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Extreme Vole Activity!

Recent reports including a news report on KDVR: Fox 31 yesterday indicates voles are doing a great deal of damage to landscapes along the Front Range.

What are voles?
Voles are small, mouse-like rodents that exist throughout Colorado. Though commonly called meadow or field mice, their short tails, stocky build, and small eyes distinguish them from true mice. Voles feed on vegetation. Because of this, voles cause problems by damaging lawns, gardens, trees, junipers and other plants.

Identifying damage:

Many Voles leave characteristic surface trails in lawns and other dense vegetation. Along these two inch wide trails, you will see chewing of vegetation. Small holes can often be found at the end of the trails, which lead to the nests. Voles usually damage woody plants during late fall through early spring, often chewing woody plants leaving girdled areas.
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Vole treatments, including mouse traps can help reduce populations, but for a heavily damaged area, professional treatment can save thousands in landscape damage prevention.

Mountain High Tree offers free vole control estimates, call us at 303.232.0666 or contact us online:
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Learn more about voles, and how you can identify if they are damaging your yard, click here »


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