Littleton Tree Care Services

One of our clients at Mountain High Tree, Lawn and Landscape recently contacted us worried that his trees and shrubs in Wolhurst, Littleton, weren’t getting the proper nutrients.

This is common for residents in Littleton, given that the area is generally lacking in vital nutrients, so we decided to do an initial investigation free of charge at his property.

At Mountain High Tree & Lawn, we provide a variety of services in Wolhurst, Littleton, including tree and shrub care, tree trimming, tree and shrub disease control, insect and pest control, tree and shrub fertilization and monitoring and growth regulation.

We have provided some useful information to help you get a better understanding of how to protect your trees and shrubs moving forward. If you’re interested, read on.

Tree and Shrub Care in Littleton

To keep your trees and shrubs hydrated and strong, it’s important to care for them the right way. Signs of decline include dead branches and discolored or thinning leaves. If you think your trees need to be better protected, give us a call at Mountain High Tree & Lawn. The initial assessment is absolutely free of charge.

Tree and Shrub Fertilizers

When it came to our client in Littleton, it turned out that his trees indeed needed some extra nutrients to keep them strong.

Front Range areas like Littleton tend to be lacking in important nutrients, including iron, zinc, manganese and boron and nitrogen. If the leaves on your trees are yellowing, it may be a sign that your trees need more nutrients. Call us – we can help.

Natural Control Option

If you are looking for a more environmentally friendly treatments, a lot of our customers at Mountain High Tree & Lawn choose the Natural Control options.

This approach swaps out traditional pesticides for organic soaps, horticultural oils and natural biologicals. This is not only better for your trees, but it’s also better for the environment. It does not work for everything, but is a great option when it is effective.

Environmentally Sensitive Fertilization Program

In addition to the Natural Control option, we also can introduce to the root zone, the natural Mycorrhizae fungus, which expands the surface area of your trees’ roots, allowing them to better absorb water and nutrients.

We also offer a slow-release nitrogen fertilizer that not only can last for up to two years, but also makes it less likely that runoff will seep into the surrounding environment, where it’s not needed or wanted.

At Mountain High Tree & Lawn, we target the critical root zone of your trees and shrubs, which extends from the trunk to at least the drip line. This ensures a through distribution of the materials.

Tree and Shrub Diseases

There are several tree diseases in Littleton that can make it hard to protect your trees and shrubs.

These include: Fire Blight, a bacterial disease of Apple, crabapple, Pear and others, Powdery Mildew and Canker diseases.

Aspens, while very popular in our landscapes, have more insect and disease issues that just about any other tree. Some of these are treatable, and some are not.

Insect and Pest Control

There are several different types of bugs that can make life difficult on your trees and shrubs.

The Emerald Ash Borer and Ips Engraver Beetle are two types of beetles that are hard to control once they get started, so taking preventative measures is the best solution. We can help with that at Mountain High Tree & Lawn if you’re interested.

Aphids, Spider Mites and foliage insects are more easily controlled, however. Signs of these types of insects include: the leaves are sticky, browning or curling, and dead branches.

Supplemental Watering Schedules

Because Littleton is located in the high plains of Colorado, it’s a good idea to give your plants the water and minerals they need – and may lack. Winter dehydration (winter kill) is something in particular to watch out for.

Make sure you check the soil moisture at a depth of about three to four inches once a month throughout the year. If it feels dry, it is time to water. When you do water make sure to water to a 10 to 12 inch depth, and go out at least as far as the drip line on deciduous trees and several feet beyond the branch line on evergreens.

At Mountain High Tree & Lawn, we also include a natural soil and water conditioner to help better wet the entire critical root zone.

Tree Trunk and Soil Injections

Tree trunk and soil injections can not only be highly effective and more concentrated, but they can also be better for neighboring friendly organisms and insects, such as bees that pollinate nearby flowers.

This is an alternative way to treat for insects that can burrow into your trees and shrubs.

Tree and Shrub Monitoring

Not only does regular monitoring help to assure there are no damaging insects, but it can also be healthier for the environment because you minimize the use of pesticides.

If you would like Mountain High Tree & Lawn to help with monitoring, contact our trusty arborists.

Tree Growth Regulator

Our Cambistat tree growth regulator ensures that your trees are growing at a healthy rate. It can reduce growth by between 30 and 60%, and lasts for three full years.

By regulating growth, Cambistat can redirect its energy to the parts of the tree that matter most: the roots and the leaves.

If your trees have been stressed by drought or they are growing in a limited space and need to be contained, a growth regulator may be the way to go. Call us and see if tree growth regulation is for you.