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Vole Damaged Lawn
Our departments are busy working to take care of your needs before the winter months. One of the current problems we are seeing is lawn damage from Voles and Lawn Mites. If this is happening in your landscape, give us a call to help out.

Voles in Landscapes
Voles are small mammals, slightly larger than a mouse, that can cause serious damage by eating flower bulbs, girdling the stems of woody plants, and gnawing roots. Plants not killed outright may be invaded by diseases or die from water stress during periods of drought. Signs of vole activity include trails or paths in lawns, and the chewing/girdling of the bases of shrubs and trees, causing browning dead limbs.

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Mite Damaged Lawn
Lawn Mite Damage
Lawn mites are a common destructive insect that cause severe damage to drought stressed turf. Mites feed and destroy lawns during the winter season, so the damage is often not recognized until lawns come out of dormancy. Areas of lawn will stay brown and straw-like and will not green up.

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Tips on Fall/Winter Tree Care

We know it’s difficult to think about fall when it is 90 degrees outside, but when it comes to caring for your landscape, it pays to stay a couple of steps ahead. Fall is the best time of year to prune trees that have related pathogens. Fireblight and Dutch Elm disease are two diseases that have to be taken care of in the dormant season.

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Many homeowners see the effects of fireblight in the summer time and become anxious to do something about it, but unfortunately, pruning infected trees during the growing season can make a bad situation even worse. The likelihood of spreading the infection through pruning cuts is high even when special care is taken to clean and sanitize your tools. The dormant season offers a lull in the disease’s activity and mobility in the environment. The signs and symptoms of fireblight are also very easy to recognize in the dormant season because the affected tissue often retains the diseased leaf material. Since the rest of the leaves have fallen off, it is easier to ensure that more of the pathogen will be removed.

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Dutch Elm Disease
Dutch Elm Disease:
Similarly, pruning our beautiful American Elm trees in the dormant season is also ideal. The cold temperatures assure us that the disease is dormant, and also that the vectoring insect is not present. When spring comes, the trees have time to begin healing the wounds created during the pruning before the beetles begin to spread the disease again. The healthier the trees are, the less likely they are to be attacked by the beetles and infected by Dutch Elm disease.

Trees to Prune in Fall/Winter:
The list of ideal trees for fall and winter pruning is long and includes: Apple, Crabapple, American Elm, Peach, Pear, and Cherry, to name a few. In addition to fall being ideal for disease related pruning, it is also the best time to prepare your trees for the harsh winter storms that are sure to come. It is important to meet with your Arborist in order to assess the health of your plants and formulate a plan for the fall season. Discounts are also in place to save you money by performing pruning operations in the winter season.

Pruning in fall is a valuable practice to reduce the likelihood of storm damage. October makes us think of candy and Halloween, but as we all know we can be trick-or-treating in shorts or snow shoes. It is common to have heavy snow storms in early fall, causing damage to our trees. Storm damage is often so severe that it forces the complete removal of many trees. Pruning in fall to promote the best limb structure possible will keep the trees balanced and strong to help them withstand whatever Mother Nature can throw at them.

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from Craig Little
Fall Needle Cast
Craig LittleEach September and October we look forward to the fall color of our deciduous trees, but don’t be alarmed when the Spruce and Pine trees also begin to shed their older needle tissue. Fall needle cast is normal in all evergreens, although some species will show more pronounced needle drop than others.


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Prostrate Spurge has been
a prevalent weed this year
Weeds — the bane of the homeowner’s existence!

Weeds aren’t just a spring and summer annoyance. Not only do most existing weeds continue to grow through fall, some weeds actually sprout best in autumn’s cooling temperatures.

Weeds this year have been particularly bad. Much of this is because of the weather pattern of an early spring with lots of moisture followed by rapidly increasing heat. The stress to the yards from this weather pattern prevents the grass from choking out weeds, while giving the weeds the needed moisture kick start for massive growth. With the rain in late July, followed by another span of abnormally hot weather in August, we have seen yet another volley of weeds.

Pre-emergent barriers put down in the spring faded fast this year, letting annual weeds such as spurge and crabgrass get established throughout the metro area. Even as we fight these weeds, a new crop of different weeds is just getting started: the winter annuals.

Winter annual weeds are the most overlooked type of weeds. These germinate in fall, spend winter as young vegetative plants, then shift into prime-growth mode as soon as the weather warms in spring. Depending on the weather, some of these continue to grow slowly even in December, January and February. Last winter, because of the dry conditions, some weeds didn’t stop growing at all. Winter annual weeds die off when hot weather arrives, but not before dropping new seed that sits dormant in summer and germinates when weather cools.

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Henbit Weed
(photo source:
Examples of weeds that sprout in fall include:
henbit, deadnettle, common chickweed, prickly lettuce, annual bluegrass, cheatgrass, wild mustard, corn speedwell, horseweed, shepherd’s purse, and annual sow thistle. Fall-sprouting weeds get started as early as the late summer and continue to germinate from early fall more or less until Thanksgiving. Dandelions and buckhorn plantain are two perennial weeds that also often sprout again in the late summer and into fall.

Now is the time to get control of the weeds before colder weather hardens them off as they prepare for winter. The lawn professionals at Mountain High can help you get control. Give us a call and we will be happy to help.

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Country Club Landscaping Project:

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We know that curb appeal is important when selling your home, but more important - how do you feel when you walk up to your front door? We met with our client in the beautiful Country Club neighborhood, who wanted to change that first impression – the before photo shows a straight cement sidewalk (so typical of design back in the day); no contrast or interest… pretty boring. They communicated their wishes to us and we put together a Design Plan that met their expectations. The project took about three weeks to complete: We ripped out everything except the weeping Cherry tree and the Juniper and replaced with new bushes, plants, mulch, lighting and of course, the new walkway – it’s STUNNING! Don’t you agree?

Let us know if you too, have a dream to change or add to your existing landscape. We’d love to work with you.
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Josh Granville
Get to know us!
Meet Josh Granville

Josh joined our team in February of 2012. He has 12 years of tree industry experience and received his Arborist Certification in 2007. He is a great asset to the company. Josh continues to build his value with his willingness to take on new challenges. He currently serves as one of our Trim Department’s lead foreman and recently began expanding his contributions to include Sales! Josh and his girlfriend, Ann recently adopted a rescue puppy, Kane. When Josh is not hard at work he loves to ski, travel, camp, and hike. He attended University of Cincinnati and received bachelors both in Economics and Environmental Science.

Recently, Josh invented an ‘app’ on IOS and Android for Instagram called TRYPTpic. TRYPTpic allows for the use of up to 9 tiles instead of just one, and provides the ability to select different variations in the number of tiles displayed as well as the capability of positioning the tiles vertically or horizontally and more! Thus far it has proven very successful, and a lot of fun too!

Josh admits that he loves the green industry and Mountain High due to our commitment to preserving our precious environment. We are certainly glad that he feels that way and appreciate the value that he continues to add to our company’s success. Josh, we’re glad you are part of our team!

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