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Heavy Snow Breaks Limbs


The snowstorm that came through on October 22nd left many trees damaged.† Several of our trees, including maples, cottonwoods, crabapples and Siberian elms, still had leaves, and thus were made too heavy by the snow.† As I drove around after the storm I witnessed several people out picking up small limbs.† Please take a moment to walk around your property and note any damage in the trees that will require our attention.† Often times, a limb may break and not fall to the ground.† These limbs are especially dangerous because they may fall at any time and injure someone walking by.†


Our Arborists are always available to walk through your property with you, and answer any questions you may have.



Deep Root Watering


September and October have brought a little moisture.† September ended with less than .50Ē in Denver, and October benefited from nearly .65Ē of precipitation.† We are still at a deficit of over 4Ē for the year as we enter a typically dry period of time.† Take the time to look at the soil moisture of your plants, especially your deciduous and any young trees.† These trees benefit greatly from any supplemental irrigation you can provide.† When the critical root zone of a tree is kept moist in the winter the small fibrous roots will not dry out and can become active in the spring without any stress or root dieback.†


As winter begins most people shut off their irrigation system to prevent freezing.† With the system turned off the residual benefit of the system is gone.† This time of year Mt. High is available to supply water directly to the root system in an efficient manner.† Feel free to contact us with any questions about this service.


Also, donít forget that Mt. High is now available for sprinkler blowouts, repairs, and routine system checks.† Let us know if we can help you.


Holiday Lighting


The Holiday Seasons are nearly here and festive lights will soon adorn many trees and houses all around town.† Installing these cheery decorations can often become a chore and pose certain risks.† Mt. High is here to assist you with a worry-free Holiday Season.† We are available to design, install and maintain a Holiday lighting scheme that will warm you on even the coldest night.† Call us if you are interested in learning more about this service.








Is It Too Early To Think Of Spring?


I sure hope itís not too early to think about spring.† As I go about my travels each fall I am always looking at the fall color that many ornamental plants exhibit.† Whenever I see something that really catches my eye I stick it in the back of my mind for future planting

ideas.† As you travel around and remark about the beautiful colors, be sure to make a few notes in preparation for next spring.† What colors did you like best, and least.† Are you seeing fruit that adds interest from birds as well as color.† We can always help you add the color to your landscape, but itís extra special when you can see one of your own ideas come to fruition.†









Why Do The Spruce And Pine Trees Look So Bad?

Evergreen trees will cycle their material in the same fashion that our deciduous trees drop their leaves each fall.† This process is known as abcission in trees, and is triggered by ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††various hormones within the trees.† The pine trees have a slightly different schedule for cycling their material.† Even among the different species of pines there are different schedules.† Ponderosa pines will drop material that is 2-3 years old, in contrast to Austrian pines that hold their material 3-4 years.† There can often be years when the needle drop seems more accentuated.† This is often due to the environmental conditions during that season that produced a more abundant stock of needle tissue.† Whenever you see something on your property that looks abnormal, donít hesitate to call us.† Just be aware that Mother Nature is conducting operations that we seldom notice until they are right in front of us.†




††††††††††† With fall around the corner it is a critical time of the season to become proactive with our lawn care.† What are the most important lawn care factors to consider every fall to ensure that you have a healthy lawn when spring arrives?† The fact is if you combine a fall aerate and fertilization you are helping the roots of your turf retain water and the necessary nutrients during the very dry winter months that we experience in Colorado.† Falls plan is critical to the success of having a green healthy lawn in spring.†



††††† Aeration is a major component to a healthy lawn.†† Aeration helps to break up compaction, reduces run off and allows the lawn to uptake water, oxygen and nutrients. Aeration will promote root growth.† Roots continue to grow throughout the winter storing food that will allow the to plant survive until spring arrives.†† For those lawns that have a thatch level greater than Ĺ inch are at risk for lawn problems.† Thatch robs lawns of key nutrients and water.† Thatch also provides an environment for damaging insects.† By core aerating you will help reduce thatch buildup.



††††† Fall fertilization for lawns is one of the five most important applications of the season.† The benefits from fall fertilization includes a healthier turf and root system before winter and it will stimulate a lawn to green up earlier in the spring without excessive top growth.†



††††† The cooler weather of fall is the prime growing season for our lawns but with that comes the cooler season weeds.† You may experience seeing the dandelion among other weeds. The best time to treat these weeds is in fall.† The battle to have a weed free beautiful lawn can be accomplished by staying consistent with a good fertilization and weed control program combined with good cultural practices.



††††† Fall is an excellent time to reseed thin lawns or areas of the lawn that have been damaged from insects, drought stress, dog damage or disease.† It is important for you to remember that the seed must stay moist for germination to occur.† This typically is about 21-28 days.† Mountain High will be happy to provide you with an estimate for seeding!



††††† Adequate water is essential for maintaining optimum growth, density and color of your lawn.† Even though temperatures will be cooling off and soon we may be able to reduce the amount of water we are applying our dry and windy conditions here in Colorado require us to continue to water throughout the fall and into winter. Apply enough water to moisten the soil to a six-inch depth. This will help develop a deep root system that can better survive drought conditions.† Winter watering is critical to our lawns just like trees.† The challenge being that sprinkler systems are shut down and we will have to hook up the hose and sprinkler.† This effort proves to be worth it verses having a lawn that in spring is damaged by winter desiccation and or mite damage.Water is your best preventative against the brutal dry winters.† Despite what most of us think our snowfalls do not provide adequate water for lawns, trees and shrubs.


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