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Isn’t this a spectacular fall? We have all enjoyed the robin’s egg blue skies, golden trees and shrubs and warm days. At Mountain High, our tree and lawn crews are busy working in your neighborhoods - getting your landscape ready for when the snow flies. Need to schedule service? Let us get you on the list as we plan to have our crews out all winter.

We are here to help you with any of your tree, lawn and landscaping needs.
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Emerald Ash Borer Damage:
Sparse leaves in upper part of tree
Photo: Daniel Herms, The Ohio State Universit,
Update on the
Emerald Ash Borer:

Last month, we informed you that the Colorado Department of Agriculture confirmed that the Emerald Ash Borer was found in Boulder County. This news has all of us concerned. Please feel confident that we are researching and acquiring the most updated information from our partners at CSU, the Dept. of Agriculture and many other city agencies. Currently, Boulder is conducting surveys and we’re eager to know the results. This will determine the next steps for surveys to be conducted in Denver.


If you, or anyone you know, in Denver or the surrounding areas think that your trees might have the Emerald Ash Borer; please contact us immediately, as well as the Colorado Department of Agriculture and/or City Forester.

In an effort to potentially contain this problem, a quarantine has been set up for areas around Boulder, Longmont, Lafayette, Louisville, and Broomfield. This quarantine restricts the movement of Ash trees and subsequent debris out of the quarantined areas. The movement of firewood also falls under a movement restriction unless the material is appropriately treated through a heating process.

In order for us to stay ahead of this problem, we are busy evaluating our clients who have Ash trees. This evaluation will help us develop the protection protocol against Emerald Ash Borer for each property. We will send our recommendations with your annual Plant Health Care Proposals after January 1st.

The current pressure of Emerald Ash Borer would not require every tree in the Denver Metro area to be treated, however, each homeowner will have to determine how much exposure they are willing to handle if they wait to begin a treatment protocol. Our Arborists are available to help you determine how your property may be impacted by the Emerald Ash Borer.

Learn more about the Emerald Ash Borer here »

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Winter Lawn Tips

As you know, lawns in Colorado go dormant for the winter. Here are a few tips on what you can do to get ready:
  • Get the lawn as clean as possible. Excess leaves and debris can cause long term problems including disease and smoothing of grass. A heavy covering of leaves does not protect your lawn. Instead, once it snows those leaves trap moisture and prevent the lawn from being able to breathe.
  • Do not change the last few lawn mowing levels, and keep mowing until the grass is no longer growing. Leaving the grass too long over the winter can cause the same kind of problems as leaves on the lawn.
  • Heavy traffic should be kept to a minimum as much as possible. The wear and tear on dormant grass from heavy traffic can cause long term damage, and may prevent those areas from greening up in the spring.
  • Winter weather in Colorado can be very unpredictable. If we have heavy snow fall, ice can develop under the snow causing diseases such as snow mold. If this happens, allow these areas to breath by changing traffic patterns over the snow packed area.
  • Salts and other ice melting agents can do serious damage to grass. You should only use ice melting materials when needed.
  • Mites are a grave threat to lawns even when parts of the lawn are covered in snow. South and west facing areas are often times free and clear of snow even as the rest of the lawn is covered in snow. These are the areas mites hit. A combination of winter watering and winter mite sprays can prevent costly damage which becomes visible when it warms up in spring.
  • Finally, voles can cause damage to lawns under snow. ‘Trails’ in the lawn that lead back to a common point are a sure sign of vole activity. For vole or mite control please contact Mountain High. We have affordable options to protect valuable landscapes during the winter.
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Let our team help you make your home or office “twinkle” this holiday season. Learn more »

Denver Holiday Lighting Installation
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Winter Pruning

when Work is done in Dec, Jan, or Feb. Expires 12/15/13

from Craig Little
Craig LittlePrepare your “Upright” plants for winter and the heavy snows by securing them with ties, ropes, or netting. It is also time to trunk wrap any young trees that have thin bark to protect them against sunscald and frost cracks.

Refer a friend and get a $30 check!


Landscape: Bow Mar, CO. Project – LED Lighting and New Wall

Landscape LightingOur client in Bow Mar had a small wall at the edge of their driveway that needed to be replaced and moved further into the yard to accommodate cars getting in and out of the garage. Our Design crew removed the existing wall, removed their large junipers on the hill – then cut the wall into the hill and increased the height. We then landscaped the area on top of the wall and included the new LED lighting. We so enjoy helping people with their design projects. Let our talented Design Team help you create the yard of your dreams.

This fall is a great time to get your project started.
Let us know if we can work with you to make this a reality.
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Deb Wheeler
Get to know us!
Meet Deb Wheeler

We are pleased to introduce Deb Wheeler. Deb joined MHT in January of 2012 as a Customer Service Representative. Over time, we discovered that she was also a great addition to our Sales Support team and a great help in our marketing efforts. Deb was raised in Wyoming, but spent many years traveling around the Pacific. She smiles as she shares her many amazing adventures while living in different parts of the world. What great experiences! (We keep telling her she should write a book!)

When asked what she would like for us to know about her, she offered the following: “The majority of my work experience has been in the recreation field. I served as a Program Director for youth and adult sports and special events for 13 years before moving to Denver. I definitely miss working with the “kids” - they keep you young at heart. I have two fantastic daughters that live in the Denver area and I am extremely proud of them. I enjoy playing and watching sports of any kind. I love to try new and different things; it keeps my life interesting. I moved to Denver 2 years ago, and love it! Mountain High has given me the opportunity to use my marketing skills and learn about the tree, lawn and landscape business. But most importantly, I work with some very talented and wonderful people.” Thanks Deb…we are very happy you’re here!

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