of our website to better showcase our efforts. We will let you know when we have upgraded this section so you can check out our on going projects.

We are busy turning on sprinkler systems. If you have a sprinkler system, now is the time to have it turned on and adjusted to make sure it is covering properly before it gets hot and the damage is done. Remember it has been extremely dry and our trees, plants and lawns are in need of water. We have completed several projects already this year and are in the middle of some large projects also.

Update on Landscaping Project

Care Tree Care Tree
Care Ralph looking at Tree Care
Tree Care Tree
Care   New Landscaping Project:
Front before photo
As I showed you last month, we started a large project with three decks, a new patio and a new sprinkler system. We have made a lot of progress but we ran into some unforeseen foundation and roof issues that we are addressing before we can complete the project. The home owner is really glad she chose us, a company she could trust to do the right thing and inform her of the problems we encountered instead of hiding them like many companies do.

Care Tree Care Tree
Care 4-22-2011 149 Care
Tree Care Tree
Care   New deck in progress - ¬†backyard  
You see this on the television a lot these days. Companies that make it appear they are doing things right until something happens and the owner finds out things were not done properly. Then it costs more money to fix it right.

My father always taught me that if you are going to do something, do it right and if you are doing something for someone else, do it like you would for your home. It was such good advice. That is how I approach every project. I look at and treat the ones we work on, just like it was my very own! It shows in our finished projects, from the referrals, and from the compliments we still receive several years later.
We do it right, the first time!

Care Tree Care Tree
Care Becky 2 Care
Tree Care Tree
Care   Becky Wegner - Colorado Springs  
Get to know us.

Becky Wegner
Colorado Springs Branch

Becky, our Consulting Arborist and Salesperson, has worked in the field of Arboriculture for 30 years, 20 as a forester for the City of Colorado Springs and 10 years with Mountain High.
She is a degreed forester (CSU), an ISA Certified Arborist, a Certified Municipal Specialist and an ASCA Registered Consulting Arborist. Besides her love of trees, Becky’s passion is running, Climbing 14’ers and watching her son’s soccer and daughter’s lacrosse team’s play. She and Al (Branch Manager of Mountain High-Colorado Springs) live in Skyway-Colorado Springs.
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Spring Edition
May 1, 2011
from Craig Little

Craig LittleTip of the Month:

Water your Plants

Water your lawn deeply in the spring to promote deep root growth. The deeper the roots, the more resistant your lawn is to drought and heat stress in the summer..

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April's Winner:
Gail and Alvina of Lakewood

The young men we dealt with were very polite, helpful and knowledgeable.

I am satisfied with the personality of the crew and the quality of work. The technicians know what they are doing and were considerate on every level.
Matt & Elizabeth, Denver

The crew did everything I asked; knocked door; careful watering; careful spraying. I would recommend your service.
Laurel in Lakewood

Gettin my...
Sandra in Denver

I had my sprinkler system turned on, the aeration and fertilization done so far. Here's the before photos.

Aprilphtos 005 2

Aprilphtos 009

Tune in next month to see more of the green lawn project.

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