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Thanks to everyone who signed up to the Take me out to the Ballgame Facebook contest. We had a great time with Jeremy and his friend and want to thank KOA Radio for helping us put this together.

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Salt in our Soils
As we move into springtime in the Rockies, it’s exciting to see our landscapes come alive with fresh new leaves and needles. Unfortunately, as is often the case, we are once again coming out of a winter that did not yield much moisture. Although many parts of the mountains had record snowfall, the Denver Metro area remained mostly dry with mild temperatures and windy conditions. These weather conditions can quickly dry out plant tissue and soils. The result is often the accumulation of salt in our soils.

The accumulation of salt can lead to lasting damage to our trees, especially a few species that are most sensitive to high salt levels in the soil. Trees that are common in Colorado and highly sensitive to increased salt levels include Spruce, White Pine, Scotch Pine, Maple, Hawthorn, and Serviceberry. We must be careful when planting these trees in our landscapes, and ensure that we prepare the site to promote optimum health. Watering these trees throughout winter also helps to alleviate the damage caused by high salt levels.
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from Craig Little
Craig LittleSeeding your lawn in the spring not only increases your turf density, but also adds new varieties of grass which are more drought and disease tolerant. Seeding after aerating your lawn increases germination. Make sure you water enough to keep the newly developing grass moist. If newly germinating seed is allowed to dry out - it will quickly die. New seed may need to be watered several times a day.

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Lee’s May Lawn Tips: 

May is a transition month in lawn care in Colorado. While the Kentucky bluegrass and rye grass are now out of dormancy, the warmer season grasses will now start to green up as well.

If you have not had your lawn fertilized yet, your yard will be looking for food. Colorado’s Front Range has poor soil conditions - meaning a healthy lawn needs a good fertilizer application. Fertilization will not only green up the lawn, but will provide growth so the grass can help choke out some of the weeds while preventing weed seeds from easily becoming established.

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May is also when dandelions and other early spring weeds start rearing their seed generating heads. Weeding them or getting a weed treatment to contain them before they all go to seed is important to cutting down on their numbers later in the year.


With the little moisture we have seen so far this spring – be thinking about providing enough water to keep your lawn from trying to re-enter dormancy. The average lawn needs at least one inch per week of water and more as the temperatures start to climb in mid to late May. To save on water – If you have trouble spots in your lawn where it looks like it needs some extra irrigation – use a hose and sprinkler rather than running a whole sprinkler cycle. Finally, remember to always water deep and long rather than short and frequently. (Deep watering allows for deeper and stronger roots while light watering forces roots to look for surface moisture, so they stay shallow.)

Mountain High offers Lawn Revive treatments which help with
trouble spots and allows for better moisture uptake by the grass.

Tree Care Tree Care Mowing:
Mowing will also help pull your lawn out of winter dormancy. When you mow your lawn, it causes the grass plant to shift some of its energy to the blade and top growth. Also, normal cutting with a sharp blade will keep this cycle going and will cause the lawn to thicken up. Never cut more than one third of the blade off in a single mowing and keep the lawn as long as you feel comfortable (we recommend 2-3” cutting height).

Keep in mind, a very short lawn is under a great deal of stress all the time. This makes it vulnerable to attack from insects, weeds and fungi.

Team up with the lawn care experts at Mountain High. Let us handle the fertilization and weed control so you can have a beautiful lawn all summer.
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Remove any tree wraps from trees.
Sean’s Landscape Tips for Spring:

With the trees in our yards pushing out new leaves, any trunk protection that has been in placed on new trees can now be removed. The new foliage will shade the thin bark on new trees. Leaving tree wrap on longer than necessary may actually be detrimental to the tree as it can provide a place for insects to take shelter.

Within the next month, most sprinkler systems will be up and running and it should not be necessary to do additional watering for trees and shrubs. If you plan on putting in new trees and shrubs while the weather is still cool, they will need additional hand watering even if there is dedicated irrigation that will maintain the plant material. If you are turning on and checking your irrigation system this spring, keep in mind that when the temperature continues to rise, your irrigation zones may need the run times increased depending on how each zone was set when the system was initially turned on.

Making sure that you have a thick layer of mulch in your planting beds is one of the easiest ways to keep your plants healthy and happy. We recommend having a three to four inch layer of mulch in your bed areas. This will not only keep moisture in the soil from evaporating too quickly, but will also promote a healthier root system and will help keep the weeds at bay. Make sure that if you are placing mulch against trees or woody plant material, you want to keep the mulch off of the trunk or stems.

Colorado Springs Tree Planting

Emerald Ash Borer – What this means for Colorado Springs

Emerald Ash Borer (Agrilus planipennis) was introduced into North America in the 1990’s. It was first reported killing Ash trees in Michigan in 2002. Since then, infestations have been found throughout the Midwest and as far east as Pennsylvania, devastating entire populations of Ash trees. Recently, it “piggy-backed” its way to Boulder, Colorado. Much of the media about this insect and treatments are coming out of the Denver Metro Area. Over the next decade, it is predicted it will spread throughout the communities in the South Platte River watershed.

There is much planning and many treatment recommendations occurring in the Denver and northeast communities of Colorado. Because of natural landscape separations such as Greenland and the Palmer Divide, Colorado Springs is currently not at risk, but Emerald Ash Borer is only a load of firewood away. Mountain High is involved in current monitoring and treatment protocols and will keep our Colorado Springs customers informed.

We would be glad to inspect your Ash tree and talk about what you can do now. Call our Colorado Springs Office at 719-444-8800.

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Dan Harvey
Get to know us!
Meet Dan Harvey

Dan Harvey, our Plant Health Care Supervisor, has been with Mountain High in Colorado Springs for a little more than a year. Dan has been in the industry for 10 years and is a Colorado Department of Agriculture Qualified Supervisor in tree and lawn care. He has been in Colorado Springs over 25 years. His off hours are spent with his wife, Brenna and preschooler, Emma. Many of their activities revolve around their dogs, Timber and Ash.

When he has time, Dan dabbles in woodworking. Dan is working on bringing lawn care services to our Colorado Springs customers. How exciting for us! Stay tuned for more!

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