Cherry Hills Village Tree Care Services

One of our clients at Mountain High Tree, Lawn & Landscape recently moved to Cherry Hills Village.

Our client was excited to be living in such a beautiful area, and she had a magnificent Maple tree greeting visitors to her lovely home.

But, after about a month or so, she noticed that her Maple’s leaves began to yellow and thin out.

Fortunately, we had some ideas on how to bring the green back to her tree. We did an initial inspection free of charge, came up with a strategic plan and – before she knew it – our client’s tree was back to its lovely self.

If you are interested in tree or shrub care, we at Mountain High Tree & Lawn would like to share our expertise with you. Read on for some helpful tips and information particular to the Cherry Hills Village area. We hope you get a lot out of it!

Tree and Shrub Care in Cherry Hills

At Mountain High Tree & Lawn, we make sure your trees and shrubs get the treatments they deserve. If you want to ensure they stay vibrant and healthy, give us a call, particularly if you are seeing signs of decline, such as dead branches and leaves.

Tree and Shrub Fertilizers

If you trees’ leaves are yellowing, they may have a nutrient and mineral deficiency.

This is actually rather common for the Cherry Hills Village area. In fact, the environment often lacks important nutrients. We make sure your trees get the nutrients they need, such as iron, zinc, boron and manganese plus a slow release nitrogen. We also often include bio stimulants for the roots , such as the benifical fungus Mycorrhizae (we will discuss this later).

For more information on our tree and shrub fertilizers, check out our dedicated webpage at

Natural Control Option

If you are interested in more eco-friendly options, our Natural Control options is a popular choice.

These treatments include insecticidal soaps, horticultural oils and biologicals rather than traditional chemicals.

This option is generally somewhat less effective than traditional means, but it keeps your surrounding environment safe.

Environmentally Sensitive Fertilization Programs

There are several ways we at Mountain High Tree & Lawn can treat your trees and shrubs in a more environmentally friendly vein.

For one, the Mycorrhizae fungus, mentioned before, is a great natural solution. This fungus attaches to the roots of your trees and expands the surface area of them, allowing for better water permeation and nutrient absorption.

There’s also our slow-release nitrogen fertilizer. This fertilizer, unlike quick-release fertilizers, can last for up to two years and it ensures that the solution is absorbed more completely by your trees. This, in turn, leads to less runoff into the surrounding environment.

It’s also worth noting that we target the most important part of the root zone, which runs from the trunk to the drip line of the tree. This ensures that your tree is getting the best treatment.

Tree and Shrub Diseases

Fire Blight, Powdery Mildew and Canker diseases (especially in Aspens) are some of the most common diseases you’ll find in the Cherry Hills Village area.

Our treatment of our client’s Maple in Cherry Hills Village is an example of how we can help your trees stay healthy and strong.

Trees are also susceptible to disease after a hail storm due to “wounds” caused by the hail.

Keep an eye out for any notable changes in how your tree looks, and give us a call if you have any concerns or questions. Our estimates are free of charge.

Insect and Pest Control

Japanese Beetles, Aphids and Spider Mites are just a few of the insects that can be seen in Cherry Hills Village. We haven’t seen the Emerald Ash Borer in the neighborhood – yet, but unfortunately it is likely not if, but when it will arrive.

Mountain High Tree & Lawn heavily monitors for the Emerald Ash Borer, and we’ve come up with three preventative treatments to ensure this little guy doesn’t invade your property. In fact, we dedicated an entire webpage to the colorful beetle:

Emerald Ash Borers and Ips Engraver Beetles are hard to keep under control once they’ve infested your trees, so it’s best to seek preventative measures with these bugs.

Aphids, Spider Mites and other foliage insects, on the other hand, are more easily controlled. If your trees are browning or your leaves are sticky and drippy, give us a call to take care of these pests.

Supplemental Watering Schedules

The environment in Cherry Hills can be rather dry, even in the winter. Winter dehydration (sometimes called winter kill), in fact, is one of the leading causes of tree decline and death in these parts.

At Mountain High Tree & Lawn, we offer a supplemental watering program to address this problem. It includes Yuccah, a natural soil and water conditioner that allows for better uptake of the water. It is best to feel the soil a few inches deep around your trees at least once a month, year round, and if it feels dry, apply enough water to wet the critical root zone (at least out to the drip line) down to approximately 10 inches deep.

Tree Trunk and Soil Injections

Instead of spraying the entire tree, you may want to consider our targeted soil or trunk injections.

These injections keep the treatment concentrated on each individual tree, avoiding the drift that can move to the surrounding areas and sometime affect other trees, and the bees that may be pollinating them.

Tree and Shrub Monitoring

Careful monitoring of your trees and shrubs is a must if you plan on keeping them healthy and limiting the use of pesticides.

We know what to look for at Mountain High Tree & Lawn and can provide timely monitoring, ensuring your yard is kept free of damaging insects.

Tree Growth Regulator

Our Cambistat soil-applied tree growth regulator ensures that your tree is growing at a healthy pace and not outgrow their space too soon.

By carefully regulating your trees growth, the energy can be directed to the most important parts of the tree, such as the roots and thicker leaves.

Drought-stressed and declining trees tend to also benefit greatly from this treatment.