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Care   Thinking ahead...  

The end of summer is approaching and it is time to prepare your trees for the storms of winter.

Each fall many homeowners scramble to prepare their landscape for winter and the intense storms that follow. Fall pruning helps to remove potential hazards that arose during the growing season. Thinning the canopies reduces the "wind sail effect" and decreases the likelihood of branches breaking in winter storms. Reducing the weight of overly heavy branches will help prevent heavy wet snows from destroying our precious trees.

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Care   Fall & winter are good times To prune.  

But storms aren't the only reasons for pruning trees in fall. Many trees that are affected by disease pathogens must be pruned in the fall and/or winter in order to reduce the chance of further spreading these diseases. The bacterial disease known as Fireblight is one of the most common diseases requiring trees to be pruned after they become dormant . This works with the pathogens natural cycle to give the host tree the best chance to survive and make a full recovery.

Each fall we send a post card reminder to our valued clients in order to remind them to give us a call to set up their fall pruning. We are very appreciative for the continued support of our clients and we want to give them priority as fall approaches.

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Care   Ascochyta Leaf Blight  

As we move into the more moderate temperatures and slightly more frequent rainfalls of September we will once again notice various diseases active in our turf areas.

Necrotic Ring Spot and Ascochyta Leaf Blight

This summer has turned out to be one of the hottest recorded summers in the past 50 years. A seemingly endless string of 90+ days starting in June has caused significant stress to many residential and commercial lawns. Irrigation systems have been put to the test in 2010, and it's not over yet.

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Care   Necrotic Ring Spot  

Necrotic Ring Spot
SYMPTOMS: Areas of dead circles will develop first in shady areas and then move out into sunny areas. A tuft of green grass is often seen still alive and viable inside the dead circle of grass


  • Begin a fungicide treatment regimen in the spring
  • Use disease resistant varieties of Kentucky bluegrass to seed and regrow grass in dead areas
  • Maintain proper watering practices; don't overwater and irrigate during the early morning hours rather than in the evening

SYMPTOMS: The affected areas will be straw colored. Individual blades start dying back from the tips causing a "pinched" appearance starting at the top. Ascochyta's appearance can vary from non-uniform patches to streaky. Wheel tracks from the lawnmowers will often be evident moving the straw appearance thru the otherwise green turf.


  • Maintain a properly balanced fertilization program
  • Core aerate in spring and fall to reduce thatch buildup
  • Keep mower blades sharp
  • Mow to a height of 2.5 to 3 inches. Never mow more than 1/3 off the blade height at one time.
  • Do not mow when turf is wet
  • Water in the morning so the leaf blades can dry quickly
  • Water lawn deeply to a depth of 5 to 6 inches but water less frequently. Do not over water as this can worsen the disease.

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Care   Walnut Twig Beetle Damage  
Plant Health Care

The aggressive movement of the Walnut Twig Beetle continues to kill beautiful Walnut trees all across the Denver area.

Many people in Wheatridge, Lakewood, and Edgewater will attest to the destructive nature of the Walnut Twig Beetle. Adult beetles travel from April to September, and are so small they often go unnoticed. Damage can be extensive when the population of the beetle reaches into the hundreds and thousands. Adding insult to injury, the adult beetle also carries a virulent disease known as Thousand Canker Disease. This pathogen causes large vascular cankers to form underneath the bark.

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Care   Walnut Twig Beetle  

Movement of water and nutrient resources comes to a standstill and large limbs begin to die back quickly. Over 700 Walnut trees have been removed in the Boulder area due this beetle and pathogen combination in the past few years. Currently only a small percentage of the Walnut trees in Lakewood, Wheatridge and Edgewater remain healthy. We have tracked the movement of this pest into Cherry Hills and Englewood this year. Walnuts throughout Denver were attacked last year, and are now quickly declining.

Current programs are available to help prevent an attack. Programs include multiple trunk applications, as well as soil injections of insecticides. If we stay vigilant with removing attacked and diseased trees there is a hope to save some trees. Some small communities are even organizing a tree inventory to identify where the Walnut trees are and to spread awareness of the problem. If you or your community would like information or help to develop a program, please let us know.

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Care   Customized Landscaping  

Summer always goes by too quickly, and many people don't get around to their landscape projects. Get a jump on things and get ready for next spring.

Many homeowners are becoming reacquainted with the idea of investing in their homes in order to get the most out of their money. Instead of moving into a new house every few years it is becoming increasingly wise to update your current home. The value of a well designed and constructed landscape is especially high. Coloradans are fortunate to be able to enjoy the outdoors for more than just the summer months so having space outside that is comfortable and functional greatly increases the overall living space of your home. A landscaped patio can offer features like expanded seating, an outdoor kitchen, gas fire pits, soothing water features, and privacy screening. Features like these invite you to enjoy more of your home other than what lies inside its walls.

The professionals at Mountain High are eager to help you develop ideas and a plan to create a space that will add comfort, value, and enjoyment to your home. Like any construction project, an outdoor project needs time to develop and now is the best time to get started. Don't wait; call us today to get things started.

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  Sean & Ratchet (his dog)  
Get to know us.
We are happy to introduce Sean Imfeld, our new Landscape and Irrigation Department Manager.  Sean joined forces with us a couple of months ago to give hands on personal attention to our customers. He's been working with our company for over 15 years helping with pruning, landscaping and irrigation jobs. He opened his own irrigation company three years ago then decided one day that he wanted to spend more time with his daughter, Caitlyn, so he joined our team. We're glad to have his expertise and professional manner to assist our customers.

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