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Happy Holiday Season!
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This is the time of year that we get together with family and friends and are grateful for what we have in our lives. Our team here continues to strive to provide you with excellent customer service and let you know how much we care about you as our customer. Thank you for your continued support.

Freeze WarningFreeze WarningFreeze Warning
Over the next few days the temperatures will dip below freezing at night, so we wanted to remind you to make sure you winterize your sprinkler system! If you haven't yet done so and would like help, give our irrigation department a call at 303.457.5857 or contact us online »

May you enjoy this month and the holiday.

Ralph Bronk
Ralph Bronk, owner
MHT Team

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Care Oak Leaf Blister from Tree in Denver Care
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Fireblight Infected trees were common this summer due to hail and storms.
Tree Needs in Winter

As the winter season approaches the Arborists at Mountain High Tree will soon begin pruning many of the trees that became infected with Fire blight earlier this season.

Fire blight is a disease caused by the bacterium Erwinia amylovora. This bacterium can attack more than 75 species of trees and shrubs including: Apple, Pear, Quince, Mountain Ash, Crabapple, Hawthorn, Cotoneaster, Serviceberry, and Pyracantha. The bacteria enters plants through wounds and natural openings. As the bacteria grows inside the tree, it clogs up vascular tissue and can lead to branch dieback and eventual death.

The dormant season offers us the chance to effectively prune infected trees while greatly reducing the risk of further spreading the disease. We have already met with many of our clients regarding their infected trees. The window for pruning only last a few months so it is very important to make sure you are set up for the necessary pruning. Our Arborists are available to meet with you to inspect your trees, and help you develop a program that will take advantage of the winter pruning season.

Read more about why it's best to prune trees in the winter »

Plus, get 10% Off Winter Pruning here »

Lee's Lawn Tips:
Watch out for Mites!

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Mite Lawn Damage in Denver

Winter mites are starting to appear as sprinkler systems are turned off and lawns dry out:

Let Mountain High team up with you to help prevent unsightly and expensive mite damage. As soon as the sprinkler systems get turned off for the season, mite activity starts. The best way to prevent costly and time consuming lawn repairs in the spring is to combat mite activity during the winter.

Mites often do a great deal of damage to areas of a lawn while snow covers other areas. Because of this Mountain High Tree, Lawn and Landscape charges only for the areas sprayed.

Areas of west and south facing turf are particularly susceptible to lawn mite damage. As the winter sun beats down on these areas it provides extra heat for the mites to actively feed, while at the same time drying out the ground so there is no moisture to replenish what the mites are removing from the grass. Other areas hard hit by mites are areas where the sun reflects down from windows, off of light colored fences, rock walls and under evergreens.

Remember: Winter watering is often not enough to prevent damage. However, winter watering in combination with targeted mite sprays can reduce mite populations to the point where grass can fully and quickly recover in the spring.

Denver Lawn Service Mite Sprays

from Craig Little
Craig LittleInspect Trees

Fall is here and many of our trees are well into their autumn preparations. Since the branches are no longer hidden by the leaf canopies, fall is a great time to inspect the branch structure of your trees. Take the time to inspect branches for open cavities, cracks, awkward bends caused by heavy limbs, and broken or hanging branches. Safety is everyone’s responsibility.

Refer a friend and get a $30 check!

$30 checks are on the way
to thank Dana and Matthew from Denver, Rick from Aurora, and Kathleen in Lakewood for referring us to family & friends! Thank you!

Some of our recent reviews:

"Well done! Great clean up. Walk through after was superb!"
Tom from Lakewood

"Craig and Alex were very careful with safety and communication with each other, very efficient and diligent."
Amy from Denver

"The crew was excellent – they did a great job for us! We could not have been happier with the work, and would highly recommend."
Bill from Denver

"Very professional crew and easy to relate to."
John from Lakewood

"Donna was very helpful both in letting us know what we need and getting everything set up."
Kae from Wheat Ridge

"The quick way they went to work and got the job done – clean up was great!"
Elaine from Littleton

"Very professional and know what they are doing – I would recommend you always!"
Leslie from Littleton

"Fast and attentive service."
Tim and Lorie from Denver

Reviews of Mountain High Tree

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Older gate valve as a supply valve may develop slow leaks.
Winterization of your systems

Even though most irrigation systems have been shut down for the winter there still may be a need to keep an eye on part of it. The vacuum breaker is the part most of us know is likely to freeze when we get colder temps in the fall or the spring.

Once the system has been winterized there is typically no possibility of the vacuum breaker freezing over the winter. That is unless you have an older gate valve as your supply valve and it has developed a slow leak. You will not notice the leak initially, but may notice water dripping out of the vacuum breaker a week or month after it has been winterized. If you do notice water dripping out of part of the vacuum breaker after the system has been shut down for the winter, you can try to tighten the gate valve to get it to stop or you may have to replace the valve if the drip persists. Ball valves are less likely to have this problem, yet they can get a piece of debris inside the valve and it may scratch the Teflon causing the valve to leak. Be sure to keep all of the ball valves on the vacuum breaker at a 45 degree angle to the pipe that they are attached to so that if a leak does develop, water will not get trapped between the ball and the outside of the valve and split the valve. It only takes a few drops of water inside the valve to split it.

Colorado Springs Tree PlantingLawn Care coming to the Springs!

We are excited to offer lawn care services to our Colorado Springs customers this coming spring 2015. Stay tuned for more info!

In the meantime, now's the time to get your winter tree pruning scheduled! Contact us today at 719.444.8800 or online below:
Send us an Estimate Request
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Care Denver Tree Company Employee Care
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Donna Martinez
Get to know us!
Donna Martinez

We are pleased to introduce Donna Martinez as our Employee of the Month for November. Donna is from one of Colorado’s founding families, from the mid 1700’s founding Huerfano County and the city of Walsenburg. Her stock is from generations of miners, trappers, farmers, horticulturists and state legislative office holders in Colorado, including the Deputy State Attorney General. This lends to her knowledge of Colorado’s laws, vegetation, soil and animal life. With with her background in banking management, federal government law enforcement, sales, corporate and small business development in lead generation, customer resolutions and promotional campaigns, she’s a perfect fit to our team. She is full of resources and ideas. Her mantra is - “I love what I do” and she is called “The Business Ambassador” by her colleagues and friends.

Donna was raised and attended college in southern Colorado. Once a member of the Denver Broncos Pony Express and her college pep squad, she still enjoys dance, yoga, golf, camping and considers herself an urban farmer. Small ponies, goats and chickens are next. She has her family’s green thumb and love of the land.

Donna is a most welcome addition to the Mountain High team. She shares her positive attitude with us all daily and always looks for ways to build our company as a team. Her "can do" attitude is infectious, pushing us all to be better at what we do. Donna's last comment is "I love my job"!
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