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Colorado's Best - Tree VideoFall is officially here – so we hope you are enjoying these warm, sunny days and beautiful sunsets. Our trees are turning colors too which always reminds me of why I live in Colorado!

Here at Mountain High, our crews are finishing up the tree pruning project at Washington Park. In fact, we had Paula Haddock, the host of KWGN's Channel 2 new show, Colorado's BEST out to visit us.

Ralph Bronk

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Time to prepare your trees for winter.

The summer seems to have sped by faster than usual this year. The relentless heat of June, July and August is behind us. September brings the hope for cooler nights and more average daytime high temperatures. This is when many of us take a breath, with the kids going back to school and fall right around the corner. It is important not to become too complacent when it comes to our trees. They have fought through the summer heat with us and have been there to give us shade when we needed it most. Now it is time to do our turn and help prepare them for winter with a little TLC.

Pruning trees in the fall is an essential task in Colorado as we are sure to have high winter winds and heavy snowfalls that put tree branches to the test. The task of pruning trees to prepare them for winter focuses on thinning heavy branches, reducing the length of long or horizontal limbs, and removing branches to promote better overall structure. These practices can reduce the likelihood for structural failures that often result in damage to cars, homes and other structures. The cost of pruning trees is far less than the cost of removing storm damage. Additionally, the loss of mature trees due to winter storms has a lasting effect on our landscapes, leaving gaping holes where our woody companions once stood.

It is very important to have your trees evaluated by a qualified Arborist who can help you assess the needs of your landscape. Remember, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" (Benjamin Franklin).

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Japanese Beetle is making its presence known in turf areas and on shrubs and trees alike.

The extreme temperature has taken a toll on many of our lawns. Large brown patches from the intense sun are made worse by a very unwelcome pest. The Japanese Beetle is making its presence known in turf areas, and on shrubs and trees alike. In the larval stage, Japanese Beetle will feed on grass, shrub and tree roots. The larva, or grubs, will spend about 9 to 10 months in the soil feeding on roots. Adults are seen in late June through August. The adults feed on over 300 species of plants.

Controls can be applied to both the turf area as well as the foliage of trees and shrubs. A combination of control strategies is recommended when populations reach high levels. We have a variety of treatments available including natural controls of Milky Spore and biological controls of an antagonistic bacterium. Traditional synthetic insecticides are an important part of the success of a Japanese Beetle control program.

The Japanese beetle is often considered an attractive insect. It is generally metallic green with coppery-brown wing covers, which do not quite cover the tip of the abdomen. Along the sides are five patches of whitish hairs. The adult beetle has an oval form and ranges from 8 to 12 mm in length (about 1/3 of an inch).Typical of other scarab beetles, the antennae are clubbed at the end and may spread to a fan-like form. Adults feed on the leaves and flowers of many plants including roses, beans, grapes, and crabapples. Feeding injuries to leaves usually result in conspicuous 'skeletonizing injuries' where larger veins are avoided, leaving a lacy "skeleton" of the leaf. Currently the Colorado Department of Agriculture is collecting information on the population size and range in Colorado. Please contact your Arborist if you think you have Japanese Beetles visiting your property.


Completion of the Denver Montclair Project. It's a showcase! Front sidewalk, fence, gardens, trees, plants, sod and sprinkler system – amazing!

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Since March, we have been reporting in the TTT on the Montclair Project. First, we started with the Get Your Green Lawn On special, applying Nature's Way to green up the grass. Then, Greg presented the Landscape makeover design plan, a few changes were made and the project was underway. The talented crew from MHT (Jeron, Tom and Scott) showed up and the demolition began. A new sidewalk was poured, using a terra cotta tint – it's bright but looks inviting. The old bushes and plants were removed and the back fence torn down to extend the back yard where the junipers had been.

Then, Jeron graded the backyard to prepare for the new sod. In the front and side yard, new gardens were designed with plants and trees that compliment the house and work with the sunlight. The existing sprinkler system was upgraded to include zones for the new gardens. A beautiful side garden was created with a flagstone walkway, with new shade plants lining the walkway to a quiet place to sit. Dramatic gardens were planted by the front walkway off of the parkway where the old nasty junipers had been. Large boulders were brought in, along with Supreme Organic Mulch made by MHT to finish off the look. "I am so thrilled!

The MHT Landscape Team did an exceptional job, gave more than I ever expected – and Jackson (my Jack Russell) loved them too." Reports Sandra, the happy homeowner.

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Craig LittleTip of the Month:
Clean up your leaves as they drop off the trees this fall. Leaves that remain on the ground are excellent places for overwintering insects. Fungal pathogens such as powdery mildew, marsonina leaf spot, septoria leaf spot and apple scab use downed leaves to produce more spores that will infect new leaves in the spring. Fall clean up is very important to starting off the spring on the right foot.


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