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Water restrictions are still in
place so what can you do?

Protect your landscape and put down an insulating layer of mulch, which decreases evaporation rates by as much as 35%. We recycle 100% our tree debris into our own Supreme Organic Mulch.

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Denver Mulch

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We're not seeing many Crabapple blooms this year due to late frosts.
Rejuvenate your Stressed Landscape

In the last couple of weeks we’ve noticed a significant amount of winter burn and frost damage to a wide variety of plants around the Denver Metro area. Many Lilacs have brown and distorted leaf tissue. Just about every Crabapple we walk past has more dead tissue than nice new green growth. Many shrubs that are typically very hardy are showing severe stress and decline. Viburnums, Barberry, and Privet are some of the hardiest shrubs in Colorado, yet many we have examined have large amounts of dead leaf tissue and a few have died completely.

So what can be done to help get your landscape plants through yet another period of stress?
Under most circumstances, the best possible option is to apply a high quality, slow release fertilizer. This will supply the plants with nutrients to allow a new flush of growth to be produced. There are a few exceptions to applying fertilizer. Fertilizer should be used cautiously for trees that have disease infections such as fireblight, or insect infestations of various scale insects. Trees experiencing these situations can become more stressed as the excess nitrogen from the fertilizer will increase the severity of the disease problem or insect infestation.

If you are concerned about damage to your plants caused by the extreme weather conditions in April, please give us a call and one of our Certified Arborists will meet with you to evaluate your situation.

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Cooler weather has kept
some lawns dormant
Late Spring Lawn Update

The strange weather these past two months has left our lawns with some rather interesting problems. Many lawns are still yellow and have not come out of dormancy. This is caused from either not applying a fertilizer or not having regular watering. Some lawns are compacted so the roots can’t breathe properly. Short or stunted growth is a sure sign aeration is needed.

There are several types of grass that have not come out of dormancy at all, including bent grass and buffalo grass. These grasses are normally greening up by this time, but because of the cooler weather they are still dormant. This will change rapidly as the temperatures warm up and stabilize a bit.

Lawn mites are still active as well because of the weather. For those who start to think “but we just had all that snow” please remember - we live in a desert and once the snow is gone, the lawn dries up within 24-48 hours. Areas that melted off sooner are the areas mites hit, so there is going to be mite damage.

Lawn diseases, such as Ascochyta, are just ramping up. After the high humidity and rain, followed by warmer temperatures and watering restrictions, diseases will be on the verge of going nuts in the next couple of weeks. Tracks in the lawn are caused by the fungus Ascochyta and need more water, regular mowing (and picking up the clippings), along with washing the underside of the mower.

Necrotic Ring Spot (NRS) is just starting to become active, and there will be fresh damage to some lawns, but soil temperatures are still not warm enough to apply fungicide treatments. Soil temperatures need to be between 55 and 65 degrees for these expensive fungicide treatments to work. We are still a couple of weeks out before we hit those soil temperatures.

Finally, with the recent moisture and the temperatures warming up, grubs and other common lawn insects will be coming out in force really soon. Anyone who suspects insect damage should contact us ASAP. If we can get a phone authorization to do insect control, we can treat the problem before the damage gets too bad.

A Garden Landscape Project - Happy Customer Review

Our Design/Build team would like to share a customer review they recently received. This certainly made everyone’s day as our entire team works together to make sure we do a good job and that we deliver above and beyond:

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“Mountain High provided me with a detailed, colored plan for an edible landscape using raised beds to accommodate physical limitations and performed the installation of the design.”

“Tom, the landscape architect, was prompt and professional and used a landscape architect who specializes in edible landscapes. The plans were provided ahead of the schedule date. (I am having the colored set framed as they are a work of art!) The office staff kept me informed of what was going to happen when, even to the delivery date of the port-a-potty. Mountain High's communication allowed me to have my dogs out and in the house without interrupting their work. The crew cleared the ground, installed the raised beds, rolled edging, mulch, trees and plants and always kept a clean and neat work area. The path around the raised beds is an excellent surface and allows for walking on a level surface. It is like having my own walking track with curves! The variety of plants, trees and shrubs offer a variety of fruits for making pies and jams. Mountain High is available to answer questions on organic gardening and composting for me. Tom and all the Mountain High crew were prompt, professional and very helpful. The landscape gets awesome praise, usually Wow, I really love this!”

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Diesel and Mark
Get to know us!
Meet Diesel - Our Shop Dog!

Diesel is our resident mascot and a master at stealing hearts. He wanted us to introduce you to one of his humans, Mark Bilyeu, who is our Maintenance Manager. Mark and his team keep our equipment and vehicles in proper working order so that crews can safely tend to our customers. Mark shared his “story” to us of how he came to join the MHT family in the summer of 1993. As a young man, Mark (like many young people), wasn’t quite sure about what he wanted to be “when he grew up”. So he worked at a variety of jobs trying to find his passion, but none of them held his interest. One day his mom handed him an ad from MHT and the rest is history. He began in our Plant Health Care department as a Spray Technician and, given his versatility, he also did some tree pruning. Then we discovered his mechanical aptitude! You see, when Mark would bring equipment or a vehicle in for repair, he didn’t just describe the problem, he would diagnose it! Mark agreed to transfer to our maintenance department, and as the maintenance assistant, he learned how to maintain and fix everything the “old farm” way. He worked his way up to Maintenance Manager, and has formed a great team with the skills and knowledge to keep everything in working order.

Mark and his wife Carri enjoy the outdoors, especially if it involves snow and/or motorized vehicles. They also foster dogs for Mutt Savers (founded by Carri’s mom). Mutt Savers bring dogs in from Kansas (which has an abundance of feral dogs), and holds weekly adoption events at Pet Smart in Westminster. Foster parents usually take in these dogs from Tuesday through Saturday, helping them to be healthy and look their best while they await adoption. Diesel and his brother Bauer are pretty proud of their humans. We at MHT also think highly of Mark and admire both Mark and Carri for their Mutt Saver efforts.

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from Craig Little
Craig LittleWith the water restrictions in place by many of the local water districts, it will be very important to keep your irrigation system running at its highest efficiency. Any sprinkler heads that are broken or out of adjustment can lead to costly waste and damage to your landscape.

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