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Jolly Holidays!

It's hard to believe that another year is almost over. We are very grateful to our customers who continue to hire and refer business to us. We are thankful for the good year we had and also glad that we could donate our time and services to help a few community projects that we care about: Comcast Cares Day; Mile High Million and East High School, to name a few.

Partnerships: We are excited to partner with The Park People again in 2012. The Park People works to preserve, enhance, and advocate for Denver's parks, recreation resources, open space and urban forest. We are sponsoring the Community Forester Program which is a partnership between The Park People and Denver Parks & Recreation, that empowers individuals to lead tree planting and care activities within the community. Visit their website to learn how you can get involved too.

Best wishes for a happy and prosperous new year!

Ralph Bronk
Ralph Bronk and MHT Team

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Winter Tree Care

Remember the nice summer afternoons and evenings in the back yard barbequing with your family, with a green leafy canopy from your favorite tree keeping you and your home cool? With all the joys that our trees give us, it is important to look at what we can do this winter to promote their longevity. In Colorado, there are two major obstacles for trees to overcome: 1) our dry conditions stunt tree growth, and 2) the harsh winter storms damage tree structure.

So, when the snow melts and the days warm up, remember to water your tree's root system to help promote optimal nutrient uptake and maximum growth. During the winter, we also have an opportunity to examine branch structure and identify problematic issues. Read more....

Potential structural issues include broken/hanging branches, cracks or seams in branches, crossing and rubbing branches, and co-dominant branch growth. These issues can lead to costly and dangerous situations as trees grow larger. Pruning trees in fall and winter, when leaves have fallen, is the best time to improve tree structure. It is also very helpful to prune when trees are young to create a long lived and healthy tree. You can read more about pruning on the International Society of Arboriculture website.

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Care   Call us to have us hang your lights this year!  


Winter Lawn Tips

Even though it snowed this past week, we've had dry conditions similar to the early winter of 2010. Be aware, the lack of moisture does put stress on your lawn and landscape. There are several species of mites that attack lawns during cold temperatures. The damage from these mites will go unnoticed until spring - at which time your lawn will be brown and unsightly. Additionally, the damaged areas will be slow to recover and will require costly care to improve. Read more...

Preventing the damage before it occurs is the key to maintaining a lawn that will be healthy and green next spring. The treatments range from simple lawn watering to monthly applications of insecticides. With low snowfall or other precipitation, mite populations can explode quickly. It is important to stay ahead of the situation by monitoring weather conditions. This is a hectic time of year with holidays and vacations so be sure to mark your calendar as a reminder to check your lawn and landscape for problems before they become too big to handle. Be sure to call us if you have concerns.

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Care   Call us to have us hang your lights this year!  


We have everything you need to light up the Holidays!

With the holidays approaching, think about what you can do to light up your landscape. Our D├ęcor Team will work with you to customize a spectacular display of lights, wreaths, bows and more to enhance your home or business for the holidays. We supply all the materials so you do not need to buy anything. Call 303.232.0666 today for a no cost estimate, or send us an online estimate request.

Get to Know Us! Thanks to our great team!
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Care Holiday Lighting Care
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    We wanted to take this time to thank all of our employees, from the office staff, sales team and hard working crews for contributing many hours overtime to help our customers through these past few weeks. We are very fortunate to have such a great group of people.

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Craig LittleTip of the Month:
Knock off any heavy snow from your branches, plants and bushes and let it soak into your lawn. As the winter continues, every bit of moisture helps.


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