Email Newsletter                                                                                  December 2007





As a skier, and an arborist I eagerly await any of the wonderful, fluffy snow that comes my way.  Unfortunately, we were off to a terrible start this year, but things have turned around.  We should be mindful not to neglect the needs of our trees.  The winter in Colorado is often drier than the summer and for the trees that grace our streets and yards this is very dangerous.  Dry soils lead to dessication in the trees root systems, which leads to root dieback.  The affected root system is forced to spend time and energy in the spring on replacing the lost material, putting the tree at a disadvantage to start the season. 


The same is true for your lawn.  Winter dessication leads to a high potential for mite damage.  The impact of this damage is seen in the spring when it is too late to prevent.  There are programs that can be implemented throughout the winter to help alleviate mite damage. 


According to the NOAA totals, Denver has received around 1.19” of precipitation since the 1st of September.  This is only 30% of what we should receive over that time period.  It is crucial that we look to supplemental irrigation to ensure a healthy landscape in the spring.  A special reminder to any of our new Landscape customers to water any of the new plant material!! Lets keep your plants alive.


Looking For A Fun Outing?


Despite the fact that we live in a high plains desert there are opportunities all around us to escape.  The best example of this is the Denver Botanic Garden.  Located within a short drive from anywhere in town, it’s a great Saturday or Sunday getaway.  When winter sends a chill to your bone you can thaw out in the Orchid building.  With enough humidity to feel like a steambath, you can strip off your winter coat and marvel in the variety of colors. 


When you have your fill of flora you can dabble in fauna at the Butterfly Pavilion.  Just as hot and steamy, but with the combination of flowering plants and hundreds of colorful butterflies fluttering all around you.  This is a great trip for children and adults.  It is always therapeutic to take a leisurely walk through a piece of nature’s delicate beauty. 



Ignore The Weather And Prepare for Spring


Just a reminder that Mt. High offers a complete Landscape service to help you plan, design, and install a new or updated landscape on your property.  What better way to bring yourself peace and quiet than by bringing some beauty and nature to your door step.  Let us help.  Give us a call to set up a consultation.



Holiday Lighting


Driving through the neighborhoods this time of year you cannot help but notice the addition of festive lighting.  If you want to add some of your own color to the season, but you don’t want the headache of climbing on a snowy roof or messing with extension cords on a perfect ski weekend then give Mt. High a call.  We can help you develop a lighting design that will provide lots of cheer without any of the stress.  If it seems too late for this year, we can plan the design and get you set up for next year….one less thing to worry about next year. 


Winter Pruning For Insect and Disease Management


Though our trees seem strong and solid as they stand steadfast year after year, there are many dangers that pose serious risks to them.  Various insects, including the Elm bark beetle, can quickly kill a tree that is several billion times there size.  An easy way to lend a little extra protection against these insects is to conduct pruning operations in the dormant winter season.  Opening up wounds in a tree is never a good thing, but when cuts are made in the winter they are not subject to pressure from insects that are no longer present.  When spring comes around again the tree will have a head start to begin healing its wounds before the insect’s highly active period. 


The same is true for diseases.  Colorado is fortunate that its dry conditions limit the variety and number of diseases we have to monitor, but diseases such as Fireblight in apples and crabapples is common and potentially deadly.  Pruning infected material in the wintertime is very helpful to reducing the risk of spread through contaminated tools, and cooler temperatures reduce the amount of active bacteria in the environment.  Sometimes, control of the disease may even be achieved without the need for chemical treatments when proper pruning is conducted in the dormant season.  Let us know if you have any questions about the health of your trees.






Winter Lawn News


Winter is upon us and for the most part we can lay back a little in respect to our lawns.  However, our lawns do require us to take a few important steps over the winter to keep them healthy.


1.      Keep your lawns free of leaves.  Fusarium Patch (Snow Mould) is a disease that can occur after long lying snow has melted and can be aggravated by leaves that lay under the snow. We observed several lawns with this problem this last spring.  The first sign of trouble that you will observe will be most likely when the lawn begins to green up in spring and there will be small areas of yellowing grass.  The areas will increase in size to about 1 ft across and may merge to form extensive brown areas.  The edges of the diseased areas may be covered with white or pale pink fluffy mould. These areas can die eventually.  Treatment will call for systemic fungicides and low levels of nitrogen fertilizers.


2.      Water, Water Water!  On those nice days when temps are above 50 degrees it is critical to get water to your lawns.  Insects can move in and cause significant damage over the winter on a drought stressed lawn. Winter drought stress to a lawn can cause a number of issues that do not show up again until spring.


3.      Watch for news arriving soon from Mountain High’s Lawn Department on our NEW programs.


a.       Our lawn mite program is an economical solution to mite prevention and costly damage to your turf. 

b.      Do you have spiders and ants invading your home?  We have the program that will eliminate them!


Please contact Mountain High’s Lawn Department with any concerns or questions you may have.  We are always here to offer our professional advice.