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Happy Mother's Day!
Mountain High Tree, Lawn & Landscape would like to wish all mothers a very happy Mother's Day. We appreciate all that you do and hope that you have a very special day. Remember the date, Sunday, May 10th!
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Memorial Day
A very special thank you to all of our armed forces. We should all remember those that have fallen or been injured defending our freedom. Very simply put, Thank You!

We hope that during the upcoming holidays you will all have a safe and memorable time.

Happy holidays from our family to yours,
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Ralph Bronk, owner
& the MHT Team
Plant Stress throughout the Denver Metro Area
Freeze-injury-JS-late-2014-webMany of our trees and shrubs continue to show stress from the weather conditions of the past winter.  Several species of shrubs have been slow to shed last year’s leaves, and even slower to push out new growth this spring.  During our travels throughout the Metro Area, we have seen widespread needle damage in many Pine and Spruce trees.  There is no doubt that some of this plant material will need to be replaced.  It will be important this spring to be patient and allow our trees and shrubs time to show us if there is a chance to recover.  

It is important to look for positive signs of life and take close up needle dessication 2the necessary steps to promote vigorous growth.  Many buds from last year may not open, but new tissue may emerge from dormant buds in the surrounding twigs and branches.  These dormant buds become active when the normal crown suffers damage.  Proper watering, high quality fertilization, and applications of beneficial soil organisms like Mycorrhizae and Rhizobacteria will improve soil conditions and supply our plants with the needed resources to begin the recovery process.  Be sure to monitor your plants closely for signs of life and recovery. 

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from Craig Little
Craig LittlePrune your Lilac bushes after they finish flowering this spring.  Prune out any dead material, and thin out old canes to encourage new shoots that will produce abundant flowers next spring. 

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Lee’s May Lawn Tips
Free Revive with Lawn Program!We are right around the corner from the cooler spring weather changing over to the heat of the summer. Here are a few things 
home owners can do and should know about their lawns.

Most lawns in our area consist of cool-season grasses such as Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass, and fine fescue. These grasses naturally slow down their growing patterns as the temperatures head into sprinklers 2the nineties. A yard that is not properly watered may go dormant in the heat of summer. If something happens such as a watering issue while on vacation and the lawn goes dormant, let it stay dormant until cooler weather returns. Do not allow lawns to turn brown and then water them back to a green condition over and over, as this depletes energy reserves and stresses the plants.

Water lawns deeply, applying about 1 to 1-1/2 inches per application, depending on site variables. Water early in the day or during the evening, but while the sun is still up if at all possible.

Revive Applications:
Applications of Revive help lawns deal with less water and more heat. Revive allows for easier uptake of water and provides some micro-nutrients to help the blades of the grass handle the extra stress of the longer and hotter days of summer. 

Mountain High's Lawn Department is always available to help with lawn care needs, and we are strongly recommending Revive treatments as the hot and dry days of summer provide us with extra time to enjoy our lawns.

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What to look for when purchasing trees, shrubs or plants:
Understanding what to look for when selecting plant material can make the difference between a healthy tree or shrub and one that will struggle or die. Typically the smaller the plant, the less you have to look for. When it comes to smaller one or two gallon plants, you should be looking for firm, consistently colored foliage that is fully intact. Wilted or discolored leaves could indicate overwatering or other more serious issues. Look at the underside of the leaves to see if there are any unwanted insects or diseases associated with the plant. Always make sure that the soil has a good moisture level.
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When you are looking at larger shrubs, (typically woody plant material) you will follow the same guidelines as the small perennials, but you will also have to look for damage to the bark on the trunk or stem, as well as any limb damage. Take notice of multi stemmed plants where the stems meet the soil so that none of them have cracked or separated from the other stems if attached. Ensure that there are minimal roots exposed at the base of the container. A large amount of roots coming out of the drain holes in the bottom of the container could indicate that the plant has been in the container for more than one season and is likely root bound.

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Colorado Springs Tree Planting

Emerald Ash Borer – What this means for Colorado Springs

Emerald Ash Borer (Agrilus planipennis) was introduced into North America in the 1990’s. It was first reported killing Ash trees in Michigan in 2002. Since then, infestations have been found throughout the Midwest and as far east as Pennsylvania, devastating entire populations of Ash trees. Recently, it “piggy-backed” its way to Boulder, Colorado. Much of the media about this insect and treatments are coming out of the Denver Metro Area. Over the next decade, it is predicted it will spread throughout the communities in the South Platte River watershed.

There is much planning and many treatment recommendations occurring in the Denver and northeast communities of Colorado. Because of natural landscape separations such as Greenland and the Palmer Divide, Colorado Springs is currently not at risk, but Emerald Ash Borer is only a load of firewood away. Mountain High is involved in current monitoring and treatment protocols and will keep our Colorado Springs customers informed.

We would be glad to inspect your Ash tree and talk about what you can do now. Call our Colorado Springs Office at 719-444-8800.

Get to know us!IMG_4039
Jaime Astorga is a great person to work with; he always has a smile and a good word for you! Don't you love working with people like that?  Maybe that is why Jaime has worked for Mountain High Tree since 1998. Jaime "loves to climb trees" and is really superb at what he does.  Jaime has lived in Denver for 26 years. He and his beautiful wife Fernandina have been married for 20 years and they have 3 children that they are very proud of. When asked what he likes to do in his spare time, of course, it is to spend time with his family.  I have to add a note from all of us here at MHT, that Jaime cooks the best fried Tilapia around!
Happy Earth Day to William Roberts School at 2100 Akron Way in the Stapleton area.  They were the recipients of an Earth Day remodel.  The ALCC organized this project in conjunction with a grant from the Home and Garden Show and mulch that was donated by Mountain High Tree, Lawn & Landscape Co.  Many other companies donated plants, supplies and equipment to make this happen.

There were several volunteers, including Ralph Bronk, (owner of Mountain High Tree, Lawn & Landscape Co.) that helped to give a large raised bed a much needed makeover.  In the process, they also built and installed several raised vegetable beds that will allow the school to grow vegetables for school use.  While this is a great program, it will also teach the children how to grow their own vegetables at home.

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