Wheat Ridge Tree Care Services

There is more than one way to fertilize a tree.

Recently, we at Mountain High Tree, Lawn & Landscape were contacted by a client of ours in Wheat Ridge. She had heard from a longtime customer that we could fertilize her trees with natural a more environmentally friendly fertilizer. Being the environmentalist that she was, she was ecstatic about the idea.

Now, she couldn’t be happier, as she has not only helped her trees and shrubs, but she’s also done so in a healthier way.

For those of you interested in our tree fertilizers, or for those who simply would like to learn more about tree care, we at Mountain High Tree & Lawn have provided a blueprint for success below. We hope you find it useful.

Tree and Shrub Care in Wheat Ridge

If you are seeing dead branches are discolored leaves on your trees, it may be a sign that you need to see an arborist.

At Mountain High Tree & Lawn, our initial inspection is free, and we go over a detailed plan with you to help improve and protect your trees and shrubs.

Tree and Shrub Fertilizers

One issue many of our customers at Mountain High Tree & Lawn come across is that their trees aren’t getting enough nutrients.

This is common for the Wheat Ridge area, which naturally is lacking in important minerals and nutrients such as iron, zinc, boron and manganese.

If the leaves on your trees are getting lighter in color or yellowing, this may be a sign that they need professional care.

Natural Control Option

When our eco-conscious client in Wheat Ridge came across our Natural Control option, she was naturally excited.

The Natural Control option we offer include uses insecticidal soaps, horticultural oils and biologicals instead of traditional pesticides. It may not be as effective as the traditional solution, but it’s a more environmentally friendly choice.

Environmentally Sensitive Fertilization Program

To keep the world a healthy place, we at Mountain High Tree & Lawn also use the natural Mycorrhizae fungus as a root enhancement. This benifical fungus expands the surface area of your trees’ roots, which allows for better water and nutrient permeation.

Our popular slow-release nitrogen fertilizer is another more environmentally friendly option. This fertilizer treats your trees and shrubs at a natural pace, avoiding unhealthy growth surges and makes it more likely that your plants will absorb all of the material, instead of it leaching into nearby soils and groundwater. It also lasts for up to two years.

At Mountain High Tree & Lawn, we make sure to treat the critical root zone of your trees and shrubs (from the trunk to the drip line). This through application assures the trees get the most benefit possible.

Tree and Shrub Diseases

Fire Blight (affects crabapple, apple, pear and others), Powdery Mildew (affects lilacs and roses) and Canker diseases such as 1000 Canker Disease (affects walnut trees) can be problematic for your trees and shrubs in Wheat Ridge.

Look for discoloration of leaves and twigs, or dieback of branches, and call an arborist at their first signs. Mountain High has effective treatments for many of our tree problems.

Insect and Pest Control

From the Japanese Beetle to Aphids and Spider Mites, there are plentiful bugs in the area that can make it more difficult to keep your trees healthy. Emerald Ash Borers have been spotted in Boulder County but not yet in your neighborhood.

If you have Ash trees, be sure to check with us so you know what options you have when the time comes. It is only a matter of time before this devastating insect shows up on our doorstep.

For more on the Emerald Ash Borer, visit our dedicated webpage at https://www.mountainhightree.com/plant-health-care/#eab.

Supplemental Watering Schedules

Wheat Ridge may be just a 15-minute drive from the mountains so the location can be deceptive, but Wheat Ridge is still part of the high plains of Colorado, which means your trees and shrubs generally receive less moisture than they need.

To monitor your plants, check the soil moisture about four inches from the surface once a month year-round. If you find it dry to the touch, you probably need to add some water. Be sure to water deeply (about 10 inches deep) to thoroughly wet this important area. If needed, Mountain High offers a supplemental watering service. We also include a natural soil conditioner to allow for a more efficient uptake.

Tree Trunk and Soil Injections

Tree trunk and soil injections can be highly effective and long-lasting, as well as better for the environment.

When it’s possible, we use this method to keep pesky pests at bay while also making sure the systemic injection gets to where it is needed.

Our Merit soil injection can last for an entire season. In fact, for most insects, we suggest doing the application for two years in a row, and then skipping every other year. This both saves you money, and lessens the exposure to our environment.

Tree and Shrub Monitoring

Regularly monitoring your trees and shrubs is one key to ensuring they stay strong, vibrant and happy.

Not only that, but it also minimizes the use of pesticides, making for a healthier overall environment.

Our friendly arborists at Mountain High Tree & Lawn are happy to come by and monitor your plants for you if you would rather an expert keep an eye on them.

Tree Growth Regulator

If your tree is starting to outgrow its space, it may be time to think about using a tree growth regulator.

Our Cambistat tree growth regulator can reduce your tree’s growth by between 30 percent to 60 percent over a three-year period.

Other advantages to the tree is a reallocation of the energy to help thicken leaves and enhance root growth.