Mountain High Tree, Lawn, and Landscape Co.  November ‘06

Heavy Snow Breaks Limbs


The heavy, wet snow we experienced last week left many trees damaged.  Several of our trees, including maples, cottonwoods, crabapples and Siberian elms, still had leaves, and thus were made too heavy by the snow.  As I drove around after the storm I witnessed several people out picking up small limbs.  Please take a moment to walk around your property and note any damage in the trees that will require our attention.  Often times, a limb may break and not fall to the ground.  These limbs are especially dangerous because they may fall at any time and injure someone walking by. 


Our Arborists are always available to walk through your property with you, and answer any questions you may have.



Deep Root Watering


September and October have brought a little moisture.  September ended with less than .75” in Denver, and October benefited from nearly 1.75” of precipitation.  We are still at a deficit of over 4” for the year as we enter a typically dry period of time.  Take the time to look at the soil moisture of your plants, especially your deciduous and any young trees.  These trees benefit greatly from any supplemental irrigation you can provide.  When the critical root zone of a tree is kept moist in the winter the small fibrous roots will not dry out and can become active in the spring without any stress or root dieback. 


As winter begins most people shut off their irrigation system to prevent freezing.  With the system turned off the residual benefit of the system is gone.  This time of year Mt. High is available to supply water directly to the root system in an efficient manner.  Feel free to contact us with any questions about this service.


Holiday Lighting


The Holiday Seasons are nearly here and festive lights will soon adorn many trees and houses all around town.  Installing these cheery decorations can often become a chore and pose certain risks.  Mt. High is here to assist you with a worry-free Holiday Season.  We are available to design, install and maintain a Holiday lighting scheme that will warm you on even the coldest night.  Call us if you are interested in learning more about this service.


Is It Too Early To Think Of Spring


We are constantly striving to improve the services we provide to our valuable clients.  As part of this effort we visit many of your properties each fall and winter to evaluate the health of your property, plan for the upcoming season, and make any changes to your Plant Health Care Program.  These visits have already begun so don’t be surprised if you see someone from Mt. High on your property.  Feel free to say hello and we can discuss any ideas you may have in mind for the future as well as any concerns you may have. 


New Sprinkler and Irrigation Services


As part of our continuing effort to fulfill all your Plant Health Care needs we have added Sprinkler and Irrigation Services to our list of services.  Our hope is to take care of all your landscape needs in order to simply your life.  It can be all too troublesome to coordinate several different companies doing several different services.  If you would like to simplify your life let us help.  Contact your Arborist so we may discuss your options. 


We Welcome Your Feedback


The success that Mt. High has achieved is directly due to the satisfaction of our clients.  Therefore we are always looking for feedback from you to let us know how we can better serve you.  Feel free to call, email, carrier pigeon, smoke signal or ever Morse code us any comments you may have.  Your patronage is our livelihood.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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