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Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Mountain High Tree. Once again, we give thanks to our customers who continue to hire us to keep their landscapes happy and healthy. We also want to extend our thoughts and prayers to any of your family and friends on the East Coast. Mother Nature certainly does affect our lives unexpectedly and we know that rebuilding our spirits and helping each other is part of the process.

Thank you,

Ralph Bronk
Ralph Bronk and the MHT Team

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  Winter Watering for Tree Health
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Changes in your trees

We haven’t had our first significant snowfall yet; however, with most of your irrigation systems already turned off, we wanted to remind you how important it is to winter water your plant material. During excessively long dry spells, even watering parts of your lawn will be beneficial, especially south facing lawns and hills.

Most of us who have lived here for a number of years realize that the perception the rest of the country has (about our city being under snow all winter) is far from what actually happens. Most winters in Denver are in fact very sunny and dry with very little precipitation. New plant material is the most susceptible to desiccation during the winter months but even mature trees and shrubs can suffer through the winter. Winter watering of your plant material is one of the most significant things you can do to promote healthy plants in the spring. For more information on winter watering please contact us with any questions you may have.

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Winter Watering

Fall and Winter Watering of Lawns in Colorado
  • Water lawns and perennials in fall and winter during prolonged dry periods to prevent root damage that affects the health of the entire plant.
  • Water only when air and soil temperatures are above 40 degrees F with no snow cover.
  • South and West exposures are at the highest risk for winter injury.

Dry air, low precipitation, little soil moisture, and fluctuating temperatures are characteristics of fall and winter in many areas of Colorado. There often can be little or no snow cover to provide soil moisture, particularly from October through March. Trees, shrubs, perennials and lawns can be damaged if they do not receive supplemental water.

The result of long, dry periods during fall and winter is injury or death to parts of plant root systems. Affected plants may appear perfectly normal and resume growth in the spring using stored food energy. Plants may be weakened and all or parts may die in late spring or summer when temperatures rise. Weakened plants also may be subject to insect and disease problems.

Sensitive to Drought Injury

Lawns are prone to winter damage. Newly established lawns, whether seed or sod, are especially susceptible to damage. Susceptibility increases for lawns with south or west exposures because of mites and quicker snow melt.

Watering Guidelines
Water only when air temperatures are above 40 degrees F. Apply water at mid-day so it will have time to soak in before possible freezing at night. A solid layer (persisting for more than a month) of ice on lawns can cause suffocation or result in matting of the grass while causing snow mold.

Lawn areas receiving reflected heat from buildings, walls and fences are more subject to damage. The low angle of winter sun makes this more likely in south or west exposures. Windy sites result in faster drying of sod and plants and require additional water. Lawns in warm exposures are prone to late winter mite damage. Water is the best treatment to prevent turf injury.

Monitor weather conditions and water during extended dry periods without snow cover—one to two times per month.

Zimmer Back Yard Project Completed:

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Last month we showed you the completed project of our customer in Lakewood. We want to extend our apologies to our clients, Mr. and Mrs. Zimmer as we called the project Zimmerman. Truthfully, it was our email marketing company who made this mistake and they are truly sorry. We know they are enjoying their new landscaping with this nice fall/winter weather we are having. If you would like our Design Team to meet with you about a project you have in mind, give us a call, as we have times available now that our summer season is behind us.

Call our Design team to see what we can
do for your landscape at 303.457.5857

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Riley Brooks
Get to know us!

Meet Riley Brooks

Mountain High Tree, Lawn and Landscape is becoming a family tradition for the Brooks family. It seems that Riley and his older brother Zach are following in the footsteps of their Grandfather, Doug Brooks, who retired from MHT after nearly 26 years of service.

Riley commented “I enjoy working for Mountain High because of the high standards set for us, and it’s a family oriented work environment.” He is proud to be “Colorado Born and Raised” and is currently serving the 3rd year of his eight year enlistment with the Army National Guard Infantry.

We appreciate Riley’s hard work, dedication and his service to our country.

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Craig LittleRaking Leaves

Lawn raking in the fall removes excess organic debris, and can help maintain water quality. In winter, freezing and thawing can cause leaves, dead grass plants, and other organic debris to mat and cause snow mold under snow packed areas.
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