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Cold Weather Alert:
Protect your sprinkler system! It’s going to freeze again tonight and we want to help you prevent any damages. See our suggestions in the right column.

Other Services:
We have posted Fall Lawn Tips on our web site – click here for some helpful hints.

Also, now is a great time to contact us regarding a landscape project you might want to get started before the snow flies: a new patio, deck, fire pit or walkway, etc. Our Design Team will meet with you and put together a plan. Click here to check out some of our recent projects.

Did you know we are the experts in Holiday Specialty Lighting? Yes, we are scheduling jobs now for November and December. Click here to take a look at our Holiday Lighting page and let us know if we can help light up your home or business.

As always, we thank you for your business and continued trust.

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Ralph & Diesel, our shop dog
Thank you,

Ralph Bronk
Ralph Bronk
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  Fall Needlecast
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Changes in your trees

Fall is a favorite time of year for most of us as we enjoy the changing of our plants and tree colors. The explosion of color that occurs is nothing short of a natural miracle. What many people do not realize is that our Conifer (evergreen) trees also go through foliage changes in the fall; it’s just not as obvious. The interior browning of the needles on Spruce and Pines is a natural physiological process that many people mistake for signs of sickness or stress. This process is known as “Fall Needlecast” and is perfectly normal.

Conifers expend a great deal of energy to produce their needle tissue. It is for this reason that these trees retain this tissue for more than one season. It is crucial for the plant to get the most return from their needle tissue while it is still efficient and productive. New needles are produced by the tree each year; older needles become shaded and inefficient. The tree uses the changes in temperatures and daylight to trigger the browning and needle drop. Through this process the tree can focus its energy on maintaining needle tissue that provides the largest amount of energy production.

There are stress related reasons that force Conifers to shed needles so it is important to examine your trees closely. Normal fall needle drop in Spruce and Pine trees should always be relegated to older needle tissue, and should not include the current year or previous year’s growth. If you have questions about what you are seeing be sure to call one of our Arborists who will be happy to help. Enjoy the colors of fall in Colorado this year and take care of your trees!

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Now is the time to prevent Winter Mitesl

After this long and extremely dry summer, mite activity is going to be high across the Denver Metro Area. As soon as the sprinkler systems get turned off for the season, mite activity starts. The best way to prevent costly and time consuming lawn repairs in the spring is to combat mite activity during the winter.

Mites often times do a great deal of damage to areas of a lawn while snow covers other areas. Because of this Mountain High Tree, Lawn and Landscape only charges for the areas sprayed. A combination of winter watering and mite sprays can keep a yard happy and healthy throughout the dormant season.

Areas of west and south facing turf are particularly susceptible to lawn mite damage. As the winter sun beats down on these areas it provides extra heat for the mites to actively feed, while at the same time drying out the ground so there is no moisture to replenish what the mites are removing from the grass. Other areas hard hit by mites are areas where the sun reflects down from windows, off of light colored fences, rock walls and under evergreens.

Remember: winter watering is often not enough to prevent damage. However, winter watering in combination with targeted mite sprays can reduce mite populations to the point where grass can fully and quickly recover in the spring. Give us a call and let Mountain High team up with you to prevent unsightly and expensive mite damage.

Zimmerman Back Yard Project Completed:

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Last month we showed you beginning photos of a project we were working on. This month we are showing you the transformation. Proper discussions with our design team and a design that fits the needs identified by the owners made this possible. In this backyard the owners wanted a fire pit, a spa, a large patio area for entertaining and a BBQ area. As the project was underway, the owners decided to reduce the amount of sod in the original design. They instead opted for a separate random flagstone patio in the rear corner of the lot. The end result creates a very intimate, yet very spacious, area that includes the spa and fire pit surrounded by a composite deck and a brick patio with stone accents. The added flagstone patio adds a new dimension to the property as well as a gathering place for their high school age children and their friends. As you might expect, all joined together to enjoy this unique space. Note that the table top matches the surface of the fire pit and the stone surface behind the fire pit matches the accent stone in the brick patio. These are not coincidences but the result of close collaboration between the owners and our design team. The custom privacy screen at the far end of the deck separates the entertainment area from a storage spot on the side of the house. Night lighting creates an entirely different garden feel in the evening, and allows for extended use of the area. Call us today to start on the journey to your dream outdoor room.

Call our Design team to see what we can
do for your landscape at 303.457.5857

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Sherri Hollems
Get to know us!

Sherri Hollems

Please join us in welcoming Sherri Hollems to our MHT family. We asked her to tell us a little about herself and this is her story:

“I am so excited to be a part of this amazing company. Being a 4th generation native of the Colorado Springs area, it means a lot to me to work for a company that is dedicated to taking care of our beautiful city and surrounding areas. My skills include an extensive accounting background, human resources, and office administration so this job is a perfect fit for me. Becky, Al and the whole team are wonderful people and a joy to work with.

My husband and I spend as much time as possible riding our Harley, going camping and riding dirt bikes in the National forest. We love spending time with our family and friends, including my two boys, ages 19 and 21. Once a week you can find us at the bowling alley for league night. My other hobbies include photography, reading, genealogy and local history. I am also a huge football fan and love watching my Denver Broncos! ”

We are delighted to have Sherri onboard. She not only brings a wealth of skills and experience, but also a great deal of enthusiasm! WELCOME!

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Special Cold
Weather Alert:
Prevent Damage
to your
Sprinkler System

1. Unscrew your
garden hoses.

2. Wrap the vacuum breaker and the two copper pipes attached to it (wrap all the way to the ground) with a couple of towels.

3. Use tape to secure the towels or blanket at the base of the vacuum breaker.

4. Cover the entire wrapped vacuum breaker with a plastic bag and tie or tape the base so that it will not blow off.

5. Shut off the main water for the sprinkler system. Please feel free to call our irrigation department for help.

from Craig Little
Craig LittleTip of the Month:
Fall Color

To get the best fall color from your trees and shrubs be sure to deep root water using a soil conditioner. Plants need moisture to go through the processes that create the brilliant colors of fall.

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