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Fall is officially here – so we hope you are enjoying these warm, sunny days and beautiful sunsets. Our trees are turning colors too which always reminds me of why I live in Colorado!

Our crews are finishing up the tree pruning project at Washington Park.Paula Haddock, the host of KWGN's Channel 2 new show, Colorado's Best came out to visit us.

Did you know that NOW is the best time to prune your trees? Our crews are ready to provide excellent service, so call today and schedule a no cost estimate.

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We are also taking reservations for our hassle free Holiday Lighting services. We do it all.

Thanks again for your business.

Ralph Bronk

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Fall Needlecast on Pine and Spruce trees

In October, we start receiving calls from our concerned customers about their Pine and Spruce trees "turning brown". This needle browning occurs every fall and is normal as long as the tissue that is changing color is the older needle tissue and not the current year's growth. "Fall Needlecast" in Spruce and Pine trees is analogous to the annual leaf drop of deciduous trees but just on a much longer schedule. As needles age and become less productive and efficient, it is necessary for the tree to shed this material before it requires more energy to maintain than it produces. Read more...

The timing of the "Fall Needlecast" is also important. Because weather and daylight are the dominant triggers, we expect the vast majority of the trees to show their needle browning at about the same time. Damaged or stressed trees can begin to show needle browning early. Early needle browning and subsequent needle drop is something that deserves a little investigation into what else might be happening. If you have questions or concerns about what is happening to your trees give us a call and we can help with the investigation.

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Fertilize in fall to get a jump on your green lawn for next year and winter mite control.

Early fall is a great time to think about helping your turf get started on the right foot next spring. The cooler weather allows for more effective weed control. The heat of the summer actually forces some difficult to control weeds into a pseudo-dormancy. This lack of activity prevents them from absorbing a lethal dose of herbicide when temperatures are extreme. With the cooler daytime temperatures, we can reduce the amount of broadleafed weeds that will overwinter into next spring.

It is also very important to evaluate your turf in the fall in order to set up a winter mite program. Winter mites are one of the most damaging pests of Colorado turf. With a variety of mite species that thrive throughout the fall, winter, and early spring, the damage can be very substantial and unsightly when spring finally arrives. Read More...

Control programs can vary in intensity based on the cultural situation and the likelihood of the mites being either a minor or serious problem. Many lawns were devastated by the dry conditions last winter. Spring showers earlier this year helped many lawns recover, but we can't rely on that being an annual occurrence. Mite control programs include a variety of winter insecticide applications, winter watering of dry turf areas, as well as fall and spring seeding.


Another Denver Montclair Project. Great improvement on Front Lawn area; new front gardens, three new trees, plants, mulch, stepping stones.

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Most of us are budget conscious these days and our Landscape Design Team is here to help you improve your property's value and work within your budget. This project in Montclair is a perfect example of how to improve your curb appeal and begin to build the foundation for a beautiful landscape. We met with the customer and drew up a plan to plant a beautiful flower bed that extended from the small bed she had before. We planted three new trees and then added perennials with detail on their colors and heights. We brought in large rocks and laid down our Supreme Organic Mulch. We finished the project with flagstone stepping stones to a side garden that she built and added a nice edging to give a finished looked. The customer has added several other plants to the landscape and is looking to re seed her lawn to grow a strong green lawn next spring.

"The Design team was great to work within my budget and I know its one step at a time," says our customer Barbara.

Tip: According to a study published in the Journal of Environmental Horticulture, investing in your property's landscape will increase the value of your home. For each $1 invested, there was an increase of $1.35 in the value of the home. Fall and winter are great times to design and install hardscape features like patios, retaining walls and decks.

Give our Design Team a call to schedule a no cost Project Estimate. Let us help you create the yard of your dreams!

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from Craig Little

Craig LittleTip of the Month:
Deep root watering your trees this fall can help your tree produce the best fall color possible. Because this past summer has been one of the hottest across the country, it is important to remember to water your trees after your systems have been turned off.


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Every month, we will select a winner for a $10 B.U.D. gift card. Take a moment and tell us what you think about our service. You will find the customer survey on the back of your invoice.

August winner:
Minnie of Lakewood

"Workmanship was great, clean, and everyone was very professional from staff through to the crew."

"The crew took down a 60 ft Locust in a timely and professional manner without destroying the rest of the yard & without injury to anyone. Courteous, professional, reasonably priced!"
Barbara of Arvada

"Did a good job! They even cleaned up more than their mess! Also, made suggestions to me for the future. Good work. Very professional & personal."
John of Colorado Springs

"Did a good job! They even cleaned up more than their mess! Also, made suggestions to me for the future. Good work. Very professional & personal."
John of Colorado Springs

"The crew was very, very hard working. I think they need a raise!"
Tim of Westminster

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Get to know us.
Shane Rowan
Shane works in on our irrigation department and brings a great deal of knowledge about all systems – new and old. If there is a problem with your system, he will work until he finds the answer and give our customers complete satisfaction. He enjoys life here in Colorado, loves animals and is a good employee with the best attitude. We are happy to have Shane as part of our company.

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