Email Newsletter                                                                                              February 2008




Another Typical Colorado Winter


The snow that fell in December stopped abruptly in January.  Precipitation totals in January were less than two tenths of an inch. Temps were also rather low, averaging just above freezing.  Snow cover from December stuck around on lawns, especially on North and West facing areas.  This persisting snow can lead to various snow molds in turf areas.  Be sure to inspect your lawn as the snow disappears. 


So the question becomes, “What will February hold?”  Temperatures seem to be rising slowly, but that may change at any moment.  I guess I sound a little pessimistic, but living in Colorado teaches you to temper your enthusiasm when it comes to the weather. 



Plant Health Care Proposals Are On Their Way


If you haven’t already received your Plant Health Care Proposal for 2008, you will very shortly.  Keep an eye on your mail, and be sure to send them back as soon as possible.  Mt. High provides several incentives to help reduce the costs to you in the form of a 5% discount for prepaid services, and an additional 5% for seniors. 


Plant Health Care Proposals are provided to ensure the appropriate services for you and your landscape.  If you ever have questions about the services, or would like to meet with a representative feel free to give us a call.  Most of our services are time sensitive, making it even more essential to return your authorized proposals as soon as possible. 



What To Expect In 2008


I truly wish I could predict the future.  It would make my job so much easier, but until I further develop my predictive skills, we must rely on insect and disease patterns.  These patterns are impacted by weather conditions such as drought and temperatures.  Assumptions can be made based on previous pest population levels and current host species population. 


Given these criteria, we are expecting to see and steady population of several Ips Beetles, as well as an increase in the Turpentine Beetles.  Both of these insects attack Spruce and Pines respectively with consequences that lead to eventual death of the host tree.  The more chronic pests such as aphids, mites, and scale are expected to be in their usual force.  A very important note must be made concerning our beautiful American Elm trees.  A newly identified bark beetle has been found attacking the Elm trees.  Fortunately, it appears that this insect is less successful spreading the virulent pathogen known as Dutch Elm Disease that has wiped out Elms all across the country. 


Let us help you keep a watchful eye on your property.  Working together, we can keep your landscape healthy.



Just a reminder


We have increased the scope of our services at Mt. High to include Landscape Design and Installation, as well as full Irrigation services.  We can make your life easier by taking care almost every aspect of your Landscape.



Additionally, we have developed our own line of Supreme Organic Mulches. These mulches vary in size, color, and texture.  We have anything that you may need to fit your landscape ideas, and we can do it without using any harsh chemicals.  Give us a call and we can provide you with samples of our mulches. 




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