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Care   Normal Fall Needle Cast  
Fall is in the air!

You may notice the appearance of brown needles in your various pine trees and begin to worry, but is this phenomenon something normal or cause for concern?

Every fall, people all across the country enjoy the changing colors of the trees. The explosion of color that occurs is nothing short of a natural miracle. The fact that this happens every year, helps us mark various events in our lives. What many people do not realize is that conifer trees also go through foliage changes in the fall, but it’s not as obvious. The interior browning of the needles on Spruce and Pine trees is a natural physiological process in conifer trees that many people mistake for signs of sickness or stress. This process is known as “Fall Needlecast”, and is perfectly normal, so don’t worry.

Conifer trees expend a great deal of energy to produce their needle tissue. It is for this reason that these trees retain this tissue for more than one season. It is crucial for the plant to get the most return from their needle tissue while it is still efficient and productive. As new needles are produced by the tree each year, older needles become shaded and inefficient. The tree uses the changes in temperatures and daylight to trigger the browning and needle drop. Through this process the tree can focus its energy on maintaining needle tissue that provides the largest amount of energy production.

There are stress related reasons that force conifer trees to shed needles so it is important to closely examine your trees. Normal fall needle drop in pines and spruce trees should always be relegated to older needle tissue, and should not include the current year or previous year growth. If you have questions about what you are seeing, be sure to call one of our Arborists who will be happy to help.

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Care Thistle Care
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Care   Thistle  

The Summer of 2010 was one of the hottest and driest on record, and the stress on your lawns is evident.

News reports throughout the summer have reported on the record setting heat. These temperatures, along with below average rainfall, have stressed out lawns since June. Now, with fall here, it is important to prepare your turf for next spring. One of the best things you can do this time of year is to treat for any of the pesky broadleaf weeds that will persist into the spring. Thistle and dandelions rank among the most annoying weeds, and will produce seed this time of year that will remain in the soil until spring when they will germinate and continue to annoy.

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Care Necrotic Ring Spot Care
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Care   Necrotic Ring Spot  

Foliar fungal issues such as Necrotic Ring Spot and Leaf Spot Disease become evident in fall. Using fungicides to treat these pathogens will help to reduce the severity of the symptoms and increase the chances of better spring conditions. Call us to find out more.

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    Leaf Spot  

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Care Landscaping investment Care
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Care   Landscaping is an Investment  

Many studies have been published in the past few years that examine the relationship between investing in home property landscapes and the disproportionate increase in the home’s value. Once such study was published by the Journal of Environmental Horticulture, and examines the differences between low, average, and excellent quality landscapes. The study findings showed that for each $1 invested in the landscape there was an increase of $1.35 in the value of the home.

This increase in value was not exclusive to particular types of landscape improvements. Updating plant material, hardscaped patio features, decks, water features, and pergolas all increased the value of the home above the actual value of the material. There was additional evidence given that dealt with the quality of the work done. The study found that the jump in quality from an average to an excellent landscape doubled the dollar value increase in the home. What is easy to see is that deciding to invest in your own home is one of the best decisions you can make.


SummerToast Event Winner
MHT is happy to announce the winners of our give away prizes at the 8th Annual SummerToast event. Faye and David of Denver won the 1st Prize of a Free irrigation winterization. Congratulations!

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from Craig Little

Craig LittleTip of the Month:

Water Trees

Deep Root Watering your trees this fall can help your tree produce the best fall color possible. The summer and fall of 2010 has been extremely dry, so water your trees now and continue throughout the winter to help achieve a trouble free spring.

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Well done, Thanks. First class, very professional. Keep up the good work.
Richard of Denver
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Knowledgeable staff on all levels was the thing I like best about the company.
Cecelia of Arvada
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My lawn and trees are healthier than they have ever been. If we had started using your sevices several years ago, we would have saved money replacing trees and shrubs.
Ken in Wheat Ridge
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  Rob Wano  
Get to know us:
Farewell to Rob Wano
We wanted to send a big thank you and farewell to Rob Wano who has been with us for over five years. He worked as a technician in our lawn department and then teamed up with our Sales Department this year. He’s decided to move to Oklahoma to care for his parents. His mom is fighting breast cancer and he wants to be there to support her. Rob added so much value to our company - his wit, intelligence and charming personality contributed to providing excellent service to our customers. We all wish him the best and will certainly miss him.

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