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The Denver Metro area is measuring at
minus 2.03” of normal precipitation so far this year.   

Trees, even in irrigated areas, can become stressed when conditions are this extreme.  Most irrigation systems only water a few inches deep, but trees need moisture down into the root system.

Supplemental water is very important:  you can do it yourself or ask Mountain High for a quote on this service.  We also add Yuccah, a natural soil conditioner that helps loosen our hard soils and makes moisture more accessible.

As we approach winter, keep in mind that supplemental water will also be needed during these often dry periods when conditions are mild.

Call us now for more information or to schedule your deep root watering service. 


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Care   Banks Lawn Mite  

Banks turf mites are a common destructive insect that will cause severe damage to drought stressed turf.  These mites begin to feed and destroy lawns starting as early as December and will continue to feed through the winter season.   

The damage to a lawn is not recognized until lawns begin to come out of dormancy in the spring.  The areas of lawn where mites have been feeding will be brown and straw like and will not green up.  Mites feed in large numbers and kill areas of turf very quickly.   

Common areas where turf mites will feed on are on south and west-facing areas, slopes, around trees and edges of turf that border concrete or stone where the sun reflects heat.

Lawn mites reproduce very quickly, building large populations and causing damage that will not recover.  Costly re-sodding or re-seeding will be necessary for those damaged areas.

Winter and early spring watering is critical.  Watering will reduce the amount of mite populations.

Mountain High’s Mite Reduction Program has proven to greatly reduce mite damage.  This program, in combination with winter watering, will help protect your lawn from devastating mite damage.  The program is a small investment in avoiding costly repairs. 


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Care Fall leaves 2 Care
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Care   Beautiful & Colorful Fall Leaves  

Is there really still a lawn under all of those leaves? Where else have those leaves taken over? 

Mountain High offers fall clean up to get you prepared for the winter weather. 

Even a dormant lawn will be affected if completely covered in leaves.  Your lawn still needs sunshine and water to look its healthiest when spring rolls around.  Not removing leaves and allowing snow to sit on a leaf covered lawn can promote development of disease and fungus.  With leaves hiding the problem until spring when it will be discovered, the lawn will then have to be treated to recover.

Gutters also require a winter maintenance to prevent damage to your home.  Clogged gutters will hold water that will freeze and expand, possibly damaging the gutters and even cause leaks in your roof.  Climbing ladders is an undesirable chore for most people, especially in cold and windy temperatures.  Our crews are experienced and are happy to take this chore off your list for you.

Contact Stephanie in the Landscaping department at 303-457-5857 to schedule a free estimate to let Mountain High help you with preparation for the winter. 


Contribution to the community

October was a great time to begin getting the fall leaves cleaned up and some fresh mulch down to brighten up the slowly fading landscape.  We always enjoy our contributions to the community.  Last month we had the pleasure of donating 15 yards of mulch at East High School.  We take care of the tree pruning for East High School and are very happy to help out with their mulch needs. 


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Authorize your pruning work to be done between January 1st and March 1st 2011 and receive a 10% discount.  Not valid with any other discounts.  Authorization required by coupon expiration.  One coupon per customer.  Use coupon code T113010 on payment to receive discount.

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from Craig Little

Craig LittleTip of the Month:

Take advantage of the discounted prices on bulbs.  You can still plant until the ground freezes. 

Many nurseries are closing for the season.  Large retail stores are cleaning out their garden areas to make room for the holiday inventory.  Take advantage of the clearance prices of bulbs and our late ground freezing.  Bulbs can still be planted up to the first layer of soil having frost.  Be sure to cover with mulch after the first freeze to maintain a buffer from extreme fluctuating temperatures.  Some winter watering may need to be done, especially if our precipitation levels remain below average. 


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Care Shelley W Care
Tree Care Tree
  Shelley Wheaton  
Get to know us:
Mountain High’s trim department assistant and scheduler. 
Shelley is the friendly voice on the line calling with the exciting news that you are scheduled to have your tree or shrub pruning or removal work completed.  Shelley relocated to Colorado from Michigan a couple of years ago and immediately brought her shining personality to Mountain High’s team.  With her lumber yard dispatching experience, scheduling our trim department crews traveling all over the Denver metro area came as second nature.  Her customer service skills are excellent and she strives to make your experience a pleasant one. We are glad to have her on our team.
 Thanks Shelley!

Recycled Mulch

We Recycle We recycle.

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